Creating the Job You Love | Business Brainpower with the Human Touch |

At a recent conference, Shane Lopez, Ph.D., Gallup senior scientist and one of the world's leading researchers on hope, was talking with well-known vocational psychologist Mark Savickas, Ph.D. During that conversation, Savickas said, "Work won't love you back anymore." That sentence stuck with Lopez -- and it changed the focus of one of his research projects.

We've all heard that we should balance our work and family lives because our families, unlike our jobs, will love us back. But what Savickas meant was a little different. "What Savickas was saying is that there's no loyalty in the modern American workplace anymore," Lopez says. "You won't get much professional development anymore. You won't be on a team that stays together two or three years anymore. You won't spend your career in one place. So I started wondering: What if you love your job? Can you buck the trend in the modern workplace and have a job that will love you back?"