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History of the Yoni in World Faith

History of the Yoni in World Faith | Let's Get Sex Positive | Scoop.it

Although we do have hard and clear evidence - archeologically speaking - that the veneration of women, of the yoni, and of Goddesses have been the primal and primary form of religion around the globe, it has been the East - specifically ancient India with its Tantric teachings - where this seems to have found its most exalted and open expression.

Gracie Passette's insight:

Also addresses this important question: Simply put, how can a woman raised in a culture that diminishes the value of and beauty of women's genitals try to move past those negative self-thoughts?

Scooped by Gracie Passette

Yoni: Divine Female Energy

Yoni: Divine Female Energy | Let's Get Sex Positive | Scoop.it

An interview with Dutch writer and photographer Rufus C. Camphausen (1948), author of several books dealing with sexuality and other taboos, among which his now sold out and hard-to-get work "The Yoni - Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power."

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