Interest in HTML5 grows, hits speed bumps | Linux A Future |

The role of hypertext markup language (HTML)5 in multi-screen video is rising, even as some implementations of the developing standard remain inconsistent. One of the original ways of “setting type” on the Web (as technology ‘translator’ Leslie Ellis put it in a column last year) HTML in its latest iteration is gathering steam as a means to link connected devices with video.


At one time, browsers needed various downloaded players to view video. Adobe’s decision last November to abandon work on its mobile Flash player in favor of HTML5 was one sign that the world was shifting. According to Strategy Analytics, sales of HTML5 compatible smart phones and feature phones hit 336 million in 2011 and will triple over the next two years.


The technology is impacting the rest of the video food chain. Interviewed for the Videonet report “Scaling multi-screen video,” HBO CTO Bob Zitter said that the first iteration of HBO Go used Adobe Flash, but that moving toward an HTML5 format could yield hoped-for efficiencies. “The bigger interest is flexibility and the way that it will work across multiple platforms,” he said.

Via Nicolas Weil