Storyboarding & UX – part 2: creating your own | Johnny Holland | Local Search Marketing Ideas |
When thinking about storyboarding, most people fixate on their ability — or perceived inability — to draw. What is far more important is working out the point you wish to make with your storyboard, and the actual story that will ...


Yes yes yes, one of the best techniques for crafting your business stories is to use storyboarding. But so many people feel intimidated by it.


As this how-to article demonstrates, it's not about art.  It's about getting your thoughts down in an easy to use format.


The secret to why this works? The job of the storyteller is to feed images to the listener.  Organizing and crafting your story first as a series of images makes telling the story super easy.


I often use a deck of 3x5 cards where I draw a stick figure or write a word. Then I can easily re-arrange them as I walk through the story out loud. It works like a charm.


And make sure to read Parts 1 and 3 (links are in the article) to get the whole story :)


So read this article and master storyboarding techniques. It's easy.  Try it, you'll like it!

Via Karen Dietz