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Pakistani Assemblywoman: Girls’ Education Key to Ending Terrorism - New America Media

Pakistani Assemblywoman: Girls’ Education Key to Ending Terrorism - New America Media | Living |
New America Media is a nationwide association of over 3000 ethnic media organizations representing the development of a more inclusive journalism.
Jacob Cooney's curator insight, May 7, 11:11 PM

This article, like many others, including HTS, focuses on improving girls' education around the world (in Pakistan in this article).  This article also claims that this will decrease terrorism, which is a reason that I selected the article.

Robert Slone's curator insight, September 16, 6:59 AM

 If you educate the women, they will in turn educate the children and everyone benefits.

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Flexible Urban Planning

mixed used train-tracks/market place...


I've used similar videos in my classes and students are usually quite shocked to see how a city like Bangkok, Thailand operates.  I've used this as a 'hook' for lessons of population growth, urbanization, economic development, sustainability, megacities and city planning. 

Via Seth Dixon
David Week's curator insight, August 12, 6:04 PM

I love this video. Never think that the "third world" is not more dynamic and innovative than the first!

Jeffrey Ing's curator insight, August 13, 5:12 AM

people are not giving up with inflated price of urban land. They adapt and live with it :)


Hector Alonzo's curator insight, December 15, 10:42 PM

Seeing the vendors prepared for the arrival of the train is impressive. They have grown accustomed to knowing how to avoid the train and then set up shop once again, as if the train never crossed their path. It shows how the residents use their countries entire space, it is using the land to your advantage and may even speak on crowded the city is.