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I selected this piece written by Jay Deragon because his insights and suggesgtions are like a beacon in the chaos of change.  This piece is no exception. Tto paraphrase:


Social is changing so rapidly, it's impossible to create a plan when you have a moving target. The only solution at this point in time is to dive in and learn quickly.


Here's what caught my attention:


**The evolution of the web is accelerating with new tools, new discoveries and the subsequent market dynamics effected by these changes.


**As more and more conversations begin to impact business models, market relations and the supply and demand equations the more traditional mind sets try and fit these changes into the old box.



**Most executives are totally disconnected from the dynamics created by all things social.


**Yet the same executives expect their managers to come up with a plan to use this thing called social media.


**If you ask someone for a plan that neither you or they understand you’ll get a plan that doesn’t create anything new


**it only addresses all things social in context to what they know


**What they know is not what they need to know.




**the plan ought to be more about understanding, learning and adapting to the new marketplace dynamics that are changing your relationships with buyers


**Guy Kawasaki says: "Don't plan social media just do it!"


**Doc Searle wrote The Cluetrain Manifesto 

which Jay refers to in this piece, I highly recommend it, it's like a roadmap for everything discussed in this article.


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