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Whether you're a professional copywriter or a business owner, read these 15 copywriting and content marketing blogs if you want to make your writing more effective and earn more money.


Well now -- here's a different article than what I typically curate. But once you craft your business stories, you've got to imbed them into your blog, website, other marketing content, and write a bunch of content around them. That's where these 15 copywriting blogs can help you!


It's not enough to simply write or tell your business stories.  We all need to get better and smarter and writing not just great stories, but creating compelling copy.


I've check out the blogs on this list and will definitely keep up with several of these. Ben Settle's looks great, as does Harrison Amy Copywriting, Men with Pens, Success Works, and Works That Begin With You.  And The Rant looks like it will provide the occasional much needed kick-in-the-pants!


I hope these blog writers really help you write great material.


Thank you Copyblogger for putting this list together!


Via Karen Dietz