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*Solar powered mobile classrooms*

"Maendeleo" means "progress" in the Swahili language. We are committed to helping build a productive computer services industry in East Africa, connecting people and information using the latest Internet technologies, and thereby increasing personal incomes and boosting the local economy. In doing so, part of our aim is to set an example for other NGOs, businesses and government organizations to join in and help grow this industry.


Maendeleo Foundation's mission is to complement the existing education system by making computers available to people of all ages, providing customized training, and encouraging and supporting the formation of Information Communication Technology businesses. We operate innovative training programs in a network of primary schools, and cooperate with organizations of similar interests that share our commitment to the promotion of technology for development. As a natural outcome of this mission, in 2012 we opened a training center for students wishing further technology education.

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