Library Web 2.0 skills
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Library Web 2.0 skills
Technology for learning commons, libraries, including literacy tools, apps, media, internet privacy, copyright, and plagiarism.
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Rescooped by Pippa Davies @PippaDavies from Moral Education!

With Digital Literacy Comes Digital Ethics

With Digital Literacy Comes Digital Ethics | Library Web 2.0 skills |
Our world today is driven by digital technologies.  From cell phones to tablets, to electronic readers, and computers, almost all our work and the majority of our entertainment is delivered, shared, and enjoyed digitally. We communicate via emails and texts, and many households no longer even have

Via Elizabeth E Charles, Sarantis Chelmis
Pippa Davies @PippaDavies 's insight:

Digital literacy and  online safety article.

Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, February 10, 2014 6:41 PM

This is another good article on a very complex and sometimes understated issue.

Scooped by Pippa Davies @PippaDavies!

Literature Circles Resource Center

Literature Circles Resource Center | Library Web 2.0 skills |

Templates and ideas for high school lit circles.  Literature Circles Resource Centre.

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