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Text of John Kerry’s farewell speech-long,boring&scary

Text of John Kerry’s farewell speech-long,boring&scary | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
The full text of John Kerry’s farewell address to the Senate, as delivered.


I want to begin by thanking my colleagues, all of them for their unbelievably generous comments to me personally, in the committee, and on the floor, in the halls, meetings over the course of the last weeks. I will always be grateful for our friendships, and I thank my wife Teresa who is here sitting in the family gallery, and my entire family for their unbelievable support through this journey.

Five times Massachusetts has voted to send me to the United States Senate. Yesterday, nearly three decades after the people of Massachusetts first voted me into this office, the people I worked with in the Senate voted me out of it.

As always, I accept the Senate’s sound judgment!

Eight years ago, I admit that I had a very different plan, slightly different anyway, to leave the Senate, but 61 million Americans voted that they wanted me to stay here with you.

And so staying here – I learned about humility, and I learned that sometimes the greatest lesson comes not from victory, but from just dusting off a defeat and starting over when you get knocked down.

I was reminded throughout this journey of something that’s often said but not always fully appreciated. All of us Senators are only as good as our staff. Staff that gives up their late nights and weekends; postpones vacations; doesn’t get home in time to tuck children in to bed—and all of these lost moments because they’re here helping us serve. They’re not elected, they didn’t get into public service to get rich, that’s for sure, and their names are rarely in the newspapers, but from the staff in the mailrooms to the people who answer the front phones to the policy experts and the managers -- the legislative correspondents who write the letters, the caseworkers who make government accountable, and the people everywhere in between -- they make the Senate work for people. I’ve been blessed to have a spectacular staff and while I know every one of my colleagues would say the same about their staffs – its true about mine.

If I start naming names I’m sure to miss someone –so I’m not going to – but I think everyone on my staff will understand why I want to acknowledge five who are not with us any longer. They’re up in heaven looking down on all of us and Ted Kennedy’s probably drafted them all: Jayona Beal, Jeanette Boone, Bill Bradley, Louise Etheridge and Gene Heller, the latter two of whom were senior citizen volunteers in my Boston office who opened our mail for over a decade, not paid, they just did this out of their love for country. What a special twosome they were. We miss them all, and we thank them for their selflessness and their contribution, as I do the entire staff of 561 incredible men and women in Massachusetts and Washington that I’ve been privileged to work with through these 28 plus years.

I also think about the interns – 1,393– who have come in and out of our offices from Washington to Worcester. And I’m especially proud of those who started as interns and ended as my Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, senior policy staffers, or the Kerry interns who went on to work not just for me, but who have for the last four years been top speechwriters, trip directors, and senior communications staff at the White House for the President of the United States. I’m proud of our internship program, and grateful to the people who built it and who sustain it.

I also want to thank the incredible group of unsung heroes who literally make the Senate work – people who work not for individual Senators but for all of us, in every room and nook and cranny of this great series of buildings, the men and women who operate the Senate subways, Darrell, many others and the trains and elevators. They take us to and from votes and meetings. They are really the glue and we couldn’t function without them. The Capitol Police who protect us, police who many started to notice a little bit more after that awful day in 1998 when two were shot and killed on a busy Wednesday afternoon.

The parliamentarians and the clerks and staff here on the floor — including Gary, Tim, Tricia, Meredith, and all the folks on the cloakroom and Dave on the other side and all the folks in the Republican cloakroom, all of whom help keep us going and are unfailingly patient when we call for the umpteenth time to find out whether the vote schedule is going to let us make it home to a child’s dance recital or birthday party. I want to thank the many Bertie Bowmans who came here more than forty years ago, dug in, and made the Senate their cause and their concern. People like Meg Murphy of the Foreign Relations Committee who makes everybody’s life easier.

And, I thank the reporters who catch us in the hallways, trap us, ambush us in the hallways ---- , despite all the changes and challenges in their own business, still dutifully document the first drafts of American history. I thank all the incredible people who travel through these halls working incredibly hard to get it right, people of character who cover this place as a public service not a sport – and I thank them. I thank David Rogers for all he’s stood for so long in this institution. It is hard to imagine my job without seeing him in that long green coat waiting by the elevators after a late night vote.

Sometimes in politics, it’s now almost a sport in America to dismiss the contributions of the people who work in government, people who make the Senate work, but people that the public never see. I admired the way our former colleague Ted Kaufman used to come down here once a week and tell the story of one individual federal worker. The stories are legion. Instead of tearing these people down, we should be lifting them up, and I thank them all for the part they play in our democracy.

I will share with you that now that I’ve come to this moment in the journey, I can say without reservation that nothing prepares you for it.

Many times now in 29 years, I’ve been at my desk here on the floor, starting way over there, number 99, listening as colleagues bid the Senate farewell. Sometimes a farewell speech signals a complete departure from public life, sometimes a new journey altogether. Sometimes a forced departure. Sometimes a leap for freedom. I’m grateful that at this moment, thanks to my colleagues, serendipity and the trust of our President, while I’m closing a chapter, it’s not the final one. But I assure you, amid the excitement and the possibility, I do feel a wistfulness about leaving the United States Senate. And that’s because, despite the obvious frustrations of recent days and years, a frustration we all share — this place remains one of the most extraordinary institutions of any kind on the face of the earth.

On occasion we’ve all heard a Senator take their leave condemning the Senate for being broken, or for having become an impossible setting in which to do the peoples’ business.

Of course, many have later confessed just how much they missed and appreciated the Senate’s unique character after they’d bid it farewell.

I want to be very clear about my feelings: I do not believe the Senate is broken — certainly not as an institution. There is nothing wrong with the Senate that can’t be fixed by what’s right about the Senate – the predominant and weighty notion that 100 American citizens, chosen by their neighbors to serve from states as different as Massachusetts and Montana, can always choose to put parochial or personal interests aside and find the national interest.

I believe it is the honor of a lifetime, an extraordinary privilege to have represented the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States Senate for more than 28 years, just like each of you feel about your state. What a remarkable gift it has been to carry the banner of Senator from Massachusetts, a banner passed from the sons of the American Revolution like Daniel Webster to the sons of immigrants like Paul Tsongas, and to know that a state where the abolitionists crusaded at Faneuil Hall and the suffragettes marched in Quincy Market could send to Washington sons like Ted Kennedy and Ed Brooke who fought to expand civil rights – and now a woman, Elizabeth Warren, who proved that in Massachusetts the glass ceiling has finally been forever shattered.

And what a remarkable gift Massachusetts has given me to come here and learn so much about the rest of our country. I’ve had the privilege of learning what really makes our nation tick. What a gift to have been the nominee of my party, to have come within a whisper of winning the Presidency against a wartime incumbent, but more importantly, to have experienced the magic of our nation in such personal ways.

To experience the gift of traveling along the banks of the mighty Mississippi, through Iowa and South Dakota and along the rivers where Lewis and Clark marked and measured the dream of our first Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, who foresaw an America that would advance into the West. To experience a journey that took me to Alabama where I stood silently in the very pulpit from which Dr. King preached his dream of an America united and dipped my fingers into the fountain in Birmingham, where water flows over the names of those murdered trying to vote, or just registering to vote; to see the water trickle over the words of Dr. King’s prayer that justice might “roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” I drove across the Hoover Dam and wondered as I did at what America can accomplish when we want to; driving across the Golden Gate Bridge at dawn and reminded that it was built at the height of the Great Depression when so many feared our best days were behind us. What I’ve seen and heard and learned in traveling across our country as a Senator from Massachusetts has prepared me more for my travels to other countries as a Secretary of State than any travel to any foreign capital.

I already know I will miss the best reward of carrying the title Senator, and that’s when you open a letter from someone who has traveled every route and exhausted every option, and who ultimately turned to you as the last resort and they finally got the help they needed. There is nothing that beats a letter that says, “I tried everything and no one would listen but you got it done!” Or, sometimes when you’re walking a street in a community at home and someone thanks you for a personal response they never expected to receive. That’s when public service has more meaning than the war of words our constituents dodge on the cable news.

Standing here at this desk that once belonged to President Kennedy and to Ted Kennedy, I can’t help but be reminded that even the nation’s greatest leaders — and all the rest of us — are merely temporary workers. I am reminded that this chamber is a living museum, a lasting memorial to the miracle of the American experiment.

No one has captured this phenomenon more eloquently or comprehensively as Robert Caro did in his masterpiece about the Senate, called Master of the Senate. I’m sure many in this room have read it. In that book, before we learn of the levers that Lyndon Johnson pulled to push our nation toward civil rights, Caro described the special powers that the Founders gave the Senate — and only the Senate. “Powers,” Caro writes, “designed to make the Congress independent of the President and to restrain and act as a check on his authority: power to approve his appointments, even the appointments he made within his own Administration, even appointments to his own Cabinet.” This body has now exercised that power on my behalf, and I will always be grateful.

Another master of the Senate, Massachusetts’ Daniel Webster, delivered 183 years ago this week what has often been praised as the greatest speech in Senate history. He stood at the desk that now belongs to the senior Senator from New Hampshire and argued forcefully in favor of the very idea that makes us the United States: that we’re all in this together, that we each have a stake in the successes and failures of our countrymen, that what happens in Ohio matters to those in South Carolina, or in Massachusetts or to Montanans. “Union and Liberty,” Webster shouted. “Now and forever, one and inseparable!”

As Caro retells it, “those words, spoken among the desks, in the Senate” left those in the gallery in tears and cast a model for how those of us in this chamber must consider the constituents of our colleagues, as well as our own.

But the truth is that none of us ran for office because of a great debate held centuries ago. None of us moved here because of the moving words of a Senator long since departed. We honor this history, but we’re here because of the legacy that we can and want to leave. It is up to us--to my colleagues here today and those to come after us, it is up to us to keep the Senate great. I fully believe we will meet that obligation— if, as the President told the nation and the world last week, we seize this moment together.

Yes--Congress and public life face their difficulties these days, but not because the structure that our Founding Fathers gave us is inherently flawed. For sure, there are moments of great frustration — for the American people and for everybody in this place. But I don’t believe they are the fault of the institution itself. It’s not the rules that confound us per se. It’s the choices people make about those rules. The rules we work by now are essentially the same ones that were here when I joined the Senate and found things to move much more easily than they do today.

They are essentially the same rules under which Daniel Webster and Lyndon Johnson operated, and they did great things. They are almost the same rules Mike Mansfield, Everett Dirksen, Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch used to pass great pieces of legislation. They are the same rules under which the Senate Democrats and President George H.W. Bush passed an agreement including tax increases to at last begin to tackle the deficit. I would remind everyone here, as I take my leave from the Senate, when President George H.W. Bush returned from agreeing to a deficit reduction deal at Andrews Air Force Base, he wrote in his diary that he might well have sealed his fate as a one term President. He did what he thought was right for the country and laid the groundwork for our ability to three times balance the budget at the end of the 1990s. That’s courage and the Senate and the Congress and the country need more of it.

Frankly, the problems we live through today come from individual choices made by Senators themselves—not the rules. When an individual Senator – or a colluding caucus — determine that the comity essential to an institution like the Senate is a barrier to individual ambition or party ambition, the country loses. Those are the moments in which the Senate fulfills, not its responsibility to the people, but its reputation as a sanctuary of gridlock.

