Are LinkedIn and Twitter becoming unsocial? | Lindsay on social media |
As a practicing B2B social media marketer, I use LinkedIn and Twitter extensively to share thoughts with my Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections. To make it easier to share the same content across both platforms, a link was provided between Twitter and LinkedIn. You could use this in two ways by either replicating all your tweets on LinkedIn or selectively sharing your tweets with your LinkedIn contacts by including a #in hashtag in your tweet.


Sadly, this feature is no longer available. This is what was reported on Bloomberg news:


“LinkedIn Corp., owner of the world’s biggest professional-networking website, said posts from Twitter Inc. will no longer be displayed on its site, as the microblogger encourages users to visit its own services.


“They don’t want people to consume and interact with Twitter in places where they probably have no ability to put ads,” said Greg Sterling, an analyst at Opus Research.


NOTE: The link from LinkedIn to Twitter is still available however, enabling you to share LinkedIn updates, group discussions, etc. with your Twitter followers. Question may be for how long?

Via Ken Jondahl