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One Hundred Articles Of Impeachment Against Obama -Time To IMPEACH Obama

One Hundred Articles Of Impeachment Against Obama -Time To IMPEACH Obama | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
One Hundred Articles Of Impeachment Against Obama (via One Hundred Articles Of Impeachment Against Obama There is a growing groundswell within American Republican and Tea Party ranks that impeachment proceedings should...


Is Barack Obama making his own case for impeachment? Obama did not become the Democratic nominee for President without the help of several leaders of the Democratic Party who knew that he was not eligible for office

Listed below are the One Hundred Articles of Impeachment.

1. Appointment of a “shadow government” of some 35+ individuals termed “czars” who are not confirmed by the Senate and respond only to the president, yet have overarching regulatory powers – a clear violation of the separation of powers concept. Obama bypassed the Senate with many of his appointments of over 35 “czars.”

2. No congressional support for Libyan action (violation of the War Powers Act ). Obama lied to the American people when he said that there were no US troops on the ground in Libya and then later said they were only “logistical troops.” Obama violated the War Powers Act of 1973 by conducting a war against Libya without Congressional authorization.

3. Betraying of allies ( Israel and Great Britain. Obama has placed the security of our most trusted ally in the Middle East, Israel, in danger while increasing funding to the Palestinian Authority (Fatah, just another Islamic terrorist group) whilst they have enjoined a reconciliation pact with long-standing terrorist group Hamas and the disclosure of British nuclear secrets to the Russians in the Start Treaty.  Obama gave missile codes to British Trident missiles to Russia.

4. Backdoor implementation of the DREAM Act which would grant 22 million illegals amnesty. Obama passed the Dream Act through an executive order, bypassing Congress again. DREAM is: Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors

5. Telegraphing troop reductions to enemies – against the consult of his experienced field commanders – while embracing negotiations with our enemy, the Taliban, and recognizing another, the Muslim Brotherhood.

6. Betrayal of Arizona. Obama brought a federal lawsuit against a sovereign state, Arizona, seeking to protect its citizens from this threat of mass illegal immigration

7. Obama’s Failure to enforce U.S. law, the Defense of Marriage Act. He’s stripped America of its moral base by his support for homosexuality and the attack on marriage between a man and a women Obama allows the DOJ to refuse to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

8. Support of an inept and incompetent attorney general who has failed to prosecute voter intimidation cases (New Black Panther Party), initiated a dangerous gun-smuggling program (Operation Fast and Furious) – which resulted in deaths to one of our own law enforcement agents.

Obama allowed Operation Fast and Furious to occur, which allowed hundreds of Mexican nationals and Border Agent Brian Terry to be murdered with illegal arms given out by the ATF and DOJ.

9. Increasing the regulatory burden on American business through bypassing the legislative process with his executive branch agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration.

10. Failure to take the steps necessary to secure our borders and stem the flow of illegal immigration, termed as “repel invasions” in our United States Constitution in Article 1, Section 8 and Article 4, Section 4.

Obama has failed to defend US soil in Arizona as Mexican troops bring illegals and drugs into the USA, crossing the border doing so. This is a direct violation of Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution.

11. Inappropriately commanding the release of strategic oil reserves and providing Brazil $2 billion for its offshore oil exploration.

12. Illegally soliciting funds from within the White House ($5 dinner video fundraiser). The unalienable rights endowed to us by the Creator; life, liberty, and the pursuit (not guarantee) of happiness – are being threatened by the Obama administration.

This current government has abridged the consent of the governed and that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends. It is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.

13. Taking on the Supreme Court’s power of judicial review with a preemptive striking against justices who might contemplate an unfavorable ruling on ObamaCare.

14. ”Open Mic ” gaffe in which he explained Russian President Dimitri Medvedev that he’d have more “flexibility” to sacrifice American security after his re-election

15. Occidental College Transcripts Reveals Obama Claimed Foreign Citizenship to Get Scholarship?

16. Obama’s secret back channel Nuclear deal with Iran, a sworn enemy of America and our Allies

17. Obama’s offer of a seat at the table for our avowed enemy the Taliban

18. Barack Hussein Obama’s Ineligibility to be POTUS because he was born in Kenya

19. Obama and his Administration leaking previously classified information about our intelligence communities’ efforts to slow down Iran’s march to nuclear weaponry.

20. Obama destabilized Western Ally Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and allowed the Militant  and Anti West Muslim Brotherhood to take over the Egyptian Regime, posing a mortal threat to our Ally Israel and our own Western assets and interests in the region. Obama instigated a revolution in Egypt against an ally in the War on Terror.

21. Obama has appointed Muslim Brotherhood advisers, enemies of the State, to the White House. Aid and comfort to the Muslim Brotherhood is TREASON per Article 3 Sec III of the US Constitution..

22. Obama bypassing Congress again by Executive Decree to allow Illegal Immigrants to remain and vote in America for partisan electoral purposes and reasons.

23. Obama selling citizenship to criminals in direct opposition to Federal Law.

24. Obama admin assisted Egypt in remilitarizing the Sinai, “something forbidden by the Camp David Accords”

25. Obama has attempted to compel religious institutions to pay for abortion services — a clear violation of First Amendment rights

26. Obama apologizing on 9/11 day to our sworn Islamist enemies, the Salafists, the same day these terrorists massacred the American Ambassador and three other American officials in the Benghazi Embassy, Libya. and ramsacked and looted the Cairo Embassy in Egypt.

27. Obama spending billions in aid on America´s enemies, while disregarding the needs of the US.

28. Obama is directly responsible for the many wars and murders of Christians in the Middle East

29. Obama has financially ruined this country, and his actions are leading to the demise of the dollar. President Obama is either an idiot or he is purposely trying to destroy the American economy.

30. Obama is hollowing out our military, and destroying our intelligence gathering capability.

31. Obama, aka Barry Soetoro deliberately concealed his true illegal background to be POTUS, TRUTH out: why#Obama records sealed FOREIGN student ID  Can we trust Pres. who games system – lies

32. Criminal cover up by the White House over BengaziGate, where four Americans, including Ambassador Stevens were murdered by Islamic Extremists.

33. #CANDYGATE Collusion with CNN Moderator Candy Crowley at the 2nd Debate  to cover up BengaziGate The Candy-Obama Controversy : Get the Transcript’

34. Obama’s Illegal Foreign Campaign money.

35. Obama Administration defining the Fort Hood Terrorist Act as a Workplace Accident, which gave succour and comfort to our enemies.

36. The Border-gate arms deal offense that resulted in the death of a border patrol agent as well as numerous innocent Mexican civilians.

37. Suspected organized and widespread election fraud engineered by Agents of the Obama Regime at the November 6th Presidential Election.

38. Obama and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers misappropriated over 300 million dollars in donations meant for the education of Chicago’s minority students. They routed the money to Obama’s community activist buddies who then tried to turn the students in radicals. The program was a total failure.

39. Obama, as an Illinois State Senator, redirected tens of millions in Illinois tax dollars to Valerie Jarrett and Tony Rezko, to provide housing for low income families. They returned the favor with political donations. The housing units were built with cheap materials and labor and are uninhabitable after a mere 10 years of use.

40. Obama accepted millions in illegal campaign contributions from foreign credit cards after the credit card filters used to screen out foreign money, was switched off. This also allowed domestic donors, who were over the legal limit, to contribute more.

41. Obama attempted to move control of the Census Bureau from the Commerce Department to the White House, to be managed by then Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

42. Obama had provided under the radar amnesty to illegal immigrants by allowing ICE Director John Morton toprohibit ICE officers from enforcing US immigration laws.

43. Obama allowed USAG Holder to ignore the violation of US immigration laws in the sanctuary cities, i.e.,San Francisco, etc.

44. Obama illegally fired the IG Walpin for investigating Obama’s buddy, Mayor Kevin Johnson (Sacramento), for fraud (850K) with AmeriCorps.

45. Obama is in contempt of Federal court for his illegal oil drilling moratorium in the Gulf…

46. Obama spent a month as the UN Security Council Chair in 2009, which raises the question of his conflict of interest between the US and the UN. This is also likely a violation of his Oath of Office as the UN conflicts with our Constitution on many levels, i.e., LOST, UN Small Arms ban, etc.