I ask colleagues to remember the words of Ben Franklin as that long Philadelphia summer yielded our remarkable Constitution. Late at night, after their work was complete, Dr. Franklin was walking down the steps of Constitution Hall, of Independence Hall, and a woman called out to him and she said: “Well, Doctor, what have we got-- a Republic or a Monarchy?” Franklin answered: “A republic — if you can keep it.” Sustaining a functioning republic is work and it’s more than ever, I believe, our challenge today.

I’m hardly the first and will not be the last to call on Congress to remember why we’re here, to prioritize our shared interests above the short-term, to bridge the breadth of the partisan divide and reach across the aisle and take the long view.

Many have stood here, delivering farewell speeches and lamented what became of the Washington where President Reagan and Speaker O’Neill could cultivate an affiliation stronger than party, or a Congress that saw true friendships between Senators like Kennedy and Hatch, Inouye and Stevens, Obama and Coburn—the odd couples as they have been dubbed.

I can’t tell you why, but I think it’s possible this moment may see a turn in the spirit of the Senate. There are new whispers of desire for progress, rumors of new coalitions, and sense of possibility whether it is on energy or immigration. I am deeply impressed by a new generation of Senators who seem to have come here determined not to give in to the cynicism but to get the people’s business done. I am confident that when today’s freshmen take their turns in leaving the Senate, they will be able to tell of new Senators added to that inestimable list of odd couples. And with any luck, by then it will not be odd.

So I leave here convinced that we can keep our republic strong. When President Kennedy observed that “Our problems are manmade; therefore they can be solved by man,” he was talking about a much more literal kind of nuclear option than the euphemism we use today to discuss Senate rules. But his vision is just as important for us to recognize in our time, whether we are talking about the ability of Senators to debate and vote, or about any of the issues on which they do so. It is still true today, as he said 50 years ago, that “reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable, and we believe he said they can do it again.” I believe that too.

So what effort do we need to put our reason and spirit into? I believe there are three challenges that have conspired to bring about a dangerous but reversible erosion in the quality of our democracy: the decline of comity, the deluge of money and the disregard for facts.

First, I have witnessed what we all have: a loss of simple comity, the respect that we owe one another and the sense of common cause that brings all of us here. The Senate as a body can change its rules to make it more efficient, sure. But only Senators, one by one, in their own hearts, can change their approach to legislating, which Henry Clay correctly defined as the art of consensus.

I came to the Senate in 1985 as a member of a hopeful and hard-charging class of freshmen. Paul Simon, Tom Harkin, Al Gore, Phil Gramm, Jay Rockefeller and I all have at least three things in common: we were all sworn in as Senators on the same day, we each explored running or ran for the White House, and none of us made it there. The last remaining member of that class, Senator Mitch McConnell, has now again been elevated by his peers as the Republican Leader.

I see a lot of a very similar aspiration to what we felt when I came here in 1985, and today’s freshmen and sophomores. Many came to the Senate running on the premise that it’s broken beyond repair. I encourage each and every one of them to reject this premise in order to restore the promise of the Senate. The Senate cannot break unless we let it. After all, the value of this institution, like any instrument of power, is in how we use it.

But we cannot ignore the fact that today, treaties that would have years ago passed 100-0 don’t pass at all. People who want to vote for something that they believe in actually don’t do so, for fear of retribution. That is a reflection on all of us. As I prepare to represent our nation in capitals around the world, I’m conscious that my credibility as a diplomat – and ours as a country – is determined to a great degree by what happens in our own capital city. The antidote to that, and it is pushed by rival countries is to demonstrate that we can get our economic house in order. We can be no stronger abroad than we are at home.

The unwillingness of some to yield to national interest is damaging to America’s prospects in the world. We are quick to talk about the global economy and about global competition, but it’s our own procrastination and outright avoidance of obvious choices that threatens our own future. Other nations are both quick and glad to fill the vacuum that’s brought about by our inaction.

If the Senate favors inaction over courage and gimmicks over common ground, the risk is not that we will fail to move forward. It is that we will fall behind, we will stay behind and we will surrender our promise to those who are more than willing to turn our squandered opportunity into their advantage. The world keeps turning; the Senate cannot afford to forever stand still.

Just as failing to deal with our deficit and our debt puts our long-term interests at risk, so does taking America to the brink of default. Our self-inflicted wounds reduce our leverage and influence in the world. And by failing to act, Congress is making it harder to actually advance America’s interests, and making it harder for American business to compete and for American workers to succeed. If America is to continue to lead the free world, this must end.

Now we’ve all bemoaned the lack of comity in the Senate, but you who remain here will have the power to restore it. The choice to work respectfully with one another is about as simple as it gets.

One suggestion perhaps while I’m honored by the presence of so many colleagues here now, Republicans, Democrats, I have to say we would all look forward to more days when United States Senate desks are full with Senators debating and deliberating, learning, listening, and leading. We would all be stronger if this Chamber is once again crowded because it is the world’s greatest deliberative body, the home of debate and deliberation, and not only when it becomes a departure lounge.

There is another challenge we must address – and it is the corrupting force of the vast sums of money necessary to run for office. The unending chase for money, I believe, threatens to steal our democracy itself. I’ve used the word corrupting – and I mean by it not the corruption of individuals, but a corruption of a system itself that all of us are forced to participate in against our will. The alliance of money and the interests it represents, the access it affords those who have it at the expense of those who don’t, the agenda it changes or sets by virtue of its power, is steadily silencing the voice of the vast majority of Americans who have a much harder time competing, or who can’t compete at all.

The insidious intention of that money is to set the agenda, change the agenda, block the agenda, define the agenda of Washington. How else could we possibly have a US tax code of some 76,000 pages? Ask yourself, how many Americans have their own page, their own tax break, their own special deal?

We should not resign ourselves Mr. President to a distorted system that corrodes our democracy. This is what contributes to the justified anger of the American people. They know it. They know we know it. And yet nothing happens. The truth requires that we call the corrosion of money in politics what it is: it is a form of corruption and it muzzles more Americans than it empowers, and it is an imbalance that the world has taught us can only sow the seeds of unrest.

Like the question of comity in the Senate, the influence of money in our politics also influences our credibility around the world. And so too does the difficulty, the unacceptable and extraordinary difficulty, we have in 2013 in operating the machinery of our own democracy here at home. How extraordinary and how diminishing that more than 40 years after the Voting Rights Act, so many of our fellow citizens still have great difficulty when they show up on election day to cast their vote and have their voice heard. That too is an issue that matters to all of us – because for a country that can and should extol the virtues of democracy around the world, our job is made more difficult when through long lines and overt voter suppression, and efforts to suppress people’s ability to exercise the right that we extol, so many struggle still to exercise that right here at home.

The last of these three obstacles that we have the ability, if not yet the will, to overcome is the unbelievable disregard for facts and science in the conduct of our affairs. It, like the first two, degrades our credibility abroad as well as at home.

My friends, the persistent shouting match of the perpetual campaign, one that takes place in parallel universes thanks to our polarized, self-selecting media, makes it harder and harder to build consensus among people. The people don’t know what to believe. So in many ways it encourages an oversimplification of problems that too often retreat to slogans, not ideas for real solutions.

America, I regret to say, is increasingly defaulting rather than choosing — and so we fail to keep pace with other nations in the renewal of our infrastructure, in the improvement of our schools, in the choice of our energy sources, in the care and nurturing of our children, in the fulfillment of our God-given responsibility to protect life here on earth. That too must change or our experiment is at risk.

To remain a great nation, we must do the business of our country. That begins by putting our economic house in order. And it begins by working from the same set of facts.

Though I believe we can’t solve any of these problems unless you really solve all of them, I note these three challenges because I believe the Senate is going to be locked into stalemate or our politics are going to be irreversibly poisoned unless we break out. I do so hopefully, as someone who respects and loves this institution and loves this country and wants to see us move forward.

Some things we know are moving forward. In the same time that comity has decreased and the influence has money has increased, I have seen the Senate change for the better. These halls used to be filled with the voices of men and men only. Decisions affecting more than half the population were made by people representing the other half. When I walked into the Old Senate Chamber to take my first ceremonial oath 28 years ago, I was joined by my two teenage daughters. It struck me that I had twice as many daughters as there were women in the Senate. Today, with the service of 20 women, including Massachusetts’ new junior Senator, this is a stronger, smarter place; more representative of our belief that out of many, we are one; more capable of fulfilling the vision carried from Washington to Webster to our current President that we are a stronger nation when our leadership reflects our population.

We have made huge strides in turning the page on gay rights. In 1993, I testified before Strom Thurman’s Armed Services Committee pushing to lift the ban on gays serving in the military and I ran into a world of misperceptions. I thought I was on a Saturday Night Live skit. Today at last, that policy is gone forever and we are a country that honors the commitment of all willing to fight and die for our country. We’ve gone from the Senate that passed DOMA over my objections to one that just welcomed its first openly gay Senator. There are good changes that have taken place for our Senate and our country. But we have more work to do. This place needs more women, more people of color, more diversity of background and experience.

But it is still a remarkable place. I’m reminded of the letters Harry Truman used to write home to his wife, Bess, as he sat in the back row of the chamber. Late one night, after one of the great debates of the New Deal era, he wrote, “I hear my colleagues, and I pinch myself and ask, ‘How did I get here?’” Several months later, he wrote Bess once more: “Again it is late at night and I am sitting here listening to the debate, I look across the aisle at my colleagues and I listen and listen, and I hear my colleagues and I ask myself, How did they get here?”

Well, I have no doubt that colleagues have asked that question about me or any one of us. Its been back and forth. But, 29 years after I came here, I have learnt something about how you solve that.

I learned that the Senate runs on relationships. I know that some of my more recent colleagues, sent here in tumultuous election cycles, hear that and think it’s code for checking their beliefs at the door, and “going Washington.” It’s not -- and I’d add, don’t kid yourself: no one got here on a platform of pledging to join an exclusive club and forget where they came from.

When I say that relationships matter, I don’t mean back-slapping, glad-handing, hail-fellow well-met, go-along-to-get-along relationships. I mean real relationships.

And today’s hard charging colleagues who came to Washington to shake things up, I’d remind them: so did I, so did Tom Harkin, and the others I mentioned. If I told you that a 40-year-old newly minted Senator John Kerry was going to tell you that relationships matter most, I would have looked at you like you had three heads. I cut my teeth in grassroots activism. I didn’t come up through the political ranks. I burst onto the scene as an activist and when you’re an activist, all that singularly matters to the exclusion of almost all else are the issues. Where are you on an issue. Right or wrong and that’s the ballgame. Wrong, that’s not the ballgame.

That’s not what makes a good Senator. That’s not what makes the Senate work.

My late colleague of 25 years, Ted Kennedy, taught me that. I saw him late nights on the Senate floor sitting with his colleagues. Talking. Listening. He wanted to know about your state. He wanted to know about your family. He wanted to know why you came here. He had a unique ability to know not just what he needed from you, on a vote or a piece of legislation, but to know what you needed on a personal level, as a friend, as a colleague, as a partner. My old friend now Vice President, Joe Biden, had a saying in his family: “if you have to ask, it’s too late.” With Teddy, you never had to ask, he already knew - and he was there. He was there on a foggy morning on Nantucket when my father passed away, when Teddy just materialized almost out of nowhere, and there he was there at my front door. He didn’t call ahead. He didn’t ask. He just came to mark the passage. He came to listen. He was there. It was an instinct for people and an impulse to help. He taught that to so many of during that period time somewhere along the line, he passed it on not just to me, but to others in my class of Senators who came here in 1984. I will never forget in 2007, on the day when I announced I wouldn’t be running again for President, a tough day, another passage, when I got a call that Tom Harkin wanted to come see me. My staff surmised that he was probably coming to ask for money for the Iowa Democratic Party. They were wrong. It was a visit where Tom came just to share a few words that were very simple but which meant the world to me. A colleague visiting just to say he was proud that I was our party’s nominee in 2004 and that he looked forward to working with me more in this institution. Let me tell you, those are the conversations that make the difference, that you never forget, and that is the Senate at its best, the place where relationships matter most.

