How To Look Good On a Webcam | Cibereducação |

Here’s a little something many of us dread – webcam meetings. It’s one thing to chat with friends and family using Skype or Google Hangouts, but it’s another thing completely to try to look good and maintain a professional image for a webcam meeting. The same sense of dread can apply to anyone who has to record video for a presentation or for a show they’re hosting. Even if you’re really confident, you might not look that great on the webcam, which completely ruins the whole take.

So, how does one look good for a webcam? Well, it’s two-parts this, one part that and a shake of something undefinable, really. But, no matter how elusive the goal seems, there’s always a few good tips anyone can follow which will at least get us looking our best for the camera.

Via The Learning Factor, michel verstrepen