Leveraging Information
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Leveraging Information
21st Century information fluency
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Digital Citizenship, by Andrew Churches

Digital Citizenship, by Andrew Churches | Leveraging Information | Scoop.it

"Global Digital Citizenship is a critical element of any teaching program at any level. Our students are connected. Irrespective of the age of the student, they are wired. We are seeing devices reducing in cost, increasing in availability, and entering most classrooms and almost every school."



"...how do we teach Global Digital Citizenship, a fluency that is critical at all levels of education?

1. Clarity and rationale—Whether we are giving the students guidelines (my personal preference) or sets of rules, there must be clarity and a transparent rationale behind the statements we make."

2. Understanding and Purpose—This is the communication aspect with the students and the community. You have to develop and instill in the students an understanding of WHY we are making these recommendations and setting these expectations.

3. Monitoring and consequences—As critical as rationale and purpose, monitoring and consequences should be transparent, timely, and appropriate.

4. Individual and community involvement—In developing and implementing our digital citizenship guidelines and processes we sought, valued, and used feedback from staff, students, and the community."



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information fluency home

information fluency home | Leveraging Information | Scoop.it

Information Fluency is the ability to locate digital information efficiently, evaluate it effectively and use it ethically.

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