47. Obama signed an EO in December 2009 that allows Interpol to operate in the US without oversight by Congress, courts, FBI, or local law enforcement.

48. Obama and SecState Clinton misappropriated, er, used $23 million in US taxpayer funds to help Obama’s homeland of Kenya move to a communist nation where the freedom of speech, private property rights, and other rights are subservient to “social justice”.

This includes the fact that the Kenyan constitution adopted Sharia Law, which violates the basic human rights of women.

49. Obama was likely involved with then Governor Rod Blagojevich to try and sell his Illinois Senate seat, i.e., pay to play. Jesse Jackson Jr is under investigation for it and it appears that Valerie Jarrett might also have been involved.

50. Obama ran a website that asked Americans to report on other Americans, in the area of ObamaKare, using and taxpayer money to do so. He repeated this with AttackWatch.

51. Obama got onto the Indiana ballot through voter fraud in 2008.

52. Obama sealed all of his records that would show that he is possibly an illegal president, that he is feloniously using a false SSN, that his draft registration number is false, that his Fulbright award was falsely awarded as Obama claimed foreign student status, and that his student aid was falsely obtained.

53. Obama violated the Constitution by firing the GM CEO.

54. Obama violated bankruptcy laws by forcing GM bondholders to accept millions of dollars in losses of money that they were legally entitled to.

55. Obama violated bankruptcy laws by awarding the UAW with a share of GM and Chrysler during their bankruptcy proceedings.

56. Obama bought votes for ObamaKare with acts like, “Cornhusker Kickback”, “Louisiana Purchase” and the DoI increasing water allocations toCalifornia’sCentral Valley. This brought in the votes of Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa, both Democrat holdouts.

57. Obama lied about Americans being able to keep their healthcare coverage if they wanted to. ObamaKare is already forcing them out of their current coverage.

58. Obama attempted to bribe Joe Sestak with a job offer in order to get him to drop out of the Senate race against Arlen Specter.

59. Obama bypassed Congress and told the EPA to set carbon emission standards.

60. Obama forced BP to pony up a $20 billion slush fund to compensate Gulf Coast businesses and residents affected by the BP oil spill. It was administered by one of Obama’s political appointees and there is NO Congressional oversight.

61. Obama did nothing to Holder (abetted a felony) when Holder refused to prosecute two New Black Panther Party members for brandishing weapons in front of a voting location in Filthadelphia. A direct violation of the voters Civil Rights.

62. Obama bypassed the Senate with a recess appointment of Donald Berwick as the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Violates policy.

63. Obama illegally fired Sherry Sherrod from the USDA over remarks she made at an NAACP meeting in March 2010. He violated her due process.

64. Obama violated contractual law when his regime cancelled 77 oil field development contracts previously approved by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, under Bush 43’s administration. This keeps us from extracting from 2-3 TRILLION barrels of oil.

65. Obama used the DHS to determine the political affiliation of Americans making FOIA requests about the Regime. This led to requests being stalled, lost, etc.

66. Obama acted in April 2009, at the G20 meeting, to expand the Special Drawing Rights, that now gives the IMF more control over the US economy.

67. Obama issued an EO on July 12, 2011, attempting to restrict the Second  Amendment rights of US citizens in Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona.

68. Obama’s allowed the FCC to assume authority over the internet, in direct violation of a federal appeals court that DENIED the commission that authority. In December, the FCC voted and passed the first federal regulations on internet traffic.

69. Obama allows the DHS/TSA to routinely violate the 4th/5th Amendment rights of Americans at airports, train stations, and VIPER checkpoints.

70. Obama allows the DOJ in 2009 to stop enforcing federal drug laws in regards to marijuana.

71. Obama attempted to bypass Congress and raise the Debt Ceiling by “reinterpreting” the 14th Amendment.

72. Obama just bypassed the Senate AGAIN by appointing Richard Cordray to a new unconstitutional agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Violates policy.

73. Obama deprived the due process of two U.S.citizens, Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, by assassinating them via a CIA drone attack in Yemen on Sept. 30, 2011. This also raises the question of an act of war against Yemen for firing into a sovereign nation. Obama said in 2008: 

“No. I reject the Bush Administration’s claim that the President has plenary authority under the U.S. Constitution to detainU.S.citizens without charges as unlawful enemy combatants.”

74. Obama allowed Education Secretary Arne Duncan to grant waivers to No Child Left Behind however, this is a law enacted by Congress and neither Obama nor Duncan have the authority to authorize that.

75. Obama allowed the bailouts to grant money without the authority to do so. “No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law.” Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7U.S.Constitution

76. Obama allowed Operation Castaway to occur, which allowed firearms laws to be broken through coercion of legal gun dealers.

77. Obama bypassed the Senate to appoint three people to the National Labor Relations Board. (Naturally, they’ll all be Obomobots) Violates policy.

78. Obama twenty three illegal Executive Orders to impose a Gun Grab, which is a direct violation of the Second Amendment.

79.  Providing aid and comfort to the enemy by announcing the date for unilateral withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. Thereby providing the impetus for the escalation of the green on blue attacks

80. Obama by announcing the date for unilateral withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, thereby triggered the disintegration of the green respect that had been a goal of the training mission.

81. Obama deliberately interfering in the elections of our chief ally in the Middle East, Israel to try and influence the result.

82. Obama supplying the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt with F16 Jets and 220 Abram Tanks, sworn enemies of the USA and our Chief Ally Israel.

83. Obama nominating a Muslim John Brennan to be Director of the CIA,when America is at War with Radical Islamic Terrorists.

84. Obama nominating Chuck Hagel, a sworn enemy of our Chief Ally Israel, to be Secretary of Defense

85. Obama and Holder breaking Constitutional Law, by introducing Drone attacks on Americans.

86. Obama is using his Executive Decree to allow 80,000 Muslims to enter America next year, and 100,000 Muslims  for the next five years.

87. The Obama administration failed to enforce a century-old law meant to prevent immigrants from taking root in the U.S. only to live on the government dole

88. The Obama administration’s release of hundreds and potentially thousands of illegal-alien criminals from U.S. detention centers

89. The sequester is actually a plot by Obama to cut defense spending and transfer money to “ACORN-like” groups that would help elect Democratic candidates.

90. The Obama administration’s allegedly revealing his political opponents’ private tax information to the media.

91. Obama allowing the third Saudi Bomber in Boston be deported to Saudi Arabia – Arch Terrorist Osama Bin Laden’s son

92. Obama Will Not Charge Boston Jihad Bombers as Enemy Combatants

93. White House Link to Illegal Taping of Sen. McConnell

94. Allowing Islamic Terror Group the Taliban to flourish and operate on American soil.

95. The Obama Government has been caught promoting the delivery of taxpayer-funded welfare benefits to foreigners – “These disclosures further confirm the fact that the Obama administration cannot be trusted to protect our borders or enforce our immigration laws. And the coordination with a foreign government to attack the policies of an American state is contemptible,”

96. Agents of the Obama Regime conspired in 2008 to get Obama’s name illegally put on the Indiana Primary Ballot.

97. Obama Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Involved In Massive Vote Fraud Scandal? 

98. TREASON…Obama Government Hired Al Qaeda to Defend the Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi?

99. Obama Military Considers Stopping Christians from Proselytizing

100. Obama and SecState Clinton’s efforts to bring the US under the UN’s Small Arms Treaty are direct violations of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

UNKNOWN: How many exact other violations of his Oath of Office.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Source: Know The Lies

littlebytesnews's insight:

It's not only time to impeach Obama, but charge him, Hillary and Holder, among others with dereliction of duty, negligent homicide in the deaths of 22 SEALs in Afghanistan, the death and murder of Ambassador Stevens and three others, the death and murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Zapata and many others whose lives have been lost due to criminal negligence while transferring weapons into Mexico and having them lost to the hands of drug cartel members. 



