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New Languages and Readings in Digital Contexts. Novas Linguagens e Leituras em Contextos Digitais.
Curated by Luciana Viter
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Rescooped by Luciana Viter from Creative Nonfiction: resources for teachers and students.!

Writers as Architects

Writers as Architects | Litteris |
Great architects build structures that can make us feel enclosed, liberated or suspended. Great writers, in devising their literary structures, do exactly the same.

Left: 'Disgrace', by J.M.Coetzee

Via Leslie Whidden
Leslie Whidden's curator insight, February 14, 4:23 PM

Absolutely wonderfully magical.

Sharon Bakar's curator insight, February 15, 1:37 AM

Brilliant idea.  The structure of pieces of fiction inc short stories, expressed as architecture.

Rescooped by Luciana Viter from Scriveners' Trappings!

Free Learning Library: "Welcome to the Writer's Workshop"

Free Learning Library: "Welcome to the Writer's Workshop" | Litteris |

by Jim Burke


Welcome to the Writer's Workshop

Got an hour? Wanna learn Writer’s Workshop? This is a reasonable place to start. This resource is a brief introduction to one of the most popular—and controversial instructional methods of all-time. It includes a handy two-page “organizer” and a day-by-day “first week of class” example. Even though the Forces of Standardization work furiously day and night trying to disparage Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, somehow this “crazy” way of teaching has remained the only named method of literacy instruction in consistent use throughout the United States for more than a quarter of a century. How does that happen? Through the good graces of teachers like you who understand it’s power and the promise it holds for the literate lives of children.

Download "Welcome to the Writer's Workshop"
Via Jim Lerman
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