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"As educators we are faced with the challenge of teaching students to efficiently use the Internet to find and use information. Searching for information and making sense of it is a process that involves critical thinking and it is an important skill. Fortunately, there are many free digital tools available to help students efficiently sift through an overwhelming abundance of web content to find the relevant and reliable information they need. This post will explore some digital resources to provide educators with tools to help all students become savvy searchers and independent learners."


Susan Oxnevad shares a wealth of other tools and resources to teach students how to search.


" - Google Search Education

  - Google Custom Search

  - The Find Tool

  - Oolone

  - Twurdy

  - instaGrok

  - Qwiki Reference

  - Reliable Search Engines: 

iPL2 -A public service organization and a learning/teaching environment manned by students and volunteer librarians which features searchable resource collections for kids and teens, as well as an a“Ask a librarian” section.
Sweet Search - A Search Engine for Students. It searches only credible Web sites approved by Internet research experts
KidsClick! – A web search site designed for kids by librarians – with kid-friendly results!"



>>Extremely valuable for librarians as well!

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