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But wait, there's more: why it's good to procrastinate...

In his new book Wait, Frank Partnoy, the American academic, examines the benefits of delay in all sorts of circumstances, and comes up with a new take on an old-fashioned idea: it's good to wait.

Of course, in today's world, this feels counter-intuitive. We're always being told to be quicker, or else - to communicate, cook, learn, buy and sell in double-quick time. But Partnoy tells us to slow down. Waiters can be winners. If you have a day, he says, make your decision at the end of it. If you have five minutes, take four minutes and 59 seconds. And if you have a split second, wait until the very end of that split second; this is likely to result in the best possible outcome. It might even mean the difference between life and death.