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Lauren Fisher wrote this great post for Simple Zesty. She emphasizes that content is still king but it goes hand and hand with social search strategy Here's what caught my attention:


Making the most of social search


Content is the number one currency online. Whether it’s text, photo, or video, it’s what people trade in. Good content provides you with entertainment, it gets you noticed by your followers and will probably get you new followers. Brands can benefit from this by providing people with the ‘stock’ that they want to trade in.


What you need to recognise however, is that you need to make this content available in increasingly changing and developing formats. Now that Twitter has embedded images and videos in its search results for example, it’s important to include more of this type of content in your Twitter feed, to increase the likelihood of you getting found. A good social search strategy needs to look at how Google works, as well as the social networks themselves. Both are indicators of – and pointers to – good content.



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