Kansas Sec of State to Eric Holder:The Obama administration has repeatedly violated the US Constitution ;


Obama's 50 Impeachable Crimes and Counting |



Parents of Fallen Navy SEAL Lash out at Joe Biden:


Biden Reveals SEAL Team 6 as special forces who killed Osama rather than mentioning in general a "special forces team":; ; ;

Obamacare Will Make Us a Part-Time Nation&Equally Poor
Mandate=Tax up to $2K per employee/individ&$27M-$47M/yr states

The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama--And An American Story ;
Obama's drones and kill list

US Relied on Muslim Brotherhood for Benghazi Consulate Security | FrontPage Magazine ; ;

The real reason behind Benghazigate-Amb Stevens&Obama were arming jihadists in Libya&Syria ;

State Department emails from day of Libya attack show Al Qaeda-tied group on radar&WH Notified! ;

U.S. Officials Knew Within 24 hrs Libya Attacks Were Work of Al Qaeda Affiliates ;

Obama's History of Terrorism Cover-ups:Benghazi in Little Rock,Then Ft Hood Massacre&Now Libya | ;

Video:Obama Admin. Was Likely Running Arms To Islamic Jihadists Through Benghazi. ;

SHOCKING testimony from Ambassador Stevens Deputy who says Special Forces were told to STAND DOWN during the embassy attack:



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A Call To Action to Restore America & What's Really Destroying America

A Call To Action to Restore America & What's Really Destroying America | Littlebytesnews Current Events |

A Call To Action to Restore America

by P Garza aka @littlebytesnews



Do you support unification of TeaParty orgs,etc to take legal action against the liberal propaganda media, as well as boycotting of their sponsors? If you want to restore America we must act together and unify our groups to stop the liberal propaganda machine from smearing Conservatives and covering for the socialist/communist Obama, liberal agenda!


Do you oppose the moral and cultural decay of our country and the decline of our education system?? Then we must act now and work together to take back the education system, whether by homeschooling, private schooling or getting more involved in the public education system at the local level.


If you are not aware by now, after the re-election of Obama, the direction our country is heading is very dire. I fear by the time Obama is done with his four more years, it will be too late and we will all be equally poor and oppressed. I believe we need to take action before that happens and before 2014 and 2016!


Sadly, like others I have my doubts those who re-elected this moron will not learn from their mistakes, but am hopeful if we fall completely they will wakeup, but fear that by then it will be too late. I think we need to organize against the media and take back the message. I also think we need to take back the message in schools where our children are being taught about social justice, anti-capitalism, and distorted versions of history rather than the facts. Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.


My Solutions/Ideas To Change Direction

1) I don't know exactly how we can go after the media other than boycotting sponsors of the liberal propagandists and/or a class action lawsuit by we the people organized by the tea party movement?? They need to be sued for media malpractice and being complicit in keeping the truth from the public, not vetting Obama properly, protecting him from the scandals surrounding his admin from fast&furious to Benghazi, Solyndra/green energy loans,etc. If we are successful in a class action lawsuit, I am hopeful their broadcasting license are revoked and conservative media and new media can take over and get the truth to the American people and the world.


2)To change/reform education we need more conservatives teaching, acting in leadership roles in the system from school boards, to the administration. We have let the liberals take control for far too long and they now not only control the education system and curriculum but our Universities where many vulnerable young minds are being taught to accept the liberal ideology, social justice, anti-capitalism, etc. Many are also taught antisemitism and this is another reason so many young support Gaza/Hamas rather than our ally Israel. They are not getting the truth and they are not learning from history and about true history, but a revised version of history distorted by the liberal/progressive/Marxists running our schools/universities.


I believe the distortions of the liberal media, voter fraud, [] illegal voters through Obama's backdoor amnesty/DREAM Act& foreign donations, as well as lack of photo ID laws allowed Obama to win re-election. Not to mention the brainwashed/misinformed voters who have been taught otherwise in our schools/universities. I know everyone can't home-school so homeschooling as an alternative can not be the only option.


We must take back our education system and not only improve the system, but control the message.

All of these things need to change before Conservative principles and the intentions of our founders will be fulfilled again. We have slowly been moving away from those traditional values&morals thanks to the corrupt/biased media and education system. Until we take those back we may never be able to win this fight without total destruction, but by then it might be too late to ever recover. I hope we can somehow do something now and before 2014 to change the message and take back control of the media and education system. Otherwise, we will be doomed to tyranny, the status of a third world country,militarily&economically, and the American Dream will be no more.


If you have other ideas and a way to organize with the tea party movement to pursue a class action lawsuit against the corrupt media or change our school system or otherwise, please share and contact me. Hopefully we can all work together to start a citizens action group that can take back our country without violence or the need for another civil war or declaration of independence.


Thanks for posting this and helping to raise others awareness of what is destroying our country.


Read about what inspired this post and the dire direction our country is heading:

".....Corporations do not exist to provide work, benefits and pensions for employees. The private sector is about the creation of wealth, not the creation of jobs. One begets the other, but without the former the latter simply cannot exist."



Also See These Top Posts:

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 Kansas Sec of State to Eric Holder:The Obama administration has repeatedly violated the US Constitution  ; 

Obama's 50 Impeachable Crimes and Counting |


One Hundred Articles Of Impeachment Against Obama -Time To IMPEACH Obama  ;


PETITION:Recount the election! Over 115,000 [as of Dec 1,2012] have already signed!! Repost Everywhere!  Send to Secretary of State, especially in swing states like OH, FL, PA where higher voter fraud is reported.


Action Alert:Save America....Demand A Recount&Halt Voter Fraud!  ;


Election Not Over! Patriot Call 2 ACTION! 5 Govs-OH,VA,FL,WI &PA Can Save Republic -  h/t @tasteofAZ


Ronald Reagan: No Third Party Republicans No Compromise on Values


URGENT:30yr Old [UnConstitutional]"Consent Decree" Prevents RNC From Challenging US Voter Fraud??


Why Susan Rice MUST be Stopped!UN Amb Susan Rice Advised Former Pres Clinton to rebuff Sudan's offer to Turn OBL Over To The US,is Anti-American....

Contact your representatives and make sure they stop her nomination and confirmation as Secretary of State...she should never have been appointed UN Ambassador!


Obamacare Will Make Us a Part-Time Nation&Equally Poor

Mandate=Tax up to $2K per employee/individ&$27M-$47M/yr states


The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama--And An American Story  ;
Obama's drones and kill list








littlebytesnews's insight:

Update: What America needs — if it is to survive in liberty — is a surge in citizen activism unlike anything our nation has ever before seen.

The success of such a grassroots movement will depend on how much individual citizens are willing to do their part to return our country to divinely-inspired principles of self-governance — those principles contained in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and those validated by common sense and biblical teachings.

If you feel you need to "wait for instructions," or otherwise depend on others — especially those in positions of leadership — to guide and assist you, our country will not survive these perilous times. You must act as though the future of our countrydepends on you alone, for in a very real sense it does. It depends on the creative, responsible, exemplary initiative of yourself and those you inspire to similar patriotism.

Here are suggestions for helping to make a difference in the future of our country.

Submit frequent letters to editors.

Testify at public hearings.

Hold regular gatherings in your home or community to discuss and promote the cause of liberty.

Volunteer to work in a political campaign, at any level, for any worthy purpose.

Widely distribute signs for a cause or a candidate.

Lead — or get involved in — a worthy petition drive.

Organize a rally, large or small, to publicize an urgent issue or cause.

Contact your local paper and offer to be interviewed regarding a public question or concern you have vital knowledge of.

Pick up the phone and share your views on talk radio — or if you have the skills and opportunity, create your own radio or internet talk show.

Create a blog.

Found a website.

Write and publish a regular column — or even a book.

Get actively involved in a major (or possibly a "third") political party in your state or the nation.

Run for local — or higher — public office.

Sign the Pledge for America's Revival — and invite others to do the same.

Participate in RenewAmerica’s Facebook page (and also America’s Revival’s Facebook page) — and support similar interactive forums on the web.

Help organize your state or local area in the cause of taking back our country.

Inform yourself. "Zeal without knowledge" (see Rom. 10:2-3) will not save our country. Become acquainted with reliable, principled websites, blogs, publications, books, speakers, organizations, and other praiseworthy sources for information regarding the needs of our country and the solutions to those needs. Sign up to receive helpful newsletters and alerts.

A good place to start informing yourself would be to study essential documentsthat describe our nation's founding principles.

Work on your "people skills." By this, we mean your ability to strengthen and influence others for good — so they might be persuaded to take independent action — not your ability to "use" others for your own ends, as some might think. Respect the worth, dignity, and free will of each individual as you seek to assist them in fulfilling their duty as citizens.

