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A comprehensive study of 842 Australian business professionals debunks a popularly-held belief that competing work-home priorities is the greatest inhibitor of women’s advancement to senior management positions.

The study, conducted by global business consulting firm, Bain & Company, in partnership with Chief Executive Women (CEW) of Australia, found that the biggest threat to the advancement of women is that senior leaders are more likely to promote someone with a similar leadership style as their own, and that they do not value the perspectives women bring to a leadership team.

According to the study, competing work-life priorities still represent a roadblock in women’s career advancement. However, approximately 60 per cent of total survey respondents (both male and female) feel that “style” differences (i.e. gender-specific approaches to management situations and issues) are a bigger obstacle to women’s career advancement. The majority of women (78 per cent of women respondents) are in this group. However, only 39 per cent of men agree, with the majority (61 per cent of male respondents) believing that competing work-family commitments is the main inhibitor.