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Welcome to the Information Literacy Resource Bank. This central repository contains bite-sized information literacy learning resources for Cardiff University staff to integrate into teaching materials as and when required.

There is a selection of activities, quizzes, diagrams and cartoons as well as short ready-made self-paced tutorials on a range of essential information literacy topics such as citing references and plagiarism. New resources will continue to be added over time.

You may link to any of the resources on this web site or download and seamlessly incorporate them into your learning and teaching materials. Full details on how to embed them into Learning Central, PowerPoint and Word are provided. Subject Librarians in INSRV can also suggest ways of integrating the resources into programmes of study.

For the purposes of evaluating the usefulness of the resources, please use the comment form to tell us which resources you are using and for what purpose.

Members of other educational institutions are welcome to re-purpose or re-use any of the learning objects which we have made available under this Creative Commons Licence. Please see the copyright statement at the bottom of the page for each individual resource for more details. If you use any of these resources, please notify us using the comment form.

The creation of the Information Literacy Resource Bank was partly funded by the University's Innovative Teaching and Learning Fund.

Via Elizabeth E Charles