Work on your communicative skills. "Politics is communication," to a large extent. Become the kind of communicator God can use for His purposes. Meaningful communication requires practice, experience, wisdom, and the operation of God's Spirit in effectively informing real people in real situations. This applies equally to both spoken and written communication.

Turn your skills and resources mainly to saving our country — above any other purpose beyond your own salvation and the well-being of your family — and rely on God to give you the practical means to do so.


Read more: 


and take the pledge:


Help spread this message and help me get at least 10,000 to take legal action against the corrupt liberal media!



littlebytesnews's comment, October 2, 2013 12:59 AM
Dems in House vote down funding for the #VeteransAdministration #TCOT//evil libs,playing politics
littlebytesnews's comment, October 2, 2013 1:01 AM
House Democrats Kill Funding to Run WWII Memorial they don't care about keeping govt open;DEMS are the ones who want the shutdown!
Patricia Eggett's curator insight, October 4, 2013 3:15 PM

We are not represented by outsiders, only by patriots who wish to protect our strengths to have the freedom to empower outsiders.

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CNN Reports Officer Wilson's Account Of #MikeBrown Shooting

CNN Reports Officer Wilson's Account Of #MikeBrown Shooting | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Over the weekend a friend of Officer Darren Wilson called a radio station giving the officer's account of the Michael Brown shooting.  CNN's Don Lemon spoke to people close to the investigation who confirmed that the radio story was the same as the one Officer Wilson gave to investigators. 


Don Lemon summarized Officer Wilson's account for anchor Brook Baldwin:

Lemon:  Over the weekend, it came to my and my producer's knowledge there was a radio interview out there. Apparently -- allegedly with a friend of the officer, Darren Wilson. Apparently, she spoke to Darren Wilson before all of this became the big deal that it is. And she gave -- he gave her his account. She went on a local radio station and gave her account of exactly what he told her, again, allegedly. And here's what it says. It says, a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation -- this is what we have learned -- into the Ferguson, Missouri, shooting of Michael Brown says that the account of a caller to St. Louis radio station, KTFK, matches the account of officer Darren Wilson as to what happened at the time of the shooting, Brooke.

The caller to the radio station identified only as "Josie" told listeners she knew officer Wilson's side of the story in detail. She said she laid out Wilson's account, and I’m going to summarize it below. We'll get the audio for you just a little bit later on on CNN, so be patient.

He says the boys were walking in the street. He rolled the window down and told them to get out of the street. He may have called for backup when he pulled over. He heard the call for the strong-arm robbery and saw the teens carrying something that might have been cigars. He pulled over and when he tried to get out of the car twice he was pushed back into the car by Michael. Michael then punched him in the face, and Darren reached for his gun. Michael grabbed the gun, and at one point, had the gun pushed against -- Darren's  hip-- pushed against Darren's hip so Darren pushed the gun away and the gun went off. Michael and his friend ran and Darren got out of the car and pursued, as is protocol. He told them to freeze and Michael and his friend turned around.

Michael started to taunt him and said he wouldn't shoot him, meaning he wouldn't shoot Michael. Michael then bum-rushed him and started coming at him full-speed, so Darren started shooting. She said that Darren really thinks he was on something. He said the final shot was in the forehead and he fell two or three feet in front of the officer.

Now the source with detailed knowledge of the investigation into the shooting told CNN that this account is accurate. The source declined to add any more detail and again, we're going to have the audio of this radio interview coming up here on CNN. Here is the bottom line. I want to read this again. The caller into the radio station, into KTFK, says that Michael -- that the officer here, Darren Wilson, gave her the account, she gave the radio station the account. A source with detailed knowledge of the investigation, into the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of Michael Brown says that the account of a caller to St. Louis radio station, KTFK , matches the account of officer Darren Wilson, as to what happened at the time of the shooting. The caller to the radio station identified, Brooke, only as Josie, told listeners she knew officer Wilson's side of the story in detail. She laid out Wilson's account, which I have just summarized for you. There you have it, Brooke.

littlebytesnews's insight:

click the link/pic for video of CNN w/Don Lemon and audio of the caller to Dana Loesch's show. Based on this account and the consistency of the officers testimony and, eyewitness audio discussing what happened during the shooting and the results of two autopsy reports it sounds like Officer Wilson may be vindicated in shooting Michael Brown. 

Less Gov. More Fun.™'s curator insight, August 19, 7:56 AM

Here we go -- as we learn more about the shooting...we learn more.

Rushing to judgement is horrible and reminiscent of throwing a rope over a tree for a public lynching.

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Horrific:The Iraqi children drinking their parents' BLOOD to stay alive

Horrific:The Iraqi children drinking their parents' BLOOD to stay alive | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Their horrendous plight was revealed after some 8,000 Yazidis were finally able to escape down Mount Sinjar where they have been under siege for the last week.



The Iraqi children 'drinking their parents' BLOOD to stay alive':

How refugees stranded on Mount Sinjar are cutting their hands to save their young

Horrific stories of 30,000 Yazidis trapped by Islamic State jihadists emerge after 8,000 escape down the mountain

Hundreds of families have made it across border into Turkey and Syria after trekking for days in 45C temperatures

Minority sect has been sent scattering in all directions after Islamic State jihadists stormed their town a week ago

Some families have been forced to pay smugglers to take them through rivers and minefields to make it to safety

Another 130 U.S. troops have arrived in Iraq to assess the crisis facing 30,000 Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar

British Government also remained under pressure to consider military intervention to rescue the refugees

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

littlebytesnews's insight:

If the US doesn't do more to save these people who will? It wasn't until the US decided to start sending humanitarian aid that others started doing the same, it's time for the US to lead and rescue these people off the mountain, offer them asylum if necessary...stop importing illegals who are not nearly in as much danger as these poor people, and bombard ISIS/IS into hell!



8/13 4:53pm MST

there are at least 50K?>RT @iNewsroom: [ALERT] Hagel: Less likely US will undertake Iraq rescue mission bc fewer refugees on mountain. [AP]


Update 4:59pm MST


 @itvnews: US rescue mission to Iraq's Mount Sinjar now 'unlikely to take place,' officials say

"The team has assessed that there are far fewer Yazidis on Mt. Sinjar than previously feared," the Pentagon said in a statement. "The Yazidis who remain are in better condition than previously believed and continue to have access to the food and water that we have dropped.

"Based on this assessment the interagency has determined that an evacuation mission is far less likely," the statement said, adding that the United States would continue to provide humanitarian assistance as needed.

So I guess the @StateDept, @BarackObamaDOD,Hagel are ok leaving thousands to die on the mntain,drinking their parents blood&rationing food?

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Bennett to Skynews: "When buses exploded in London, they gave out candies in Gaza"

הצטרפו אלינו - בעברית: פייסבוק: טוויטר: ניוזלטר:
littlebytesnews's insight:

OMG she's despicable, she didn't even respond to that remark except with "ok", then changes the subject to another badgering and biased question, what a witch. Then she starts answering her own question, even though he said Israel did ceasefire despite Hamas breaking another ceasefire, she claims Israel didn't stop firing...she's disgusting. This is a perfect example of media bias...disappointing to see from Sky News as I thought they were held to a better standard than the BBC and others like CNN and MSNBC in the US. 

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WTH?Pentagon ‘Lost Track’ Of $626M/43% Of Weapons In Afghanistan

WTH?Pentagon ‘Lost Track’ Of $626M/43% Of Weapons In Afghanistan | Littlebytesnews Current Events |

The Pentagon has lost track of $626 million of weapons that the agency provided to Afghan security forces. The misplaced firearms amount to more than 43 percent of those the taxpayers funded and the governmental agency handed out in Afghanistan.


A Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) repot says that the Defense Department information systems designed to track weapons sent to Afghanistan is “full or errors.” The revelations in the report has caused concern that at least some of the firearms have now found their way onto the black market and into the eager hands of militant groups.

The Afghanistan weapons report also noted that 747,000 firearms and “auxiliary equipment” was sent to the Middle East nation state in the past 10 years. Among that batch of items were a significant amount of small arms. The SIGAR document stated that of the total 474,823 serial numbers recorded in the Defense Department database 203,888 had either duplicate or missing information. Government auditors also found that 24,500 serial numbers were repeated at least one time in the database designed to record and track weapons sent to Afghan forces. A total of 50,304 serial numbers noted in the database had no receiving dates or shipping dates recorded.

