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"What is

Aimed at learners, students and teachers alike, is a resource portal for people interested in English grammar. The current version is intended for those who are at least at an advanced level of proficiency in English (B2 level or above).

How are the topics organised?

At English grammar is broken down to its finest details, with even the smallest grammatical items and simplest structures displayed on separate pages. The pages are categorised by topic and shown in a traditional tree structure, and at the same time tagged with grammar and vocabulary terms. If there is a direct relationship between items on different pages, the relevant pages are also connected by links. These can be found under the Related topics and Topics with similar tags sections below the main content on each page. This way, instead of discussing grammar topics individually, we are able to show you how various aspects of grammar are related to each other within the system of English grammar as a whole.

Who created

The content of this site was created by Tibor Borbás and Péter Simon, assistant lecturers at the English Department of the University of Szeged, Juhász Gyula Teacher Training College, and instructors at TANSZÉK Angol Nyelviskola in Szeged, Hungary."