The greenest scooter ever ! This e-scooter is made from plants, seriously (WAARMAKERS » Be.e) | Les éco-activités dans le monde |

The Be.e is a frameless bio-composite electric scooter, with a monocoque body made from flax and bio-resin. 

In a collaborative effort with InHolland, NPSP composites and Van.Eko, Waarmakers designed the Be.e; the first bio-based e-scooter.

The Be.e has a monocoque body; a unique construction in which the object’s external skin supports the load, similar to an eggshell, eliminating the need for a frame and the usual numerous plastic panels. This structural engineering feat is made from (Dutch) flax and bio-resin, extremely sustainable, lightweight and strong.

We were responsible for the overall design of the scooter, it’s monocoque and detailed parts. A task which challenged not only our engineering skills, but also our abilities to design a shape, an image, which communicates it’s unique configuration in an elegant but distinct way.