SIGAR senior audit manager Jeffrey Brown told The Washington Times that there is currently “no evidence” that firearms have become the property or militant groups or terrorist strongholds such as Pakistan, but added that unearthing those types of facts was not in the scope of the ordered audit.

littlebytesnews's insight:

How do you lose track of weapons?? Something else is going on....Obama likely gave them to AQ like he had weapons transferred from Libya into Syria...I don't trust this traitor POTUS and his admin!

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MSM ignores peaceful proIsrael rallies&likes to focus on the violent proGaza/Hamas rallies

MSM ignores peaceful proIsrael rallies&likes to focus on the violent proGaza/Hamas rallies | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Rallies of Israel will be held across the country tomorrow


Palestinian rallies tend to involve violence, with signs reading “death to Israel” and chants of “go back to the ovens.” Advocating another Holocaust makes for lousy public relations, but their deep seated beliefs are at least honestly displayed

Pro-Israel rallies are peaceful. Jews carry signs proclaiming a love for America. Jews thank the police officers providing security. Jews sing songs for peace, and long for the day when they have a true partner for peace.  Despite Hamas using their own Palestinian people as human shields, the victims still blame Israel.


For these and so many other reasons, rallies in support of Israel are spreading. A recent pro-israel rally in Los Angeles had over 2,000 attendees.

For those looking for more pro-Israel rallies, here is a calendar.



Rally for Israel
July 20th
12701 N Scottsdale Road,
Scottsdale, AZ.
CHANDLER (near Phoenix):

Rally for Israel
4:00 pm Meet at the East Valley Jewish Community Center.
Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus
12701 N Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ



Reach out for Israel
Sunday, July 20th 3:00 – 4:00pm
Doyle Park
8175 Regents Rd
San Diego, CA 92122


MIAMI South Beach will host this rally. Miami Beach is known for partying, but there are several synagogues in the area including three Chabad houses.

Pro-Israel Rally in South Florida
11am, Sunday, July 20th
500 17th St.
Corner of Washington Ave and 17th St.
Miami Beach FL

Support Israel Rally – Israelia-American Council
Sunday, July 20, 2014 – 11:00am
500 17th St.
33139 Miami Beach, FL


Rally Against Terror
Sunday, July 20
2:00 – 6:00pm
Roxbury Park



Rally for Israel
Meet at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus.
July 20, 2014 4:00 pm @ 4:00 pm
The Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus
1125 College Avenue
Columbus, OH 43209



Solidarity with Israel

July 20, 1:30 to 3:45
S. Main Street & Occidential Avenue S
Seattle, Washington 97140


Stop the Rockets
Sunday, July 20, 11:30am
Princes Park
Hawthorn & Maple Street


Central London: Rally for Israel
Sunday, July 20
Thousands are expected outside the embassy in Central London.


NEW DELHI: Rally India for Israel
Sun Jul 20 2014 at 05:00 pm
India Gate, India Gate, New Delhi, India

This page will be updated as new rallies are scheduled. To avoid receiving misinformation, a very credible source for Israel and Jewish issues is Stand With Us.

All times local to the rally. All efforts made to ensure accuracy of information.

Please check before you leave the house.


littlebytesnews's insight:

It's time to show your support for true peace and stand by Israel and the peaceful Israel supporters! Don't let the msm distort the message and let the violent rallies of the proHamas/Gaza rallies make it look like Israel is losing support. The truth is more people support peace and stand with Israel! In the end, Israel will prevail!

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5-year-old kidnap victim dies during police shootout with abductor

5-year-old kidnap victim dies during police shootout with abductor | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
By Carey Gillam
KANSAS CITY (Reuters) – A 5-year-old Kansas girl who was kidnapped on Friday night died in a gun battle between police and her abductor following a high-speed chase, police said on Saturday.

Via Jocelyn Stoller
littlebytesnews's insight:

Tragic :( 

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AZ:12 News to air 'Pipeline of Children'

AZ:12 News to air 'Pipeline of Children' | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Joe Dana of 12 News explains tonight’s special, “Pipeline of Children”, airing tonight on 12 News.


Click for video on the pic

littlebytesnews's insight:

The only way to stop this illegal invasion and national security&health crisis is to enforce the current immigration laws and enforce/secure our borders!! We MUST know who is coming and going, whether they are kids or not, we are a nation of laws and we can not risk our lives by leaving our borders porous to disease, drug cartel, terrorists and other criminal elements. Just because kids are getting through doesn't mean criminals aren't also! The job of the federal govt is to secure our borders and keep our country&citizens safe, leaving them open to illegal immigration violates our laws and our sovereignty! This must stop!! Send them back, change the trafficking law snuck into a House bill in 2008 while Bush was a lame duck POTUS and stop letting illegals take advantage of our taxpayers,welfare system, laws and our country! 



Obama Calls for Section 8 Housing on Martha's Vineyard to
Accommodate Illegal Alien Children  

We have our own poor, sick and homeless vets to care for here! This is overwhelming our govt, charities and our system and will destroy these things for our citizens!


Leaked Internal DHS Report Admits Lack of Deportation Significant
Factor in Border Crisis

Obama intentionally created this crisis to overwhelm our system and put blame on the GOP for not passing immigration reform, even though he had control of the House and Senate his first two years!


Even DEMS and Blacks in Chicago have had enough of Obama:

WashTimes: #Obama slammed by black#Chicago residents: ‘Worst president ever’ ;


A Federal Judge ruled The Obama Administration Aids and Abets Human


Bill Would Speed Removals of Illegal Kids at Border



 Obama's $3.7B emergency request proves he's focused on resettlement, not deportation. ;




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Confirmed:Mexico, Guatemala fast-track illegals to U.S. by granting regional visitor cards

Confirmed:Mexico, Guatemala fast-track illegals to U.S. by granting regional visitor cards | Littlebytesnews Current Events |

NEW YORK – Mexico and Guatemala have reached an agreement that is intended to make it easier and safer for Central Americans, including unaccompanied minors, to enter the United States illegally.

Though largely unreported in the U.S. mainstream media, the two nations agreed on July 7, in a presidential-level meeting in Mexico, to make it legal and safe for Central American immigrants, including unaccompanied minors, to cross Mexico’s border with Guatemala and transit Mexico en route to the U.S. border at the Rio Grande.

The agreement apparently does not recognize that the result of such trips – entry into the United States – remains illegal.

But to facilitate the program, the Mexican government announced plans to issue a new “Regional Visitor Card” that will provide documentation for the Central Americans to remain in Mexico as long as it takes to get to the United States.

Under the auspices of a “Southern Border Program,” Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan President Otto Pérez, in a meeting in Mexico, agreed to take five concrete steps designed to “protect and safeguard the human rights of migrants who enter and transit Mexico, so as to order international routes of passage [in and through Mexico] to increase and develop the security of the region.”

The five steps in Mexican “Southern Border Program” included the following action steps:

littlebytesnews's insight:

I first saw reports of this earlier in the week from conservative sites and thought it was a conspiracy theory or satire because it seemed hard to believe....but it appears it is true that Mexico and Guatamala have opened up their border to aid in the trafficking of illegals through Mexico into the US. As long as they are traveling through Mexico to get to the US illegals crossing into Mexico from the southern border will be given regional visitor passes, allowing them to pass through without being detained or deported by Mexico.


WTH!! This is allowing an invasion from Mexico into the US and these are countries receiving billions in aid from the US...for what so they can violate our laws and send their poor and sick to the US because they would rather pad their pockets with the billions in aid money we send them to improve their economies and improve security in their countries??!! US aid to Mexico and Central America MUST stop now! Use this money to secure our border and expedite the deportation of these illegal immigrants invading the US! In addition change the 2008 trafficking law that allows the US to assign these illegals a lawyer, fast track them back to their countries of orgin like we do with illegals from Mexico and Canada!!


This invasion must stop now!