And it matters. Because Teddy and Tom Harkin and so many others here understood instinctively that if 100 Senators really knew each other, and our leader has worked very hard to try to find a way to make this happen, then you can find ways to work together.

And, to my surprise, I learned it and lived it in my time here in ways I never could’ve predicted, alongside people I never thought I’d count among my proudest friends.

John McCain last week introduced me at my confirmation hearing. John and I met here in the Senate coming from very different positions and perspectives. We both loved the Navy. I still do to this day, but I had different feelings from John about a war. For both of us, Vietnam was a demarcation point in our lives the way it was for so many of our generation.

But here in the Senate, late one night on a CODEL – for people listening who don’t know, it’s a trip of Senators, Congressmen going somewhere in the world – we were going to Kuwait after the first Gulf War, John and I found ourselves on a C-130 sitting opposite each other. Neither one of us could sleep, so we talked. We talked late into the night about our lives and our war.

Shortly thereafter, George Mitchell and Bob Dole threw us together on a select committee to investigate the fate of Americans still missing from the war in which we’d fought. It was a tough time and an emotional issue in an era where Rambo was a box office smash and Newsweek magazine cover printed provocative photos which asked whether Americans were still alive over there.

Into that cacophonous cauldron, John McCain and I were thrown together. Some were suspicious of both of us. But together we found common ground. I will never forget standing with John in the very cell in the Hanoi Hilton in which he spent a number of years of his life, just the two of us, alone in the cell listening to him talk about that experience. I will always be grateful for his partnership in helping to make real peace with Vietnam by establishing the most significant process in the history of our country, or of any country, for the accounting for missing and dead in any war, and afterwards then working to lift the embargo and ultimately normalizing relations with an old enemy. John had every reason to hate but he didn’t. Instead, we were able to heal deep wounds and end a war that divided an awful lot of people for much too long. And that is a common experience and only the relationships forged in the Senate could have made that happen.

John has this great expression, “a fight not joined is a fight not enjoyed.” He loves to debate, he loves to battle. And so do I. But I’ll tell you having fought besides him and fought against him, I can tell you it’s a heck of a lot better and more fun to have John fighting alongside you.

And we still have differences. There’s been a lot of newsprint has been used up covering some of them. But we both care about the Senate as an institution, and we both care about our country’s leadership in the world, even when we see it differently. And we both know that at some point, America’s got to come together.

We’ve shared this common experience and we’ve seen a lot together. We both were able to travel the country as the presidential nominee for our party and both returned to the Senate to carry on in a different way. Few people know what all that feels like. But just being by his side in Hanoi made it impossible not to be overwhelmed by his sense of patriotism, and his devotion to country. But it meant something else: if you can stand on the kind of common ground we found at the Hanoi Hilton, finding common ground on issues isn’t hard at all. I will always thank John McCain for that lesson. One of the magical things about the Senate is this amazing mix of people and how they can come together to make something happen.

I have learned and been impressed by the experiences of every single one of my colleagues and I honestly marvel at each state’s special character in the people they send here. I have learned from all: from the fiery, street-smart social worker from Maryland; from a down-to-earth, no-nonsense farmer from Montana; from a principled, conservative doctor from Oklahoma; from an amazingly tenacious advocate for women and the environment who blazed a trail from Brooklyn to Rancho Mirage and the United States Senate, who teams with a former Mayor of San Francisco who took office after the assassination of Harvey Milk and is committed to stand against violence and for equality; from a cantankerous, maverick patriot and former prisoner of war from Arizona; from a songwriting, original compassionate conservative from Utah; from a fervent, gravel-voiced people’s champion from Ohio; from a soft-spoken, loyal Medal of Honor winner from Hawaii who used to sit right here, from a college professor turned proud prairie populist and Senate Pied Piper taken from all us far too soon and far too quickly. From every member of the Senate, there are characteristics, passions, quirks and beliefs that bring this place alive and unite to make it the most extraordinary legislative body on earth.

That’s what I love about the Senate.

I love that instead of fighting against each other, Bill Frist, the former Republican Leader, and I were able to join forces to fight HIV and AIDS around the globe, and to convince an unlikely conservative named Jesse Helms to support and pass a bill unanimously that has saved millions of lives on our planet. That’s what makes this place so special.

Instead of ignoring a freshman Senator, Chairman Claiborne Pell allowed me to pass my very first amendment to change our policy on the Philippines, and so I found myself with Dick Lugar paired as Senate election observers who helped expose the voter fraud of the Marcos regime, ending a dictatorship and giving a nation of more than 90 million people the opportunity to know democracy again. That’s what the Senate can do, and that’s what I love about it.

Instead of focusing on our different accents and opposite ideologies, Jesse Helms and I found that our concern for illegal drugs was greater than any political differences between us, and so Jesse made it possible for an investigation to proceed and for the Senate to expose the linkages between the Contras in Nicaragua and the flow of drugs to American cities. That’s what the Senate can do.

Mr. President, the Senate can still work if we learn from and listen to each other — two responsibilities that are, like Webster said about liberty and union, “one and inseparable.”

And so as I offer my final words on the Senate floor, I remember that I came of age in a Senate where freshman Senators didn’t speak all that often.

Senators no longer hold their tongues through whole sessions of Congress, and they shouldn’t. Their voices are just as valuable, and their votes count just as much as the most tenured member of this body. But being heard by others does not exempt them from listening to others.

I came to the National Mall in 1971 with fellow veterans who wanted only to talk to our leaders about the war. President Nixon tried to kick us off the Mall. We knocked on door after door on Capitol Hill, but too often couldn’t get an audience with our representatives. A precious few, including Ted Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey, came to where we were camped out and heard what we had to say. And I saw first-hand that our political process works only when leaders are willing to listen — to each other, but also to everyone else.

That is how I first came to the Senate — not with my vote, but with my voice — and that is why the end of my tenure here is in many ways a bookend.

Forty-two years ago, I testified before Senator Fulbright’s Foreign Relations Committee about the realities of war in Vietnam.

It wasn’t until last week that I would sit before that Committee again, this time testifying in my own confirmation hearing. It completed a circle, which I could never have imagined drawing, but one our Founders surely did: That a citizen voicing his opinion about a matter of personal and national consequence could one day use that voice as a Senator, as the Chairman of that same Committee before which he had once testified a private citizen, and then as the President’s nominee for Secretary of State — that is a fitting representation of what we mean when we talk about a government “of the people, for the people and by the people.”

In the decades between then and now, this is what I’ve learned above all else: The privilege of being here is in being able to listen to your constituents. It is the people and their voices – much more than the marble buildings and the inimitable institutions they house – that determine whether or not our democracy works.

In my first appearance before the United States Senate, at the Fulbright Hearings, I began by saying, “I am not here as John Kerry. I am here as one member of the group of one thousand, which is a small representation of a much larger group.”

I feel much the same way today, as I leave. We are still symbols, representatives of the people who have given us the honor to speak and advocate and vote in their name. And that, as the Bible says, is a “charge to keep.”

littlebytesnews's insight:

I didn't watch it, but here is the text of Scary Kerry's farewell speech to the Senate today...rather boring and typical rhetoric, but he does mention his first time testifying before the Senate about the 'realities of war in Vietnam'. Of course no mention of his criticisms for serving in a war he didn't agree with and acting as a traitor to his own country. He mentions his s upport of repealing DADT and his opposition of DOMA and calls them good changes, but that there is more work to do. He is another example and reason we need term limits for Congress....they should not be able to be re-elected more than two terms, just like the POTUS. We should be able to clean house every time we get a new administration.


Read more at the link...if you can stand it....sad he was confirmed by the GOP as the next Secretary of State. I think only one or two GOP Senators didn't vote for him.

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A Call To Action to Restore America & What's Really Destroying America

A Call To Action to Restore America & What's Really Destroying America | Littlebytesnews Current Events |

A Call To Action to Restore America

by P Garza aka @littlebytesnews



Do you support unification of TeaParty orgs,etc to take legal action against the liberal propaganda media, as well as boycotting of their sponsors? If you want to restore America we must act together and unify our groups to stop the liberal propaganda machine from smearing Conservatives and covering for the socialist/communist Obama, liberal agenda!


Do you oppose the moral and cultural decay of our country and the decline of our education system?? Then we must act now and work together to take back the education system, whether by homeschooling, private schooling or getting more involved in the public education system at the local level.


If you are not aware by now, after the re-election of Obama, the direction our country is heading is very dire. I fear by the time Obama is done with his four more years, it will be too late and we will all be equally poor and oppressed. I believe we need to take action before that happens and before 2014 and 2016!


Sadly, like others I have my doubts those who re-elected this moron will not learn from their mistakes, but am hopeful if we fall completely they will wakeup, but fear that by then it will be too late. I think we need to organize against the media and take back the message. I also think we need to take back the message in schools where our children are being taught about social justice, anti-capitalism, and distorted versions of history rather than the facts. Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.


My Solutions/Ideas To Change Direction

1) I don't know exactly how we can go after the media other than boycotting sponsors of the liberal propagandists and/or a class action lawsuit by we the people organized by the tea party movement?? They need to be sued for media malpractice and being complicit in keeping the truth from the public, not vetting Obama properly, protecting him from the scandals surrounding his admin from fast&furious to Benghazi, Solyndra/green energy loans,etc. If we are successful in a class action lawsuit, I am hopeful their broadcasting license are revoked and conservative media and new media can take over and get the truth to the American people and the world.


2)To change/reform education we need more conservatives teaching, acting in leadership roles in the system from school boards, to the administration. We have let the liberals take control for far too long and they now not only control the education system and curriculum but our Universities where many vulnerable young minds are being taught to accept the liberal ideology, social justice, anti-capitalism, etc. Many are also taught antisemitism and this is another reason so many young support Gaza/Hamas rather than our ally Israel. They are not getting the truth and they are not learning from history and about true history, but a revised version of history distorted by the liberal/progressive/Marxists running our schools/universities.


I believe the distortions of the liberal media, voter fraud, [] illegal voters through Obama's backdoor amnesty/DREAM Act& foreign donations, as well as lack of photo ID laws allowed Obama to win re-election. Not to mention the brainwashed/misinformed voters who have been taught otherwise in our schools/universities. I know everyone can't home-school so homeschooling as an alternative can not be the only option.


We must take back our education system and not only improve the system, but control the message.

All of these things need to change before Conservative principles and the intentions of our founders will be fulfilled again. We have slowly been moving away from those traditional values&morals thanks to the corrupt/biased media and education system. Until we take those back we may never be able to win this fight without total destruction, but by then it might be too late to ever recover. I hope we can somehow do something now and before 2014 to change the message and take back control of the media and education system. Otherwise, we will be doomed to tyranny, the status of a third world country,militarily&economically, and the American Dream will be no more.


If you have other ideas and a way to organize with the tea party movement to pursue a class action lawsuit against the corrupt media or change our school system or otherwise, please share and contact me. Hopefully we can all work together to start a citizens action group that can take back our country without violence or the need for another civil war or declaration of independence.


