A Brief History of American Bookmobiles...in Pictures | librariansonthefly | Scoop.it
For book lovers, bookmobiles are oddly romantic.


They seem like dream-machines, very real automobiles rolling through our lives in an almost impossible fashion. The first American bookmobile was actually a wagon. Mary Titcomb, a Maryland librarian, recgonized that having books was only one part of the library’s job: the other part was making the books accessible. The Washington County Library Wagon took books around the county, making scheduled stops in addition to impromptu dispersals.


As libraries have become the community’s digital gathering place, bookmobiles have also been transformed into movable internet hubs.  Check out more photos here:  http://bookriot.com/2012/07/12/a-brief-history-of-american-bookmobiles-in-pictures/

Via Fe Angela M. Verzosa