DHS Sec said they'll be forced to cut part of immigration enforcement duties unless the $3.7B is approved //bribery

House says no to the $3.7B for health care,schooling&lawyers for illegal immigrant children //dsn't include security

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U.S. Marine feels more confident about chances of release

U.S. Marine feels more confident about chances of release | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Danielle Haynes
TECATE, Mexico, July 6 (UPI) -- U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi feels more confident about chances for release from Mexican prison.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Hopefully he is released soon, no thanks to this administration who aids thousands of illegals who come here, Obama has done nothing to help free Sgt Tahmooressi.

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Video:'This Is A Government Sanctioned Invasion Of Our Country'

Video:'This Is A Government Sanctioned Invasion Of Our Country' | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Fox News' Todd Starnes reports on the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border of the United States.  Todd questions who these kids are being sent to in the U.S.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Obama is allowing this govt invasion on our border by ignoring our laws, deportations are down for immigrant kids because he unilaterally bypassed congress when he deferred deportations of illegal immigrant children already here, since Oct 2013 52K more illegal immigrant children have come to the US thinking they will get amnesty as well. 


As the video states, nurses at the 'refugee camps' are being told to keep silent on health conditions of these illegal immigrants or face arrest. In the meantime, border patrol agents are overwhelmed and being used as babysitters at these camps rather than doing the job of securing our border. 


This foreign invasion on our country must stop!


Click the image above to watch the video.

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WTH?San Diego DHS Goons Occupy VA Hospital And Intimidate Sick Vets

WTH?San Diego DHS Goons Occupy VA Hospital And Intimidate Sick Vets | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Veterans seeking treatment at the VA Hospital in San Deigo, CA this past Wednesday were greeted by an ominous assembly of black uniformed paramilitary police bearing identification patches of DHS and Police, with no name tags or badges. Citing “presence deterrence” as the reason for the action, little more in the way of an explanation was offered. Reports from witnesses state that approximately 20 Federal Protection Services officers, in black SWAT-style uniforms and full gear as well as four bomb-sniffing dogs massed at the entrance to VA Mission Valley Health Care Clinic. FPS is an enforcement group within DHS charged with the protection of government properties. The VA Mission Valley Health Care Clinic provides services in the areas of general practice, a psychiatric clinic, a PTSD treatment clinic, and a disability compensation evaluation clinic. A stream of criticisms from veterans led to a formal complaint being filed with the VA OIG by the advocacy group, Honoring Our Troops (HRT). The complaint states that veterans who were unfortunate enough to find themselves at the facility during this “presence deterrence” were harassed and threatened for taking pictures and asking questions. One veteran reportedly was threatened with a $10,000 fine if he did not delete a photo. One doctor reportedly described the action to a patient’s wife ambiguously as a “familiarization exercise.” Since the OIG complaint, HRT reports being on the receiving end of numerous anonymous phone threats of physical harm as well as threats of stalking and investigations. VA Regional Office spokesman, Alejandro Mendio la Flores verified the FPS action as being part of “Operation Shield” for “presence deterrence.” They claim the number of participants in the exercise was 8 rather than the witness assertions of over twice that many, and that the FPS was conducting training. In addition to the FPS goons, the VA has a “patient security flag” procedure in place in which accusations or warnings about a particular patient are routinely made behind closed doors, without the patient’s knowledge and without an opportunity to face their accusers or refute the accusations. This is the same apparatus which will likely be utilized to a great extent in the determination that many veterans are unfit for the free exercise of their second amendment rights upon the completion of the installation of the police state apparatus and pretexts. The regime has already improperly labeled returning veterans as domestic terrorists or having many of the characteristics that have been labeled as those of domestic terrorists, such as patriotism and a belief that an authoritarian central government is un-American. Is “presence deterrence” designed as a component of the indoctrination process, to reeducate veterans to the “new reality,” that the rules are different, that the former great enemy of socialism is now the path of America’s future. It was chosen for them without being asked by a government intent on controlling, through whatever means necessary, every aspect of the daily lives of their “inmate population.” The message being, accept these conditions or be treated like …
littlebytesnews's insight:

I shared this with Montel Williams on twitter and he shared it with Jake Tapper to investigate, he thought it sounded conspiratorial but worthy of checking into....  hopefully Jake Tapper follows through and we some answers.



here's more info on what prompted it....intimidation of vets... See OIG Report No.11-02585-129,March 7,2013. vets cannot know who made complaints or refute against

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Waseca teen accused in school shooting plot had been planning for months

Waseca teen accused in school shooting plot had been planning for months | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
WASECA, MINNLaDue said he had an SKS assault rifle with 400 rounds of ammunition, a 9mm handgun with ammo and a gun safe with more firearms, all in his bedroom at home. He gave an officer the key to the gun safe and the key to his guitar case, where he said they’d find his notebook.

He told police that he planned to kill his parents and sister with a .22-caliber rifle because it would make less noise than some of his other firearms.

Then, he said, he planned to go to the surrounding countryside and start a fire. While police and firefighters were busy, he would go back to the school with bombs, firearms and ammunition. He planned to set off pressure cooker bombs in recycling boxes near the water fountains in the cafeteria and would shoot school liaison officer Jared Chrz “so that he did not stop him from his plans for killing more students,” the document said.

LaDue told police that “if he had brought a gun with him to the storage unit … he would have shot the responding officers,” the complaint said.

Seven firearms and three completed bombs were found in LaDue’s bedroom, the complaint said. Another three bombs, along with chemicals and other materials, were found in the storage unit. LaDue also had 60 pounds of metal ball bearings.
littlebytesnews's insight:

What parent doesn't know their kid has all that stuff in their bedroom? I accept that kids need privacy but when a stranger seeing a kid walking to his storage locker from their kitchen window is how cops find out about this, I'm a little concerned. How many high school kids have storage lockers or the means to pay for one and the other stuff he accumulated?  Yes where were the parents while he accumulated all of this??  
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UK Captured IS Suicide Bomber Reveals Threat

UK Captured IS Suicide Bomber Reveals Threat | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
The first Islamic State suicide bomber caught in Iraq tells Sky News there are more foreign fighters, including Britons, like him.

A wing of Sulaymaniah's military hospital has been sealed off and 24-hour security has been posted at the door of a ward.

Inside lies an injured young man; a very special patient and prisoner.

He is 23-year-old Horr Jaffer, from Chechnya, and he is an Islamic State (IS) suicide bomber.

His capture has been a secret until now.

Sky News is the first to get access to this man who was caught in the southern Kurdish town of Jalula after his bomb part exploded.

He had been attempting to destroy a Kurd checkpoint by driving a bomb-laden car into their midst.

littlebytesnews's insight:

Crazy anyone from civilized societies like the US,Britain, or anywhere else would join these savages. Now he regrets his actions and wants to live again....hopefully he rots in prison for what he did since the UK doesn't believe in the death penalty.  Click image for video.

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Video:Is DOJ paying BLACK PANTHERS To Lead Violent Protests In #Ferguson?

Video:Is DOJ paying BLACK PANTHERS To Lead Violent Protests In #Ferguson? | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
The New Black Panthers are leading a march in Ferguson, Missouri tonight. Over a thousand people are marching. The Black Panther are chanting: What do we want? -- Darren Wilson How do we want him? -- Dead All hell is…
littlebytesnews's insight:

Remember this?? Documents detail how DOJ spent money to organize Trayvon Martin protests ;
Now consider this...
DHS agents posing as members of Black Panthers inciting violence in #Ferguson?   //like w/Trayvon
Though there are some parts of this article I disagree with and question, it makes you wonder....


More>>Stirring The Pot:DOJ Sends ‘Marshals’ To ‘Coach’ The Protesters In Ferguson


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Sheriff: Armed Mexican Gangs ‘In Military Fatigues’ Marching Through South Texas

Sheriff: Armed Mexican Gangs ‘In Military Fatigues’ Marching Through South Texas | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
By Will Payne, Daily Mail

The Sheriff leading the investigation into the brutal slaying of a Border Control Agent by two illegal immigrants has revealed local farmers in his county have reported spotting gangs of armed Mexicans 'in military fatigues' marching through their fields.

Sheriff Larry Spence’s department played a key role in catching Ismael Hernandez and Gustavo Tijerina after they allegedly gunned down hero officer Javier Vega Jr. in front of his mother, father, wife and three sons while they were on a family fishing trip.

Since their capture,Fox News reported that the suspects are both Mexican nationals who were in the U.S. illegally and have been deported SIX times between them.

