E-Learning through Digital Libraries: The Case of National Open University of Nigeria, Nkiru J. Otubelu | Libraries and eLearning | Scoop.it

The demand for e-learning is growing day by day. As a result, library services have taken on another dimension. Librarians and academicians should collaborate to evaluate and provide links to authoritative web resources related to programmes and courses taught. They may develop a portal for providing a seamless integrated access to e-collections. The enabling technology infrastructures for building a virtual library must include stable electricity and upgrading or installing a high speed internet connection to support a variety of services, such as web servers, proxy servers for remote access, FTP Servers for uploading and downloading large file, with appropriate digital library software. System librarians need to be trained or employed. Finally, the library should conduct online tutorials for improving the information searching skills of the e-learners and so doing, contributing greatly in improving e-learning in Nigeria