Your Values Through Stories...Corporate Storytelling | Douglas magazine | Local Search Marketing Ideas |

This article has some great examples/tips for crafting and using business stories that convey your key values.


There's only a minor tweak I would make.  The author says, "When you think you have come up with your core value statements about your company, add “for instance” and add a corporate story:..."


The sentiments are all correct, but the steps are backward.  Core value statements come out of your stories.  And then when presenting your company, it's story first, then naming your values last.  It goes like this:




And I share with you these 3 stories because they illustrate our commitment to [the values imbedded in the stories]"


If you lead with a core values statement like the author suggests, you will be using your stories to 'prove' the statement.  When you share your stories first, you are 'demonstrating' how you embody the values you hold dear.  These are two very different experiences for your audience.


So switch the steps, read the article and grab the examples -- they are well worth it.

Via Karen Dietz