Spence, who has been Sheriff of Willacy County in south Texas for 29 years, said the problem on the border is reaching a crisis point.

He said ranchers with land 25 miles north of the border have reported groups of men - believed to be illegal immigrants - walking single file, through farm land in military fatigues. Some were armed with rifles.

littlebytesnews's insight:

This isn't the first time and I'm sure won't be the the  meantime, Obama ignores our border invasion, while finally attempting to help Christians from genocide in Iraq. He likes to wait until a crisis is at the point of disaster before he responds and then he will likely only act politically rather than militarily or in the interest of national security. 

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Disease Expert Warns Terrorists Could Make Dirty Bomb Containing Ebola

Disease Expert Warns Terrorists Could Make Dirty Bomb Containing Ebola | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
A Cambridge University disease expert warns that terrorists could be able to build a dirty bomb containing the Ebola virus.

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta/AP) — A Cambridge University disease expert warns that terrorists could be able to build a dirty bomb containing the Ebola virus.
Speaking to The Sun, biological anthropologist Dr. Peter Walsh says that the risk should be taken seriously of terror groups getting their hands on the Ebola virus.
“A bigger and more serious risk is that a group manages to harness the virus as a powder, then explodes it in a bomb in a highly populated area,” Walsh told The Sun. “It could cause a large number of horrific deaths.”
Walsh states that groups might try to harness the virus out of west African nations where the outbreak is prevalent.
“Only a handful of labs worldwide have the Ebola virus and they are extremely well protected. So the risk is that a terrorist group seeks to obtain the virus out in West Africa,” Walsh told The Sun.
Walsh added this scenario could “cause a large number of horrific deaths.”
“It is a threat that is taken very seriously,” Walsh told The Sun.


littlebytesnews's insight:

Don't give them any ideas...though I'm sure they've already thought about it....and could plan it,they are suicidal and homicidal maniacs after all.

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Claim:Video-Footage of MH17 as it was shot down;hit on starboard side?

Intellihub-In the video, it appears the aircraft suffered a missile strike to the starboard turbofan.

littlebytesnews's insight:

Could this be actual video footage of the MH17 Malaysian Airliner being shot down?



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Hamas gunmen carry out attacks disguised as women&old men, fight from UN&Red Cross vehicles, store rockets in schools, and physically prevent Palestinian civilians from fleeing combat zones.

Hamas gunmen carry out attacks disguised as women&old men, fight from UN&Red Cross vehicles, store rockets in schools, and physically prevent Palestinian civilians from fleeing combat zones. | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Michael Oren says Hamas mounts a sophisticated media and military campaign that puts its own people at risk


Hamas Media Strategy Relies on Deaths of Civilians
Michael Oren, +CNN 

...Hamas gunmen carry out attacks disguised as women and old men, fight from UN and Red Cross vehicles, store rockets in schools, and physically prevent Palestinian civilians from fleeing combat zones. This context, though, is rarely mentioned by the media when covering the civilian cost of the fighting.

Unlike Israel, which respects the privacy and dignity of its fallen, Hamas has no difficulty in displaying these casualties to foreign cameras. And the media broadcasts them, obsessively.

The sources of that obsession are many. They include genuine empathy for the Palestinians, objection to Israeli policies, and even animus toward the Jewish state. Still, many journalists would be appalled by the suggestion that they are aiding a terrorist group indistinguishable from ISIS and al-Qaeda. Most, rather, are just doing their job by providing their audiences with the most up-to-date pictures and stories.

Read the whole thing (

Photo: Israeli soldiers weep at the grave of Israeli Sgt. Adar Barsano during his funeral on Sunday, July 20, in Nahariya, Israel.

littlebytesnews's insight:

They're terrorists....they fight dirty,have no morals and don't care about the welfare of others or following any international laws, otherwise they wouldn't be launching rockets into Israel daily and digging tunnels beneath Gaza to store,transport weapons and attempt to kidnap and kill Israeli's!



ICYMI 10 Gaza hospitals were used by Hamas in Op Cast Lead to shelter weapons&terrorists  #freeGaza from Hamas


ICYMI @littlebytesnews: “Palestine&Jordan are one…” said King Abdullah in 1948.  //King Husssein kicked them out!


ICYMI Israel cannot sit by&watch as rockets continue to hit the cntry’s cities&towns.  //no other country wld standby


British forces Col Kemp confirms Hamas&other terrorists use human shields&attempt to lure 'us to kill civilians' ;


.@UN study shows the ratio of civilian to combatant deaths in Gaza was by far the lowest in any asymmetric conflict ;

Hamas admitted that roughly half of those killed during Cast Lead were terrorists...IDF death estimates proven right

Video:Great explanation of the constant rejection of peace by Arabs&so called "Palestinians" 

//Jordan kicked them out


Video:#Arab Leaders #Pray That #Israel Will Get Rid of the #PalestiniansOnce and for All.   #freeGaza&world of Hamas


VIDEO: US Designated Terror Group Hamas Using UN Trucks | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs ;


RT @littlebytesnews: did they give back to Hamas again?>RT @littlebytesnews:UNRWA finds rockets in vacant Gaza school for 2nd time  @UNRWA  


 ‘Hamas Fired from UN School Area and Prevented Evacuation’ Says IDF ;


 Ambassador Ron Dermer Owns CNN [video] - ;  This is great!He exposes CNN media bias and how they only show civilian casualties in Gaza without making connection to Hamas using schools as weapons depots.


rockets launched by Hamas “have only one purpose: to kill innocent Israelis” ;

//thankfully Israel has IDF&Iron Domes


Warning Call to Wafa Hospital Before IDF Targets Site proves unequivocally Hamas fired small arms from a hospital. ;


 ICYMI Duplicate names on Gaza dead list>deliberate ploy by Gaza to inflate the number of dead for propaganda purposes  


RT ICYMI @littlebytesnews: Israel: #jcot #tcot Israel Calls Out UNRWA for Claiming IDF Shelled School ;


FIFTEEN Palestinians Dead After Hamas Refuses to Allow Civilians to Escape UNRWA Shelter  after IDF gave 24hr warning


Rocks, firebombs, fireworks thrown at Israeli security forces in massive West Bank protest ;



 UN Session on Gaza: Dictatorships Try to Silence UN Watch



  Islamic Scholar-Abdullah Yusuf Ali: Children of Israel, "Dwell securely in the land (of promise)" says:Qur'an: 17:104 ;



 Muslim Scholar:“Allah Gave Israel to the Jews”, “Palestinians are the Killers of Children” |  &  


 Gaza/Hamas WAR CRIMES:Hamas Caught Beating Palestinians who try to Evacuate Areas Israel Warned would be Bombed

 This is what Hamas does to civilians trying to escape


Support for Hamas Waning; Gazan Journalist Says Most Gazans Hate Hamas

//many Gazans want Hamas out,but are afraid 


MAJOR NEWS OUT OF ISRAEL:UNRWA admits it was an errant Hamas rocket that hit the UN school,ooooops ;  another Hamas propaganda image being spread,claiming injured baby is from Gaza,but is an Israeli,a victim of Hamas!! 


  Commie/Criminal News @CNN Puts False News Of Israel Rejecting 'Cease-Fire Deal' Over Faces of Injured Children  




Video:Hamas doesn't hesitate to fire its rockets from schools,hospitals&even cemeteries in Gaza. WATCH & SHARE  


Hamas Admits: At Least 160 Children Have Been Killed Building Terror Tunnels  //Hamas uses children as slaves&martyrs  


Hamas leader:‘We cannot coexist with occupiers’  //except the "occupiers" are Hamas using Gazans as martyrs&exploiting 


Hamas murders 25 Palestinians  not to mention those hit by rockets that fall short 


BBC admits many purported images of 'Gaza under attack' are fakes ;  Gaza citizen:Hamas terrorists have even gone on TV to urge Palestinians to stand on roofs  the Hamas ldr that admits to kidnapping Israeli's&advocates doing it again&refuses ceasefire w/Israel 


 SHOCKING! - Hamas member admits there is no such thing as a Palestinian people  


Son of Hamas Founder: "Hamas does not care about the lives of Palestinians."  


Hamas Rockets Misfire, Hit again Gaza Hospital and Local Village Instead.  