Thanks for posting this and helping to raise others awareness of what is destroying our country.


Read about what inspired this post and the dire direction our country is heading:

".....Corporations do not exist to provide work, benefits and pensions for employees. The private sector is about the creation of wealth, not the creation of jobs. One begets the other, but without the former the latter simply cannot exist."



Also See These Top Posts:

Impeachable offenses of Barack Hussein Obama:


 Kansas Sec of State to Eric Holder:The Obama administration has repeatedly violated the US Constitution  ; 

Obama's 50 Impeachable Crimes and Counting |


One Hundred Articles Of Impeachment Against Obama -Time To IMPEACH Obama  ;


PETITION:Recount the election! Over 115,000 [as of Dec 1,2012] have already signed!! Repost Everywhere!  Send to Secretary of State, especially in swing states like OH, FL, PA where higher voter fraud is reported.


Action Alert:Save America....Demand A Recount&Halt Voter Fraud!  ;


Election Not Over! Patriot Call 2 ACTION! 5 Govs-OH,VA,FL,WI &PA Can Save Republic -  h/t @tasteofAZ


Ronald Reagan: No Third Party Republicans No Compromise on Values


URGENT:30yr Old [UnConstitutional]"Consent Decree" Prevents RNC From Challenging US Voter Fraud??


Why Susan Rice MUST be Stopped!UN Amb Susan Rice Advised Former Pres Clinton to rebuff Sudan's offer to Turn OBL Over To The US,is Anti-American....

Contact your representatives and make sure they stop her nomination and confirmation as Secretary of State...she should never have been appointed UN Ambassador!


Obamacare Will Make Us a Part-Time Nation&Equally Poor

Mandate=Tax up to $2K per employee/individ&$27M-$47M/yr states


The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama--And An American Story  ;
Obama's drones and kill list








littlebytesnews's insight:

Update: What America needs — if it is to survive in liberty — is a surge in citizen activism unlike anything our nation has ever before seen.

The success of such a grassroots movement will depend on how much individual citizens are willing to do their part to return our country to divinely-inspired principles of self-governance — those principles contained in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and those validated by common sense and biblical teachings.

If you feel you need to "wait for instructions," or otherwise depend on others — especially those in positions of leadership — to guide and assist you, our country will not survive these perilous times. You must act as though the future of our countrydepends on you alone, for in a very real sense it does. It depends on the creative, responsible, exemplary initiative of yourself and those you inspire to similar patriotism.

Here are suggestions for helping to make a difference in the future of our country.

Submit frequent letters to editors.

Testify at public hearings.

Hold regular gatherings in your home or community to discuss and promote the cause of liberty.

Volunteer to work in a political campaign, at any level, for any worthy purpose.

Widely distribute signs for a cause or a candidate.

Lead — or get involved in — a worthy petition drive.

Organize a rally, large or small, to publicize an urgent issue or cause.

Contact your local paper and offer to be interviewed regarding a public question or concern you have vital knowledge of.

Pick up the phone and share your views on talk radio — or if you have the skills and opportunity, create your own radio or internet talk show.

Create a blog.

Found a website.

Write and publish a regular column — or even a book.

Get actively involved in a major (or possibly a "third") political party in your state or the nation.

Run for local — or higher — public office.

Sign the Pledge for America's Revival — and invite others to do the same.

Participate in RenewAmerica’s Facebook page (and also America’s Revival’s Facebook page) — and support similar interactive forums on the web.

Help organize your state or local area in the cause of taking back our country.

Inform yourself. "Zeal without knowledge" (see Rom. 10:2-3) will not save our country. Become acquainted with reliable, principled websites, blogs, publications, books, speakers, organizations, and other praiseworthy sources for information regarding the needs of our country and the solutions to those needs. Sign up to receive helpful newsletters and alerts.

A good place to start informing yourself would be to study essential documentsthat describe our nation's founding principles.

Work on your "people skills." By this, we mean your ability to strengthen and influence others for good — so they might be persuaded to take independent action — not your ability to "use" others for your own ends, as some might think. Respect the worth, dignity, and free will of each individual as you seek to assist them in fulfilling their duty as citizens.

Work on your communicative skills. "Politics is communication," to a large extent. Become the kind of communicator God can use for His purposes. Meaningful communication requires practice, experience, wisdom, and the operation of God's Spirit in effectively informing real people in real situations. This applies equally to both spoken and written communication.

Turn your skills and resources mainly to saving our country — above any other purpose beyond your own salvation and the well-being of your family — and rely on God to give you the practical means to do so.


Read more: 


and take the pledge:


Help spread this message and help me get at least 10,000 to take legal action against the corrupt liberal media!



littlebytesnews's comment, October 2, 2013 3:59 AM
Dems in House vote down funding for the #VeteransAdministration #TCOT//evil libs,playing politics
littlebytesnews's comment, October 2, 2013 4:01 AM
House Democrats Kill Funding to Run WWII Memorial they don't care about keeping govt open;DEMS are the ones who want the shutdown!
Patricia Eggett's curator insight, October 4, 2013 6:15 PM

We are not represented by outsiders, only by patriots who wish to protect our strengths to have the freedom to empower outsiders.

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2 LAPD Police Officers Ambushed, Shot at in 'Unprovoked Attack';one suspect sought

2 LAPD Police Officers Ambushed, Shot at in 'Unprovoked Attack';one suspect sought | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Los Angeles police called off an intense 8-hour manhunt Monday morning that began after two officers were ambushed in an “unprovoked attack” in the Vermont-Slauson neighborhood of South L.A. the previous night.

A massive manhunt was underway in South LA in the early morning hours of Dec. 29, 2014, after two officers were fired upon the previous night. (Credit: KTLA)
The officers from the LAPD’s 77th Division were responding to an unrelated radio call Sunday around 9:30 p.m. on Hoover Street near 66th Street (map) when two men allegedly opened fire on their patrol car, according to Los Angeles Police Department Detective Megan Aguilar.

Several rounds were shot in the direction of the officers, LAPD Capt. Lillian Carranza said.

“This was a completely unprovoked attack,” she added.

One of the officers returned fire toward the alleged gunmen, but it was not immediately clear whether either was hit.

Neither officer was injured.

Police detained one man and recovered a weapon at the scene, Aguilar said, declining to specify what type of firearm was found. She later clarified that he had not been arrested.

Police have not released the name of the person they had in custody. He was described only as a “person of interest,” according to Aguilar.

In the wake of the shooting, LAPD went on tactical alert and initiated a massive manhunt for the second shooter.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Thankfully none were injured, hopefully they catch the creeps. 


Related:FL deputies shot at three times in ambush attempt ;

//also ambush attempts in NC  ;

Rebecca Delabrer's curator insight, January 6, 2015 9:31 PM

2 officers were responding to a call from their radio when 2 men opened fire on them. The police shot back but no one was hit. An 18 year old is in custody and said to be a suspect. A manhunt was conducted to find the second man but it was unsuccessful. 

This makes me so incredibly mad because all of these young, stupid people think they know exactly what's going on. There is racism between blacks and whites, and there is racism between everyone and police officers representing their own color, blue. RIP the officers who were shot in NY.

Cameron Neal's curator insight, March 11, 2015 12:55 PM

This article is a reminder of how dangerous a career in Law Enforcement can be, in Law Enforcement anybody can try to kill or hurt you. You have to be aware of your surroundings 24/7 even when you are off duty. The mindset that police officers have is that serving their community is more important than their own personal safety.

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N.J. man chokes, then drives over girlfriend 3 times: police

N.J. man chokes, then drives over girlfriend 3 times: police | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
James Crudup, 44, is wanted for attempted murder, police said.
A New Jersey man is on the run after choking his girlfriend and running her over with his car repeatedly at a gas station Sunday, police said.

James Crudup, 44, of Toms River, is wanted for attempted murder.

Crudup and his girlfriend began arguing as they pulled into a Hess station on Route 37 after midnight, Toms River police said.

After getting out of his sports utility vehicle, Crudup threw his 35-year-old girlfriend to the ground and choked her, police said.

She ran toward the gas pumps as Crudup got back into his car, authorities said. He reversed his car and headed toward her.

A gas attendant tried to push her out of the way, but the girlfriend got trapped between the bumper and a pump.

Crudup pulled away as the woman fell to the ground, police said. He drove back and ran over the woman's legs, authorities said.
littlebytesnews's insight:

He's still on the run...

Crudup then fled westbound on Route 37 in his brown 2000 Dodge Durango, according to authorities.Police ask anyone with information on 5-foot-10 Crudup to call 911. He is also wanted on motor vehicle violations, police said. His bail has been set at $500,000.

No comment yet.
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Florida deputies shot at three times in ambush attempt

Florida deputies shot at three times in ambush attempt | Littlebytesnews Current Events |


Sniper shoots at Florida deputies three times after ambushing them in their squad car ...after 'shoot cop' graffiti appears
The shooting took place at approximately 3:30am in a Dade City, Florida, church parking lot, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said
The deputies were shot at while they were keeping an eye on traffic in two different patrol cars
Both deputies survived the shooting unharmed
The shooting comes after deputies asked the public for help in connection with a graffiti message that spelled 'Shoot MP Cop'


Authorities have asked the public for help after two deputies in Dade City, Florida, were reportedly shot at three times on Sunday.

The shooting took place at approximately 3:30am in the Northside Baptist Church parking lot, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said in a release.

The news comes one week after NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were shot and killed in broad daylight. Police officer Charlie Kondek was also shot and killed in Tarpon Springs, Florida, last Sunday.

The Dade City shooting also comes after the Pasco County Sheriff's Office asked for help from the public on Friday in connection with a graffiti message that spelled 'Shoot MP Cop.'

Shooting: The shooting took place at approximately 3:30am in the Northside Baptist Church parking lot, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office 

Each Pasco County deputy was keeping an eye on traffic in a nearby intersection, the sheriff's office said. They were in two different patrol cars at the time.

The deputies were shot at three times, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office. Both deputies survived the shooting unharmed.

The release said that 'Both deputies reported hearing the whizzing sound of each projectile as they flew by.

'Deputies did not see the suspect or the vehicle from which the shots were fired.

'Area residents also heard the three gunshots and reported seeing a small, dark-colored vehicle with tinted windows in the area at the time of the shooting.'

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office says $3,000 is being offered for tips. 

It also says that information can be submitted several ways: by dialing 1-800-873-TIPS, going to, and also by texting 274637 'CSTB and your tip.'

littlebytesnews's insight:

 Thankfully the police were unharmed, hopefully they catch whoever attempted to assassinate them.



Also ambush attempts in NC ;

&one in CA  ;


Thankfully no officers were injured, suspects still being sought.

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Teens erupt in fights at malls across America

Teens erupt in fights at malls across America | Littlebytesnews Current Events |

Fights erupted at a mall in Pennsylvania, Scaramento, and Missouri
 Monroeville, Pennsylvania Police Chief K. Douglas Cole says at least two people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries
The Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento closed more than an hour early because of repeated fights at the food court among a group of over 20 people
Police barricaded a mall in Missouri after fights started  

Authorities say several fights broke out among hundreds of teens who packed a western Pennsylvania shopping center, forcing it to close early and it seems to be a trend cutting across malls in America. 

Several altercations erupted on Friday evening at the Monroeville Mall.

Monroeville Police Chief K. Douglas Cole says at least two people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, reported Action 4 News.

