Six Ways Digital Marketing Will Rock Your World | Gartner | Business Brainpower with the Human Touch |

Today's social Web unleashes personal communication, the ability to engage with buyers, to make better, more timely decisions, and to solve problems with more efficiency and accuracy than any time in human history. But marketing leaders who migrate old ways of doing things onto this new digital plane miss both the point — and the opportunity.

As Gartner analysts, we often see digital marketers shoehorning old methods onto new paradigms. Brochureware, aptly named for marketers who slap brochures onto the Web, is a perfect example. The same people that built brochureware are often guilty of extending marketing collateral style language onto the social Web. Although they got away with brochureware, this latest violation won't be tolerated. Today's interactive, conversational media demands more authenticity and more candor than the one-way conversations of old media.