Biz stories don't need conflict and resolution, or a hero for that matter | Learning, Teaching & Leading Today |

"It seems that everyone is giving advice about stories and storytelling these days. And it irks me every time I hear a story 'expert' say that a story must have conflict and resolution. Really? 

Take this morning's offering from, which lists 5 reasons to use stories. Number 2 says,

'Stories have conflict and resolution. This structure creates suspense and holds readers’ attention.'

Whenever I hear something like this I immediately think of the exception, which for me is the coincidence story. I've talked about this before but at the risk of repeating myself too much a coincidence story is just when something happens that's remarkable; it's unlikely. People love coincidence stories. This American Life dedicated a whole show to them with the title, No Coincidence, No Story."

Via Karen Dietz