Madness: Cell phone footage shows scores of teens fighting with one another at the Pennsylvania mall 

Cole says large groups of teens began showing up around 5 p.m., with the crowds swelling to as many as 1,000, according to mall security officers. 

Cole says he doesn't believe it was an organized event or protest and that it's unclear as to why the teens were congregating at the mall or fighting with one another. 

Monroeville Police Chief Doug Cole said, 'It appeared to be no set type of protest it was just that there were many juveniles.' 

littlebytesnews's insight:

Police don't think it was organized?? Hmmm, seems organized to me when it happened around the same time across the country in different malls. 

No comment yet.
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Texas cop, girlfriend beaten, robbed following crash: police

Texas cop, girlfriend beaten, robbed following crash: police | Littlebytesnews Current Events |

An off-duty Texas cop and his girlfriend were ambushed, beaten and robbed after a Christmas night car crash, authorities said.

The 29-year-old Galena Park officer was driving home about 11 p.m. on Thursday from a holiday party when he smacked into a black Infiniti sedan crossing the roadway, according to media reports.

The officer claims he followed the car to a nearby apartment complex where a red Humvee pulled up to meet them, KHOU 11 reported.

Four Hispanic men hopped out of the SUV and allegedly clobbered the cop and his girlfriend, police said. The assailants snatched the officer’s wallet, cell phone and a pistol that slipped out of his waistband during the struggle, the station reported.

littlebytesnews's insight:

I wonder if it was a planned ambush?? Thankfully they weren't critically injured and the weapon was recovered. Hopefully they catch the men responsible for the assault. I wonder if they were illegal immigrants and likely escaped back into Mexico?

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Several reports of violence in US malls tonight...were they planned??

Several reports of violence in US malls tonight...were they planned?? | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
UPDATE: Arden Fair mall is closing two hours early as the result of a disturbance at the mall.
“Seperate skirmishes” involving teens occurred in the mall on Friday evening, prompting the need for the shutdown, mall security spokesman Steve Reed said.
He says the move is precautionary and is meant to prevent an incident similar to the one two years ago.
A group of juveniles went through the mall knocking over signs on this day in 2012. Some shoppers misinterpreted the sounds of the signs hitting the floor as gunshots, and portions of the mall were put under lockdown.
Traffic controls are in place to help mall shoppers have an easier time getting out.
The mall would typically close at 10 p.m. on Friday.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Seems like the mall violence was planned across the country tonight, there have been fights and other reports of violence in several US malls tonight:
Police respond to large group of teens fighting at Independence, Mo., shopping mall - @41ActionNew...

Large disturbance reportedly shuts down Navy Pier; Chicago police responding - @WGNNews

Police called to Memphis shopping mall for crowd control after large group of teens reportedly cau...

Multiple fights reported at Monroeville, Pa., mall, police say -

No comment yet.
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2014 Person of the Year:The American Police Officer | FrontPage Magazine

2014 Person of the Year:The American Police Officer | FrontPage Magazine | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
The police officer has come to embody America, abroad and at home, the nation that risks its lives to free peoples only to be despised for it, the nation that extends every benefit and privilege to its own criminals only to be shot and stabbed, raped and robbed for its endless generosity.

The American police officer was never supposed to be venturing into neighborhoods where no one speaks English and the locals see him as a member of an occupying army or patrolling in communities where gang members number in the thousands and could take down the entire local police force.

He was never supposed to be a social worker, a mediator, a medic and the commander of an invading army negotiating truces and treaties with the local tribes. And yet he is expected to be all these things and more. Every time he goes out he knows that he may face a choice between his life and his career.

If cops seem touchy, isolated or out of control it’s because they have been left hanging by a system that uses them to dam up the breakdown of a society without ever acknowledging that this is their job. Many urban police officers operate in environments where crime is not an aberration, but the norm. Like the American soldier, the police officer is better trained and more effective than ever before, but like the soldier he is also haunted by the sense that his work and his sacrifices are futile and unappreciated.

The police officer isn’t spending years in Iraq or Afghanistan; he’s spending decades in Chiraq. When his time ends, there will be no victory parades. Just the knowledge that he tried to make a difference and that unlike many brother officers, at least he made it to retirement.

Officer Daryl Pierson was shot and killed leaving behind a wife and two young children. Pierson had been an experienced officer. His killer, Thomas Johnson III, had been paroled after serving three years for an attempted armed robbery.

Officer Justin Winebrenner tried to get Kenan Ivery to leave a bar. Ivery drew a gun and shot and killed him. Officer Winebrenner was a second generation police officer. He left behind a 4-year-old daughter.

Officer Perry Renn responded to shots being fired and encountered Major Davis Jr. who was carrying a semi-automatic rifle. Davis Jr. had an extensive criminal record. He fired killing Officer Renn who had survived twenty-two years on the force.

Patrolman Jeffery Westerfield responded to a fight between Carl Le’Ellis Blount Jr. and his girlfriend. He never even got a chance to draw his gun or leave his squad car before Blount shot him in the head.

Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares was off duty when he saw a gold Lexus crash into a ditch. He approached the vehicle and was shot and killed. The two men inside, Quintylan Richard and Baylon Taylor, stole his truck and took off.

The police officers in all these cases were white. Their killers were black. But the police officers in many of these cases were trying to protect black people and black communities.

The killings all took place in a matter of months in 2014. And their numbers will only continue to grow.

While the wars abroad expand or contract, this is the war that will go on. Its soldiers will serve their tours of duty for decades on the streets of our own cities without having anywhere else to go home to. And when their time is up, they will never receive the thanks that they deserve because most of us will never understand the difference that they made.

When the left took over, it was the police officer who kept everything from going under in our major cities. It was not the politician or the planner, the sociologist or the social worker who kept the crime and chaos from sweeping everything away. It was the man in blue who did what had to be done.

Under Obama, when the criminal is king and the progressive planners are changing the country in ways unprecedented since the seventies, it’s still the lonely figure in the squad car that does his duty and holds the line in a thousand dark and dirty neighborhoods where gunshots and screams sound in the night. The American police officer has become the soldier of civilization fighting to keep it alive.

And somewhere a family wonders if their father or mother will come home tonight.
littlebytesnews's insight:

I'm sure the cop haters will hate this headline and article which honors the heroes who risk their lives each day protecting and serving, even those who hate them. 

No comment yet.
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Amnesty Order's Price Tag: $48 Million a Year and Climbing

Amnesty Order's Price Tag: $48 Million a Year and Climbing | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
The high cost of President Barack Obama's executive action in granting amnesty from deportation for as many as 5 million illegal aliens is beginning to be revealed — for openers, 1,000 new federal employees to process them, at $40 million in salaries per year, and a newly signed $7.8 million annual lease for office space in a new building in Crystal City, Virginia.

The Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is hiring people for jobs ranging in salary up to $157,000 a year, Fox News Latino reported.

The Washington Times noted that hiring for the new positions was posted just 10 days after Nov. 20, when Obama announced his unilateral executive action, indicating that plans for the hiring were well in place before the announcement.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, reacted with anger, stating the new office building and hiring are "a clear symbol of the president’s defiance of the American people, their laws and their Constitution," The Washington Post reported.

Sessions added that Obama is "hiring federal employees to carry out a directive that violates the laws Congress has passed in order to foist on the nation laws Congress has repeatedly refused to pass," the Post said.

However, because up to 95 percent of USCIS funding comes from fees immigrants pay, the Post noted that Congress likely will not be able to override the expenditures by cutting off funding when a Republican majority takes over in January.

In an internal email to employees, the USCIS stated it was "taking steps to open a new operational center in Crystal City, a neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia, to accommodate about 1,000 full-time, permanent federal and contract employees in a variety of positions and grade levels.

"The initial workload will include cases filed as a result of the executive actions on immigration announced on Nov. 20, 2014," the Times reported.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Obama's an enemy of the US. He is not securing our borders, not enforcing our laws and has lost respect of the people, law enforcement and the military.  

No comment yet.
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Mourners to gather at funeral to honor slain NYPD Officer Ramos

Mourners to gather at funeral to honor slain NYPD Officer Ramos | Littlebytesnews Current Events |

Heartbroken family of slain NYPD officer Rafael Ramos arrive at his wake as thousands cops are expected to attend
On Friday, crowds gathered in Glendale, Queens for a wake for one of the two officers killed on Saturday, 40-year-old father-of-two Rafael Ramos
Ramos was working with fellow officer Wenjian Liu in Brooklyn last weekend when they were shot execution-style by a gunman
After the wake, a memorial service will be held for Ramos at 7pm 
Vice President Joe Biden and city and state officials are expected to attend Ramos' funeral on Saturday.

Rafael Ramos' heartbroken family have gathered at a church in Queens to remember the New York police officer nearly a week after he was shot dead while on duty.

The 40-year-old police officer's wife, Maritza, and two teenage sons entered Christ Tabernacle Church in Glendale on Friday afternoon as thousands of cops lined the streets.

Crowds also gathered as Ramos' casket - draped in an NYPD flag - was carried into the church by officers. Some officers stood in a line and saluted, while others embraced each other for support.

The wake started at 2pm and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is expected to pay his respects at 4pm. On Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden and city and state officials will gather for his funeral.

'Today we weep with the Ramos family, the New York Police Department and the nation as we mourn the loss of our dear brother,' The Rev. Ralph Pastor Castillo outside the church. 'He was a gift to our church.' 

Ramos was shot dead execution-style alongside fellow police officer Wenjian Liu as they sat in their patrol car in Brooklyn on Saturday. The gunman then ran into the subway where he killed himself. 

Before the killings, shooter Ismaaiyl Brinsley, had posted online that he was going to put 'wings on pigs' to avenge the deaths of two black males - Michael Brown and Eric Garner - at the hands of white police officers.

Ramos had celebrated turning 40 a week before his death. He had been on the force for two years and was raising two boys, Justin and Jaden, with his wife Martiza, whom he married in 1993.

He was due to graduate from the police chaplaincy's program on Saturday afternoon - just hours after he was killed. 

littlebytesnews's insight:

Sad day in NYC as Officer Ramos is memorialized and laid to rest. In the meantime the self serving, cop hating communists, anarchists, atheists, and Islamists are still planning protests in defense of cop killing thugs and criminals.


Leftists plan to start up during Rafael Ramos funeral  ;

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Merry Christmas everyone! I had planned to post this sooner but life got too busy just before the day comes to an end I thought I'd take the time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope all your Christmas wishes came true and you have a safe and enjoyable weekend with friends and family nearby.

With all the negativity in the news against our law enforcement lately, I wanted to share this great video of the Lowell Police Dept in Lowell, Michigan.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Click the picture to go to the video and read the rest of the post!

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7 ‘Barbaric’ Men Abducted and Drugged Teen Girl, Forcing Her Into Sex Acts

7 ‘Barbaric’ Men Abducted and Drugged Teen Girl, Forcing Her Into Sex Acts | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
A group of Florida men have been arrested after abducting a teen girl, then feeding her drugs, and forcing her to commit disgusting acts.

According to NBCMiami, seven men were arrested and charged for abducting the 16-year-old girl on December 4, then feeding her a combination of drugs and forcing her into a week of sexual acts and prostitution, at times with more than one man at once, police said.

The State’s Attorney’s office and the Miami-Dade School Board Police said the girl was reported missing by her family after being last seen getting into a black Ford Taurus with three other people. It’s not known whether she knew the people in the car, but authorities said the grotesque sex acts began shortly after.