'I've got your back'- Pres Obama: Only disarm Hamas in context of final status agreement.


How the UN counts terrorists as civilians ;

//Anyone killed or martyred is to be called a civilian from Gaza  Islam is the problem, their holy books teach hate against Jews and Christians;Hadith book 012,# 4366 


Gazan rprtr:"No one can forgive Hamas for butchering Palestinians to get power.Most Gazans hate Hamas with a passion"


To Argue the Palestinian Side in the Gaza War Is to Make the Case for Barbarism


Hamas instructs people in Gaza to ignore Israel’s phone calls,leaflets&text messages... warning civilians to evacuate  


UNHRC focuses on Israel—who go to extraordinary lengths to protect&preserve civilian lives,rather than blaming Hamas  


@UN @UNRWA complicit?>RT @TimesofIsrael: 3 #IDF soldiers killed in booby-trapped #UNRWA clinic in #Gaza  


Italian jrnalist in Gaza:Hamas misfired rocket killed children yday in Shati.Witness:militants rushed&cleared debris  


Arab Leaders Silent, Viewing Hamas as Worse Than Israel -  //from the NYT of all places,Arab countries oppose Hamas  


 Iranian-American reporter Daftari recently reported that many Gazans are actually critical of HAMAS.  //Hamas victims


Pew:More than half in the Palestine (53%) have an unfavorable view of Hamas,

even  higher in Hamas-led Gaza Strip(63%)


Captured Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits of Human Shields


RT Hamas developed from a network of Muslim Brotherhood charities in Gaza in the mid-1980s founded by Sheikh Yassin.


Caught on camera:A Hamas squad assembles&fires a rocket right across the street from a reporter's hotel room in Gaza  


Gaza school attack now appears to be staged...There's evidence the bodies were moved into the courtyard ...  


 On Obama:

Reverend Wright:'I made it comfortable for Obama to accept Christianity w/o having to renounce his Islamic bckground'

Obama instead of renouncing Islam,glorifies it.He said one of the most beautiful sounds is the Islamic call to prayer


Egyptian FM made it public on Egyptian TV:Obama told me, he would show the Muslim world what he would do with Israel.

Egyptian Foreign Minister made it public on Egyptian TV.:Obama told me, in confidence, that he is a Muslim. ; //hmmm


littlebytesnews's curator insight, July 22, 1:49 PM

They're terrorists....they fight dirty,have no morals and don't care about the welfare of others or following any international laws, otherwise they wouldn't be launching rockets into Israel daily and digging tunnels beneath Gaza to store,transport weapons and attempt to kidnap and kill Israeli's!


Update:[I will be adding more links as the days go by during this confliclt please help share this post to get the info out there]

ICYMI 10 Gaza hospitals were used by Hamas in Op Cast Lead to shelter weapons&terrorists  

#freeGaza from Hamas


ICYMI @littlebytesnews: “Palestine&Jordan are one…” said King Abdullah in 1948. ;

 //King Husssein kicked them out!


ICYMI Israel cannot sit by&watch as rockets continue to hit the cntry’s cities&towns.

  //no other country wld standby


British forces Col Kemp confirms Hamas&other terrorists use human shields&attempt to lure 'us to kill civilians' 


.@UN study shows the ratio of civilian to combatant deaths in Gaza was by far the lowest in any asymmetric conflict ;

Hamas admitted that roughly half of those killed during Cast Lead were terrorists...IDF death estimates proven right

Video:Great explanation of the constant rejection of peace by Arabs&so called "Palestinians" ; //Jordan kicked them out


Video:#Arab Leaders #Pray That #Israel Will Get Rid of the #PalestiniansOnce and for All.   #freeGaza&world of Hamas


VIDEO: US Designated Terror Group Hamas Using UN Trucks | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs ;


RT @littlebytesnews: did they give back to Hamas again?>RT @littlebytesnews:UNRWA finds rockets in vacant Gaza school for 2nd time  @UNRWA  

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Obama destroys more jobs&military...Pentagon gives pink slips to hundreds of soldiers, including active-duty officers

Obama destroys more jobs&military...Pentagon gives pink slips to hundreds of soldiers, including active-duty officers | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
The Pentagon is laying off thousands of military officers including those serving or who have recently served in Afghanistan.
littlebytesnews's insight:

I'm so sick of this anti-American, treasonous POTUS!! 

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Video:Comedian Paul Rodriguez Shocks CNN's Don Lemon With Comments About Illegal Aliens


littlebytesnews's insight:

Glad he speaks the truth....

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Homeland Security Secretary Won't Say Whether Most Will Be Deported

Homeland Security Secretary Won't Say Whether Most Will Be Deported | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson struggled this morning on NBC to say whether the Obama administration will deport most of the recent influx of illegal immigrants:
littlebytesnews's insight:

He won't say because their plan is to keep them here and create future democrat voters as more become dependent on the welfare system. 

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July 4 Parade Features 'Obama Presidential Library' Outhouse Float

July 4 Parade Features 'Obama Presidential Library' Outhouse Float | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
FrontPage Magazine July 4 Parade Features 'Obama Presidential Library' Outhouse Float Huffington Post An Independence Day parade in Norfolk, Nebraska included a float depicting President Obama's presidential library as an outhouse, sparking outcry...
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LOL funny, I'm sure it pissed off the liberals though

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'Suspicious device' explodes at Nogales,AZ power plant...radioactives stolen in Mexico

'Suspicious device' explodes at Nogales,AZ power plant...radioactives stolen in Mexico | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
A makeshift bomb exploded at a Nogales, Arizona power plant Wednesday, rupturing a large fuel tank and prompting the FBI and federal bomb experts to


Local officials were alerted at 9:30 a.m. to "suspicious activity" at UniSource Energy Services' Valencia Plant. The explosion damaged a diesel storage tank, but there were no reports of injuries and authorities said they knew of no suspects or witnesses.

Officials closed off the power plant and an adjacent car dealership on North Grand Avenue. The FBI, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Arizona Department of Public Safety were called.

Wednesday evening, agents were still processing the scene. Arizona Corporation Commission spokeswoman Rebecca Wilder said there were no power disruptions and the plant received only minor damage.

"The reason for the high-scale response is the plant is an electrical substation and critical to the area," Nogales police Lt. Carlos Jimenez said, explaining that as many as 30,000 customers depend on the plant for power.

"The whole city of Nogales could have been compromised," he added.

Authorities described the explosive as "a suspicious device" but would not elaborate. The fuel did not ignite, Jimenez said.

littlebytesnews's insight:

I received this via @hitman0321  and this

doesn't sound good...could terrorists on the border be planning something or was this a dry run attempt at something more destructive? Now that our borders are more open and porous than ever with illegals from Central America and other places coming in. How many are terrorists and drug cartel??  It's time to put national guard on our borders NOW! And time to deport all the illegals who continue to come here seeking amnesty or defacto amnesty because Obama's admin isn't enforcing immigration laws any longer.


Update:NPD debunks reports of ‘explosion’ at power plant - Nogales Intl News ;


Then this happened...

A cryptic phone message left with U.S. Customs&BP led the agency&partners in Mexico to inspect Nogales ports of entry  

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Sources:John Roberts Signed Off On Obama’s Removal For Treason

Sources:John Roberts Signed Off On Obama’s Removal For Treason | Littlebytesnews Current Events |

There’s a bombshell of a rumor going around right now that Chief Justice John Roberts has signed off on Interpol to have Obama removed from office for multiple counts of treason.

The charges are to include declaring war without consent of Congress, Second Amendment infringements, and abuse of the Posse Comitatus Act during the Bundy land dispute.

(Congressman: Any Criticism Against Obama Is Racist)

When Obama was sworn into office he took an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America,” however according to the leaked document he’s guilty of the following crimes;

littlebytesnews's insight:

I'll believe it when I see it but there are several sources citing this 'rumor'. All we can do is hope for the best, but I doubt Interpol has the authority to remove a sitting POTUS, but I have heard the SCOTUS can impeach one if the Congress won't do it.


Here's more info:

"John Roberts signs off on Obama's arrest"
You will find many sources over the last 3-4 days: ;
Anyone that wants to follow the story can choose the source/s they are more comfortable with.


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Reaganomics vs Obamanomics....

Reaganomics vs Obamanomics.... | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
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Sadly true...

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