The Emergence of Chief Digital Officers | MIT Sloan Management Review | Library Innovation |
Companies are appointing Chief Digital Officers to focus their use of social and digital strategies.


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But how does a company know if it really needs a CDO to shepherd its social media and other strategic digital initiatives? After all, says Vala Afshar, Chief Customer Officer and CMO at Enterasys, if your CIO is already involved in the business strategy side of the house, is collaborative, open minded, and works with a CEO that has a similar outlook, it may not be necessary to hire a CDO. But, he adds, in all cases, bringing in a CDO will “focus” the organization and will start initiating projects with a broader strategic direction of employing technology as the driver. Russell Reynolds’ Rickards also advises that a business needs to think about hiring a CDO “when your business is fundamentally challenged by digital, or when your competitors are making aggressive moves that could put you out of business and you are not equipped to respond.” But, he adds, at that point, “it is probably too late.”

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