Local10 reports that the girl was given a combination of cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol, then forced to engage in sexual acts in various locations around Miami-Dade County with over 16 different men throughout the course of a week. Police said that on two occasions, she was forced into having sex with up to eight men at the same time.
littlebytesnews's insight:

More of Obama's sons.....

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Jihadist,anti cop black Muslim executes two NYPD cops thanks to Obama,Sharpton,Holder and DeBlasio

Jihadist,anti cop black Muslim executes two NYPD cops thanks to Obama,Sharpton,Holder and DeBlasio | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Two NY Cops Murdered While Sitting In Their Car By A.... Jihadist? Racebaiting Obama on golf course and can't be reached for comment!
Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley Killed His Girlfriend In Baltimore, Before Killing 2 Cops In NYC…/Two-New-York-police-officers-s…;

The Man Who Just Murdered Two Police Officers In Brooklyn Is A Muslim Jihadist…/man-just-murdered-two-police-officers…/ 
I hope Obama, Holder, Sharpton and De Blasio are now happy! After all of this continuous racebaiting and publicly labeling some cops as racist and taking the side of criminals, these 4 miscreants of race... now have more blood on their hands! Just like Fast and Furious and Benghazi, You own every bit of this! Now you can explain to the families of these two cops why you've spent the last few months dividing this country even more on the grounds of race and pouring gas on an already huge fire that you've let burn out of control.
Gee, will these 4 Marx Brothers lead protests on behalf of the dead cops? Will the Vacation In Chief have the families of the dead cops to the White Kremlin for a summit of support? Will the corrupt and racebaiting Holder give interviews about how he's caused this to happen with all of support for criminals and his endless attacks on police departments? I guarantee they won't!
Congratulations to Barack Hussein Obama, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Bill De Blasio, and most of all the media that put and keeps them in positions of power. Hats off to every glassy-eyed liberal foot soldier who has dutifully chanted, “Hands up don’t shoot,” “I can’t breathe,” or “What do we want? Dead Cops!” Their agitating has produced the results they were after
Please pray for these cops and their families.
After Killing Of NYPD Officers, Thousands Angrily Say De Blasio, Sharpton And Obama Are Responsible…/Bill-Blasio-charged-murder-Hun…; 
De Blasio To Police: “We’re All In This Together”. Police Response? “No, We’re Not”, Turn Their Back On Him...…/2-nypd-cops-shot-execution-style-in-br…/ 
NYPD PBA President Says: De Blasio “Thinks He’s Running A F**king Revolution”…/de-blasio-thinks-hes-running-a-f-king-…/ 
Al Sharpton On NYPD Killings: I Never Encouraged Violence.. Too late, you own it!…/al-sharpton-releases-stateme…;

Last Week, Al Sharpton NYC Millions March Chanted: “Shoot Back! What Do We Want? Dead Cops! When Do We Want It? Now!”
Cop Killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley Sold Shirts Encouraging Killing George Zimmerman..…;

Assassin Who Killed Two NYPD Officers Identified As 28 Yr Old Black Male Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, Threatened To Kill Cops In “Revenge” For Garner, Brown…Thought To Be Part Of ‘Black Guerilla Family’…/ismail-brinsley-nypd-brooklyn-bed-stuy…/…;


littlebytesnews's insight:

Disgusting! Pisses me off how divided our country has become since Obama was elected.....God help us!!





ISIS Manifesto in September which calls for Muslims in the US and abroad to kill Americans.

//cop killer a jihadist?

another video of Ferguson Muslim activist telling police that neither them nor their children will ever be safe


Ferguson native,a Palestinian who is openly a pro-Hamas Muslim,Bassem Masri....threatening police officers @NYPDnews

Muslims, including CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) have been involved since the beginning ;


Muslim activists and organizers are using the #blacklivesmatterrioters as a means to launch jihad in America.

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Update:Happy New Year Everyone!

Update:Happy New Year Everyone! | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Happy New Year 2015!

May you have a healthy and prosperous new year! I don't know what the new year has in store, but as you may have noticed I have taken some time away from blogging and am going to reduce my time on social media this year. I hope to find a new path in life this year, perhaps a job outside the home. I don't know for sure yet, but hopefully I can find a better balance between home,family and my life online. Have a great year and stay in touch! 
littlebytesnews's insight:

Thanks for your support throughout the years and for all the follows and reshares of my posts here, on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. I'll check in from time to time, at least a few times a week rather than everyday on Twitter  @littlebytesnews or elsewhere.  Take care!

littlebytesnews's curator insight, January 1, 2015 5:36 PM

Thanks for your support throughout the years and for all the follows and reshares of my posts here, on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. I'll check in from time to time, at least a few times a week rather than everyday on Twitter  @littlebytesnews or elsewhere.  Take care!

littlebytesnews's curator insight, January 1, 2015 5:37 PM

Thanks for your support throughout the years and for all the follows and reshares of my posts here, on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. I'll check in from time to time, at least a few times a week rather than everyday on Twitter  @littlebytesnews or elsewhere.  Take care!

littlebytesnews's curator insight, January 1, 2015 5:38 PM

Thanks for your support throughout the years and for all the follows and reshares of my posts here, on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. I'll check in from time to time, at least a few times a week rather than everyday on Twitter  @littlebytesnews or elsewhere.  Take care!

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UK:Glasgow Healthcare Worker Diagnosed With Ebola

UK:Glasgow Healthcare Worker Diagnosed With Ebola | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
A female healthcare worker who returned to Glasgow from Sierra Leone last night has been confirmed as having Ebola.

They returned to Scotland via Casablanca and London Heathrow, arriving into Glasgow Airport on a British Airways flight at around 11.30pm.

The patient was admitted to hospital early this morning after feeling unwell and was placed into isolation at 7.50am.

The individual has been isolated and is receiving treatment in the specialist Brownlee Unit for Infectious Diseases on the Gartnavel Hospital campus, but will be taken to the Royal Free Hospital in London imminently.

Anyone who is at risk through contact with the patient is to be contacted and closely monitored.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Anyone who was on the Heathrow to Glasgow flight last night is asked to call 08000 858531

Just when you thought the media buried the ebola stories....

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Is 1933 Happening All Over Again?Based on a true story in Hungary…

Is 1933 Happening All Over Again?Based on a true story in Hungary… | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Is 1933 Happening All Over Again?
Based on a true story in Hungary. This is the lesson of the Jewish People. A nation that doesn’t learn from it’s past, has no future. But it should be something for all nations to learn from. What led this to happen and how can we prevent it from happening in the future?
We must learn about what happened and educate others. The more that is known, the more we ensure a better world for ourselves and our children.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Must watch video,click the image to the video....heartbreaking to think we are on the verge of another genocide...against Jews, Christians and others who do not submit to Islam...

Horrific to think this kind of evil and hate is occurring again today in the name of Islam,yet people are too blind to see it and afraid to admit Islam is not a religion of peace.

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#Breaking:Contact Lost With AirAsia Flight To Singapore Flt #QZ8501

#Breaking:Contact Lost With AirAsia Flight To Singapore Flt #QZ8501 | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
An AirAsia flight from Indonesia to Singapore has lost contact with air traffic controllers, according to local media.
Transport Ministry official Hadi Mustofa said the aircraft, flight number QZ 8501, lost contact with the Jakarta air traffic control tower at 6.17am local time.
He said the plane had asked for an unusual route before it lost contact.
An Indonesian transport official confirmed the plane was an Airbus 320-200 and that seven crew and 155 passengers were on board. 
Ttransport ministry spokesman JA Barata said the plane
A statement on AirAsia's Facebook page said: "AirAsia Indonesia regrets to confirm that flight QZ8501 from Surabaya to Singapore has lost contact with air traffic control at 0724hrs this morning.
"At the present time we unfortunately have no further information regarding the status of the passengers and crew members on board, but we will keep all parties informed as more information becomes available.
"The aircraft was an Airbus A320-200 with the registration number PK-AXC. At this time, search and rescue operations are in progress and AirAsia is cooperating fully and assisting the rescue service."
The airline has set up an emergency call centre for family or friends of those who may have been on board the aircraft. The number is: +622129850801.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Uh oh, hope it doesn't turn into another Malaysia Air missing plane incident or a terror/suicide mission??




#breaking #news Editor's note: Unconfirmed reports of AirAsia flight 8501 from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore mi... ;


#breaking #news AirAsia flight from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore missing with 162 on board, airline confirms -... ;



An AirAsia flight from Indonesia to Singapore with between 155 and 162 people on board has gone missing on Sunday morning, officials at the airline said.

Air Asia confirmed the news through their official Twitter account, which also included a link to a statement on theirFacebook page.

AirAsia Indonesia regrets to confirm that QZ8501 from Surabaya to Singapore has lost contact at 07:24hrs this morning

— AirAsia (@AirAsia) December 28, 2014

The plane was carrying six crew and 155 passengers -- 138 adults, 16 children and a baby, Transport Ministry spokesman J.A. Barata told Agence France-Presse.


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Weekly Jihad Report December 13 To December 19....more peace from the religion of pieces

Weekly Jihad Report December 13 To December 19....more peace from the religion of pieces | Littlebytesnews Current Events |

via Steve Russo‎ 
Weekly Jihad Report December 13 To December 19

Festive Season's Greetings to my fellow Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, Sikhs, Infidels, Kuffars, Dhimmis, Apostasies, Pagans, Traitors, Atheists, Heathens and Free people everywhere and anyone else who doesn't buy into the whole farce that the so called, self proclaimed perfect man was actually a prophet by any means, especially considering the fact that this so called perfect man did a lot of stealing, robbing, raping and lying and said it was ok, because his version of God said it was ok to do so! And so they don't feel left out... A warm and cuddly, non-Christmas As-Salam Alaykum to the those who actually buy into the perfect man's nonsense!

Alrighty infidels, let's get the Holiday party started, With the Top Six Islamic Headlines / Pictures of the Week....

1. Islamic State: “Merry Christmas, you infidels!”....
Merry Christmas from The Religion of Peace, well sort of. This image is Season's Greeting comes to you courtesy of the people who perform actual beheadings (as if they couldn't get any creepier). Celebrating Christmas is viewed as heresy or even blasphemy in Islam, which is punishable by death under Sharia law by some Islamists. Muslims believe that Christianity contradicts the singularity of God by believing that Jesus was the Son of God, instead of limiting him to an admirable prophet.”…/ 

2. France Hit by Third Islamic Terrorism Attack in Three Days...
Dozens of people were injured Monday, five seriously, when the Muslim driver of a van ploughed into a Christmas market in the western French city of Nantes before stabbing himself. The source said the driver then stabbed himself “at least nine times”, causing himself serious injuries. Some witnesses stated that they heard him shouting Islamic battle cry – “Allahu Akbar.“…/55306-141222-france-man-plows-into-…; 

3. Denmark: Gang Of Somali Muslim Savages Brutalize Danish Couple With Bottles and Iron Chain....
The couple from Vesterbro in Copenhagen was on their way home from Christmas Eve. The couple was walking along around Enghaveplads (Copenhagen area known for roaming packs of Muslims) when a young guy came cycling. He was only 16-17 years, but seemed very confrontational.‘What do you want? Do you have a problem‘, he asked us several times and got off his bike, Nanna says. Nanna describes how the youth hits Mads (her boyfriend) in the head with a glass bottle. Suddenly more youths come up from a basement. They are armed with iron chains, the kind that is uses for locking scooters and motorcycles. They attack Mads. He defends himself, while punches and kicks rain down on him, and soon he falls to the ground. She was knocked to the ground also and had her face beaten with the iron chains. Thereafter, the youths ran away. … Nanna was hit directly in the face with chains and among other things she has lost a tooth and received a split lip. … Nanna describes the perpetrators as Somali Muslims.…/ 

4. Excellent!!! Kurdish Peshmerga Forces Backed by A-10 Killed 120 Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists In Just 6 Hours. Job well done!

