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[Excerpt]: "AllAboutLinguistics.com was created by first-year linguistics students at the University of Sheffield, supported by staff in the School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics. 

 The website formed part of the students assessment, after they completed a course called Introduction to Linguistics, and it aims to share the knowledge they gained from this module with anyone outside the University who is interested in language and its study - especially A-Level students thinking of going on to study linguistics at University. We asked students to build the site because as beginners in linguistics themselves, they were in a good position to help explain the discipline to you. 

By exploring this site, you will:

discover the discipline of linguistics and find out what linguists dodeepen your knowledge of language study – perhaps giving you a head start on your English Language courseworkgain an insight into the varied range of opportunities a degree in English Language and Linguistics can offerWe hope you will enjoy your journey into linguistics as you explore the site."

Via Jacob Broadhead