Let's Get Sex Positive
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Let's Get Sex Positive
Everybody poos, everybody screws; get over it. Maybe get turned on by the screwing part. ;) http://www.sex-kitten.net/blog/
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The Art Of Breast Massage - Sex~Kitten.net

The Art Of Breast Massage - Sex~Kitten.net | Let's Get Sex Positive | Scoop.it

Men often drool over a nice pair of breasts...but when the doors are open for sex they forget all about their former focus of attention. A long breast massage will return his attention to the forgotten bust, while she can have a bit more fun out of sex. Gracie's boy-toy CR/LF has written a 'how-to' that will give a guy everything he needs to know to properly worship the contents of your sexiest bra.

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What Is Your City Masturbating To? - Digg

What Is Your City Masturbating To? - Digg | Let's Get Sex Positive | Scoop.it
The Pornhub Insights blog is responsible for post after post of awesome porn data. So when we decided we wanted to know what people were getting off to in cities like Anchorage, Honolulu and Detroit, we knew exactly who to ask.
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Data here for sex workers, perhaps?

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Bondassage | Let's Get Sex Positive | Scoop.it

Ever wondered what it might be like to surrender and explore your sensual desires? Are you ready to discover a world of blissful intensity and intimacy? Bondassage combines innovative massage techniques with, rhythmic body percussion, slow luxurious flogging, and a delicious menu of skilled sensation play.

Bondassage takes the receiver on a journey of sensation surprises. With Bondassage you may have a receiver who is a seasoned traveler in the bdsm realm but wants something different, or they are brand new and want to be introduced gently to percussion play, anal exploration, and bondage. Either way, you can create the Bondassage session that best suits them. You will have all the tools and ideas to take those you touch toward their known (and sometimes unknown) desires in an environment that is kind, safe, and full of surprises.

Elysium is also a journey of sensation, but based in relaxation. A gentle, supremely slow passage to the edge and back ~ over and over and over. It is a blend of light Swedish effleurage strokes, soft sensual music, and conscious touch with the intent to relax and simultaneously engage your partner’s nerve endings and pleasure response.

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Based on the book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1937965198/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=1937965198&linkCode=as2&tag=sexkitten-20

Training also available.

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