5. Two New Videos Showing The Latest Nigerian Massacres by Boko Haram Islamo Nazis...
Boko Haram’s 2014 jihad Official Numbers: 9,000 killed, 1.5 million displaced!
A new video from Nigeria’s Boko Haram terrorists shows gunmen mowing down civilians lying face down in a dorm, and a leader saying they are being killed because they are ‘infidels’ or non-believers. There are so many corpses the gunmen have difficulty stepping to reach bodies still twitching with life.

And here, Boko Haram is shown shooting people in the head and throwing them off a bridge...

6. An 11-year-old Israeli Girl Seriously Burned Over 50% of Her Body after Firebomb Attack on Car by Muslims..
A young Israeli girl (Ayala Shapira), and her father were wounded (she with 3rd degree burns, he with minor burns) Thursday after the car in which they were traveling in Judea-Samaria was hit by a firebomb from Muslim savages, only a month after her mother escaped a similar attack in the same area.…/11-year-old-israeli-girl-bur…/ 

Well now, no surprises there! Just another typical week in the world of Islam. Funny how there isn't stories like these coming from Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus or Sikhs, but at any given hour on any single day, there's tons of these coming from the followers of Muhammad! Yet, the left continues to tell everyone that "We" ...must Coexist with these savages or "We're" ...Intolerant! Confused? Join the club!

Alright then, let's move on to the Kill Report for this past week, as Non Believers try pointlessly to exist or survive with the Believers and their stuck in their backwards convert em' or kill em' all mentality!

Weekly Jihad Kill Report For The Week Of December 13 To December 19

Jihad Attacks:54

Allahu Akbars (Suicide Attacks):6

Dead Bodies:857

Critically Injured:466

UnHoly Hadith and Suffering Sira!!! Coming in with a bullet.. and a sword....and a bomb... Muhammad's children win yet again! Because, No one eliminates non-believers from the face of the infidel planet like the followers of the "Religion of Peace!" Sorry for pointing out the obvious. Well.... not really, it's just common sense for which I apologize not!

Ok, let's check out the Islamic headlines from around the globe over the past week, shall we?

~ Examples Of Islamic Tolerance......

50 Elderly Nigerians Rounded Up and Shot Dead...

ISIS Executed 100 Foreign Members Who Wanted Out...…/281773-isis-has-executed-100-… ;

230 Victims Found in ISIS Mass Grave...… ;

ISIS Releases Pictures of Public Hand Amputations...…/ISIS-release-shocking-photos-m… ;

Britain Stops 5 Religion of Peace Terror Plots in 4 Months...…/Britain-just-days-murderous-te… ;

ISIS 'Enthusiastic About Killing Hundreds of Millions' ...…/terrifying-reality-isis-mission-e… ;

ISIS Promises Ethnic Cleansing in Europe...…/isis-conquer-europe-iraq-mosul-turk… ;

Taliban Send 13-Year-Old Suicide Bomber to Kabul...… ;

Pope Says Islam is Religion of Peace - Then Begs Muslim Leaders to Condemn Violence...…/pope-francis-muslim-chr…/20816259/ 

Automatic Weapons Fired at Paris Synagogue...

Turkey's Mullah President: Erdogan Has 16-Year-Old Student Arrested for Insulting Him...…/turkey-student-arrested-for-insulting… ;

Man Sentenced to Death for Writing Web Article...…/Muslim-sentenced-to-death-in… ;

France: Muslim destroys Christmas decorations, screams “Allahu akbar”…/france-muslim-destroys-christma… ;

Religion of Peace Mullah Behind School Slaughter Won Over Female Fans with His Sermons...…/the-rise-of-maulana-fazlull…/ 

Two Religion of Peace Clerics Incited Torture-Murder of Christian Couple...…/pakistan-supreme-court-orde…/ 

Another Religion of Peace Cleric Charged with Terrorism... Shocker... NOT!…/articles…/45643371.cms 

Religion of Peace Cleric: Fighting Taliban is Against Islam...…/pakistan-muslim-cleric-says-fig… ;

Muslim 'Men of Virtue' Patrol Moroccan Streets with Knives...…/moroccan-police-arrests-…/ 

Islamists Warn "Moderate" Indonesian Pres. from 'Merry Christmas'...…/indonesia-muslim-group-warns-pr…; 

Muslim Gang Assaults Swedish Police Station...…/ 

French Cops Track and Stop Muslim Suspect 'Armed to the Teeth'...…/gunman-held-in-cannes-as-troops-deplo…; 

al-Qaeda Posts Instructions on Making Airline Bombs... (wait, Obama said al-Qaeda was decimated)…/al-qaeda-urges-lon…/2014/12/25/ 

Largest "Moderate" Muslim Org in Indonesia Wants Death for Drugs Dealers...…; 

ISIS Uses Quran References To Lay Down Rules for Remaining Christians...…/How-live-Christian-Raqqa-ISIS-…; 

~ Examples Of Islamic Treatment Towards Women, Children, Gays and Animals........

150 Women Executed for Refusing to Act as Sex Slaves.. Some were pregnant...…; 

Jihadis Blow Up Busload of Schoolgirls...…/yemen-jihadists-blow-up-b…; 

Coptic Christian Couple Murdered - Daughter Kidnapped...…/282083-egyptian-christians-ki…; 

Jordanian Woman's Throat Slit for Going Out with Fiance..…/3-brothers-kill-sister-for-goi…; 

Single Terrorist Executed 150 Women...…/Single-Islamic-State-militant-…; 

Israel Rescues 350 Jewish Girls from Arab Predators...

Nephew Douses Mother of Two with Acid over 'Loose Morals'...…/honour-crime-boy-attacks-aunt-with…/ 

British Woman Raped for Hours By Muslim: 'You White Girls are Good at It'...…/Asian-father-four-raped-pub-wo…; 

Christian Teens Gang-Raped...…/pakistani-christian-family-…/ 

Converts to Islam Buying Sex Slaves as Young as 12...…/dragged-by-hair-and-sold-for-20…; 

Islamic State Lures Recruits with Sex Slaves...…/is-uses-sex-lure-to-r…/2566277.html 

Yazidi Sex Slaves Help Each Other Escape by Suicide...…/isis-sex-slaves-captured-iraqi-48…; 

Escaped Yazidi Girl Tells of Rape, Forced Conversion...…/yazidi-sex-slave-escapes-isi…; 

UK 'Powerless' to Stop Rape of Child 'Brides'...…/home-office-powerless-legal-looph…; 

Saudi Grand Mufti Lifts Ban on Child 'Marriage'...…/saudi-arabia-grand-mufti-says-no-oppo…; 

Quran Teacher Molests 13-Year-Old Girl...…/P…/articleshow/45539593.cms 

Female Drivers Treated as 'Terrorists'... (Actual terrorist are considered heroes)…/282215-saudi-women-drivers-sent-t…; 

Muslim Cab Driver Leaves Blind Woman Left in Pouring Rain over Guide Dog...…/Taxi-driver-fined-1-000-refusi…; 

Video Catches Dog Cruelly Tortured in Saudi Arabia...…/driver-tortures-dog-by-draggin…; 

ISIS Recruits Whole Families from Europe...…/dbffceec-8917-11e4-8ff4-fb9…; 

ISIS Are the Most Prolific Slaver of the Century...…/isis-most-prolific-slaver-this-…/ 

Religion of Peace Cleric Says: Husbands Must Know Wives' Facebook Passwords...…/video-palestinian-cl…/ 

ISIS Hunts for Teen Brides in London...…; 

~ And.... Examples of Weird, Bizarre, Odd and Peculiar Islamic Activities That Defy Logic...

al-Qaeda Pushes Jihadist To Use Rectal Bombs... (Just in time for the holidays)…/al-qaeda-claims-perfected-hidden-b…/ 

Wedding Reveler Shoots Himself in the Buttocks...…/Rifle-butt-Saudi-dancers-routi…; 

Sharia Cops Crack Down on Christmas Decor in Brunei...

Saudis Beef Up Security to Keep Women Out of Soccer Games...…/security-intensified-to-keep-women-ou…; 

Great News: 'Hey Blacks, ISIS Will Save You'...…/isis-tries-to-influence-cri…/20786973/ 

Immigrant Muslim to Austria Cuts Down Infidel's ' Eyesore Jesus' Statue...…/muslim-cuts-down-eyesore-jesus-cro…; 

ISIS Not Radical Enough for Some... Wow! Really?

Arab Professor: Jews Invented Atheism to Destroy World... Wait... What?…/jews-promote-atheism-t…; 

Iranian School Forced 'Bad' Kids to Eat Feces...…; 

Alright, alright! That's enough Islamic nonsense for one week! It's Christmas for Pete's sake, how much does one need of Islamic torture? And believe me, when it comes to torture, no one does it better than Islam! So, time to say goodbye for this week infidels, but I can assure you, that cometh next week, there shall be a lot more craziness, killings, beheadings and all kinds of mischief from Allah's children! So, until we meet again, keep your infidel heads attached to your bodies non believers and .... Wa alaikum assalam to those of you followers of the Moon God, creeping around and lurking behind bushes, trees and rocks, We've got lots of eyes on you!

littlebytesnews's insight:

Thanks to Steve Russo for putting this report together each week. He always does a great job rounding up some of the greatest atrocities done in the name of Islam. Such a disgusting death cult, may they all be eradicated from this world someday soon.

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As Americans are given pink slips....Pentagon to resume recruiting immigrants

As Americans are given pink slips....Pentagon to resume recruiting immigrants | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
After a months-long hiatus, a special immigration program designed to attract recruits with certain skills will be up and running once more in the next several weeks.
Attorney Margaret Stock, an immigration lawyer and retired Army lieutenant colonel, said on Monday that the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest, or MAVNI, program could resume before the end of the year, but certainly in January.
There has not yet been an announcement from the Defense Department.
"I heard about it from some folks at the Pentagon. There's no public USAREC [U.S. Army Recruiting Command] message yet," Stock said.
The program stalled in late September after President Obama's executive order on immigration opened up MAVNI to undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. According to Stock, the Defense Department is now on track to resume processing applications under MAVNI.
"DoD has set the overall fiscal year quota for MAVNI at 1,500, and the Army has been allocated 1,300 slots for now," Stock wrote on the blog for Alaska-based law firm, Cascadia Cross Border Law Group. She does not know if the other services will utilize the program, noting that in 2013 the Air Force recruited only two people under MAVNI, both enlisted and brought in for their language skills.
The Navy recruited one doctor under the program in 2009, when it began.
littlebytesnews's insight:

This is BS!!

