Psychology of Change | Business Brainpower with the Human Touch |
Ever made this resolution: “I’m going to keep my email inbox empty.”

Were you successful? I wasn’t.

Why is change so hard? Because we’re not Econs, a term the authors of Nudge coined to portray the flawed thinking behind how people think. Econs are people who can think like Einstein, store as much memory as IBM’s BigBlue, and exercise the willpower of Gandhi. Unlike Econs, humans err. We’re more like Homer Simpson than Spock.

Whether we’re trying to change our own habits, the habits of a team, or the habits of an organization, to succeed in effecting change we need to tap into the power of the mind. And much of that power resides in understanding and connecting with people’s feelings, emotions, and cognitive biases.

Here are the slides from OpenText’s April Adoption webinar where I look at six things about the brain to be aware of when designing a change or adoption strategy.