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Library Web 2.0 skills
Technology for learning commons, libraries, including literacy tools, apps, media, internet privacy, copyright, and plagiarism.
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Rescooped by Pippa Davies @PippaDavies from 21 century Learning Commons!

Literacy in the Digital Age

Literacy in the Digital Age | Library Web 2.0 skills |
I have identified thirteen literacies that our students need to become well-rounded 21st-century citizens. These literacies are not taught as separate literacies but are taught across the content...
Pippa Davies @PippaDavies 's insight:

Excellent resource for your inquiry based learning archives!

Pippa Davies @PippaDavies 's curator insight, November 29, 12:04 PM

Excellent ideas and teaching strategies, links to tools in this comprehensive page from well renowned researcher Kathy Shrock.

Rescooped by Pippa Davies @PippaDavies from 21 century education!

21st Century Literacies: Tools for Reading the World

In Intelligence Reframed Howard Gardner contends that "literacies, skills, and disciplines ought to be pursued as tools that allow us to enhance our understanding of important questions, topics, and themes." Today's readers become literate by learning to read the words and symbols in today's world and its antecedents. They analyze, compare, evaluate and interpret multiple representations from a variety of disciplines and subjects, including texts, photographs, artwork, and data. They learn to choose and modify their own communication based on the rhetorical situation. Point of view is created by the reader, the audience and the medium.  

This article with links to the various types of literacies is a MUST read for all teachers and librarians for 21 century learning and online reading!  *****

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