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NK response to US screening "The Interview''-compares Obama to a monkey

U.S. President Obama is the chief culprit who forced the Sony Pictures Entertainment to "indiscriminately distribute" the movie and took the lead in appeasing and blackmailing cinema houses and theatres in the U.S. mainland to distribute the movie.
Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest. When the Sony Pictures Entertainment made public a statement that it would give up the distribution of the movie, frightened by the merciless retaliatory strike, Obama urged it to unconditionally screen the movie, claiming that the disgrace suffered by Sony Pictures Entertainment means sorrow of the U.S., why did it issue such a statement as holding a white flag without informing the president of it?, it is the violation of the freedom of expression and a threat to the security of the U.S. and it is necessary to make symmetric counteraction, considering the hacking attack was made by "north Korea", though it is not clear who was behind it, the statement said, and went on:
Dancing to the tune of Obama's outbursts, Kerry, McCain, Bolton and other wicked conservative politicians zealously prodded the Sony Pictures Entertainment into distributing the movie, blustering who else but "north Korea" caused property losses worth hundreds of millions of dollars to it.
If the U.S. is to persistently insist that the hacking attack was made by the DPRK, the U.S. should produce evidence without fail, though belatedly.
If the U.S. cannot open to public evidence due to "protection of sensitive information source" as expressed by the FBI, the U.S. may conduct a joint investigation with the DPRK in camera.
However, the U.S. is behaving recklessly, trumpeting about "symmetric counteraction", "combination of invisible sanctions and visible sanctions" and "re-designation of sponsor of terrorism" while linking the hacking attack with the DPRK without clear evidence and sure ground.
In actuality, the U.S., a big country, started disturbing the internet operation of major media of the DPRK, not knowing shame like children playing a tag.
We had already warned the U.S. not act like beating air after being hit hard by others.
Of course, we do not expect the gangsters to pay heed to our warnings.
When the public is becoming increasingly vocal about the hacking attack on the DPRK media this time, the U.S. feigned ignorance, saying that they should ask "north Korea" and the U.S. neither admits nor denies.
The prevailing situation clearly shows that the U.S. is adding to its crimes by screening the movie "The Interview."
With no rhetoric can the U.S. justify the screening and distribution of the movie.
This is because "The Interview" is an illegal, dishonest and reactionary movie quite contrary to the UN Charter, which regards respect for sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs and protection of human rights as a legal keynote, and international laws.
It is also because it is a new politically-motivated provocation made by the U.S., pursuant to its hostile policy toward the DPRK as it is a movie for agitating terrorism produced with high-ranking politicians of the U.S. administration involved.
This is the reason why the world is branding "The Interview" as a typical product of the U.S. anachronistic act of challenging not only the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK but also human justice and conscience and encroaching upon peace and security.
The anti-U.S. sacred war at present precisely means protecting justice and peace.
If the U.S. persists in American-style arrogant, high-handed and gangster-like arbitrary practices despite the repeated warnings of the DPRK, the U.S. should bear in mind that its failed political affairs will face inescapable deadly blows

littlebytesnews's insight:

LOL they are delusional but the line I thought was funny, which many will probably consider racist, is the one where they compare Obama to a reckless monkey in a tropical forest. But this isn't new for NK, as I believe they have compared Obama to a monkey previously. 

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Intimidated Cops Let a Butcher Knife Wielding Bad Guy Chase Them Around

Intimidated Cops Let a Butcher Knife Wielding Bad Guy Chase Them Around | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
After bringing a knife to a gun fight, Alfonso Martinez of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is alive today only because the cops, afraid for their own lives, were more afraid that shooting him would cause civil unrest.

It all started December 1st when neighbors asked Milwaukee, Wisconsin police to check to see if their neighbors were OK. According to the Journal Sentinel, things went from zero-to-crazy the moment officers met the butcher knife-wielding man, who began chasing and threatening to kill them:

Martinez began chasing the officers around parked vehicles as they yelled at him to drop the knife, and one of the officers even indicated that she was “beginning to wear out from the running,” before Martinez finally dropped the knife and was arrested.
The responding officers say politics made them pause. As the Journal Sentinel reported:

Both officers indicated that they were thinking about the recent incidents locally and nationally at the time of this incident.
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Not good, political correctness and intimidation will get cops killed and endanger innocent civilians. Next time it could be an unarmed victim being threatened with a knife or gun wielding suspect and the cops will be too afraid to respond?

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Officer Kyle Strunk's Letter to the Editor in response to anti-cop rallies

Officer Kyle Strunk's Letter to the Editor in response to anti-cop rallies | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
In recent weeks, police officers have been nationally ridiculed. We have been called racists, pigs and murderers. Recently there have been national protests calling for "dead cops."

Wow ... it's time for a cop to respond.

For nearly 10 years, I have seen cops be heroes, mentors and lifesavers. I have seen them put the lives of citizens before their own every single day. I have seen them sacrifice time with their families to work overtime to help ensure the safety of citizens. I have seen them cry tears for complete strangers.

And we all have seen cops protecting the very protesters who call them pigs and killers and call for dead cops. Think about that for a second. Again, wow.

I'm sorry that some people can't see police officers as human beings who willingly risk it all for strangers every single day. People like that are few and far between.

I have never been more proud to call myself a police officer because I know what we are really all about. When people ask why anyone would want to become a cop, my answer is when you wear this uniform, you get a front row seat to see what amazing people most cops are and it's then that you realize they truly are the finest.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the NYPD. I honor you, brothers and sisters.

Cincinnati Police Officer Kyle Strunk
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Cop Group Flies "de Blasio, Our Backs Have Turned to You" Ad

Cop Group Flies "de Blasio, Our Backs Have Turned to You" Ad | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
A group of retired and current NYPD officers say they flew a banner along the Hudson River Friday that said "de Blasio, our backs have turned to you" in protest of the mayor's policies toward the department.
The small banner, which traveled up and down the Hudson River Friday morning, was paid for by officers upset over what they called "the mayor’s incendiary rhetoric, and for facilitating the current hostile climate towards the NYPD."
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He has lost all respect and trust of law enforcement. If DeBlasio had any decency he'd step down, but like Obama who has lost all respect by our military at 15% approval, he won't step down. Democrats put them before country and others. 

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FL Police Officer of Six Children Brutally Murdered in – Ex-Con Arrested (Video)

FL Police Officer of Six Children Brutally Murdered in – Ex-Con Arrested (Video) | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
The Tampa Tribune reported, via American Survival Guide:

A Tarpon Springs police officer with a wife and six children was shot and killed early Sunday while responding to a nuisance noise call, police said.

Officer Charles “Charlie” Kondek, 45, was shot around 2 a.m. near Glen’s Eureka Apartments by Marco Antonio Parilla Jr., 23, who was released from prison in March, said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri.

Parilla, who was wanted for a probation violation, had been knocking on doors in the apartment complex at 199 Grand Blvd., looking for a person who he believed got him into recent trouble with law enforcement, Gualtieri said.

A woman who Parilla arrived with in a Hyundai Elantra stayed in the car with the stereo turned up. When a resident asked her to turn down the volume, she refused and the resident called police.

When Kondek arrived, he approached the Hyundai. When Parilla saw Kondek he started firing at him with a 40-caliber handgun, Gualtieri said.

Kondek was able to return two shots, investigators said. As Parilla drove away from the scene, he backed over Kondek, investigators said.

Gualtieri said Kondek, a former New York City police officer, was killed by a gunshot that struck his neck area, just above his protective vest. Tarpon Springs police and fire rescue tried to resuscitate Kondek but he died later at Florida Hospital North Pinellas.
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So sad, what's worse is people will likely celebrate his death like they are celebrating the murders of two police officers in NYC.


He had a history of arrests and was in violation of his probation and claims he shot the cop because he felt like a 'caged rat'. Well now he will be a caged rat hopefully for the rest of his life for what he did to this officer and his family. 

Dorothy Retha Cook's curator insight, May 15, 2015 6:48 PM


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NYPD cops were warned of threats by the BGF days before

NYPD cops were warned of threats by the BGF days before | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
"The two officers were pronounced dead at Woodhull Hospital, where their colleagues and family members huddled tearfully.
City Council President Melissa Mark-Viverito and Mayor Bill de Blasio were less than welcome guests at the poignant gathering.
“We’re all in this together,” the mayor told grieving cops, according to a cop who was there.

“No we're not,” one officer said tersely in response." -Taken from today's New York Post

I cannot appropriately express either the grief for the families, the rage I have towards the killer, or the deep disappointment I harbor  for the New York City Mayor and the self-absorbed frauds he surrounds himself with, with words powerful enough to soothe my emotions. The attached picture was sent to me by a former NYPD colleague of mine a little while ago. It is a warning sent out weeks ago to the officers of the NYPD about a credible threat to their lives.

As a child who grew up just miles down the same Myrtle Avenue Street where these two NYPD brothers in law enforcement were brutally assassinated on, just five days before Christmas, I understand the concerns of the citizens who live there. The death of any human being, whether at the hands of another citizen, or at the hands of law enforcement, is the death of a unique and invaluable collection of experiences we call a life. But, instead of a rational, dignified conversation about the very serious issues surrounding policing in modern America, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio chose to be a hustler. He chose to be a grotesque caricature of a leader, instead of a genuine leader and, in the process, he ratcheted up emotions by making specious correlations, he had no evidence to support, about the motives of the members of his own police department.

I spent most of my adult life in law enforcement. I spent most of my childhood on those New York City streets. Did I run into bad cops? Of course. Were bad cops the rule? Ridiculous. The cops I worked with had kids to feed, mortgages to pay, garbage cans to take out at night, homework to check, and a job where the possibility of never returning home was a black cloud that followed them overhead wherever they went. Just imagine for a moment walking into your office on Monday morning and finding the message below taped to your cubicle.

I ask you to join me tonight in asking The Lord to help the families of these heroic officers cope with the horror of their loss just five days before Christmas. I also ask you to join me in asking The Lord for men and women of character, on the many sides of this complicated and ongoing debate, to be given the strength and the platform to begin to heal this great nation from the damage imposed upon it by the hustlers among us who have profited handsomely from trafficking in division and hatred.

God bless America, and all those who defend her.
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Again, sadly this is the result of the continuous media support of the Ferguson and Eric Garner protesters, along with Sharpton, Holder, Obama and DeBlasio who continued to fan the flames. They took the side of the thugs who were resisting arrest, assaulted cops or otherwise, instead of standing by our law enforcement. 


We need true leadership in the White House and our cities before this civil unrest and violence continues. May these officers RIP and their families find peace and comfort during this difficult time and this time of year. 

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Eyewitness says people clapped&laughed following NYPD cop assassination

Eyewitness says people clapped&laughed following NYPD cop assassination | Littlebytesnews Current Events |
Eyewitness claims 'people were clapping and laughing' following the murder of two New York cops as Commissioner William Bratton says the officers were 'assassinated'
Mayor Bill de Blasio and police commissioner William Bratton gave a joint news conference following the murder of two police officers Saturday
Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, 28, shot his girlfriend in Baltimore then traveled to Brooklyn to kill police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos
Bratton said the two officers were 'quote simply assassinated'
Mayor de Blasio stated that this murder was an attack on all of New York as he said this is 'not a time for politics' 
Hundreds of officers lined the street at the Woodhull medical Center and silently saluted as the bodies of the two police officers were driven away Saturday evening  
littlebytesnews's insight:

These are the people Obama has been supporting, along with Sharpton, Holder and other race baiters...disgusting, low lifes who stand up for thugs and against our law enforcement, CIA and military...anti-American haters!



ISIS Manifesto in September which calls for Muslims in the US and abroad to kill Americans.

//cop killer a jihadist?

another video of Ferguson Muslim activist telling police that neither them nor their children will ever be safe


Ferguson native,a Palestinian who is openly a pro-Hamas Muslim,Bassem Masri....threatening police officers @NYPDnews

Muslims, including CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) have been involved since the beginning ;


Muslim activists and organizers are using the #blacklivesmatterrioters as a means to launch jihad in America.

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