The Mag: Sex in the Olympic Village | Let's Get Sex Positive |
In ESPN The Magazine, Sam Alipour gets Olympians talking about sex and what happens inside the Olympics Village.

I'd just finished "We Smoked it All," my story on the weed culture inside the University of Oregon's football program, when an editor asked me to climb a higher, better-guarded wall: "Hey, can you talk to Olympians and find out if they're having a lot of sex in the Olympic Village?" Sure, not a problem ... also, WHAT?!

I knew it'd be a fun piece to write, but the reporting scared the hell out of me. I began by shoulder-tapping Olympians wherever I could find them -- red carpet events, private parties. My first few subjects were self-described prudes, but they kindly hooked me up with more randy friends. Before long, I was receiving unexpected calls and impromptu visits -- my apologies to the patrons of LA's Literati Café who were subjected to an in-depth breakdown of a certain sexual position over their eggs and bacon --