A Cupcake Is Never Just a Cupcake: The Psycho-Sexuality of a Twee Treat | Let's Get Sex Positive | Scoop.it

Cupcakes only care about their own orgasms. When you see a woman eating a cupcake, you're basically watching her perform cunnilingus on herself. Small and moist and warm and sweet, a cupcake's sole reason for existence is solitary pleasure. Historically, many symbols of female power or divinity involved fertility and/or reproduction: circles and eggs, Mother Earth and Mother Goose. But modern times call for modern branding, and if you're looking for the shorthand way to label something as being of, for or about the essence of a woman, and you have no pictogram of a vagina handy, by all means, slap a cupcake on it.

Via Deanna Dahlsad