Classroom 2.0 The Book 5th Anniversary Edition - Great Resources | Learning 2gether |

The Classroom 2.0 Free Book is now available through Scribd. You may download each section as a pdf or text file and you will find a wealth of information on tools and more. Many folks were involved in the creation of this book with Steve Hargadon, Richard Byrne and Chris Dawson leading the way. There are over 40 chapters (each is fairly short - typically 4 - 8 pages). The chapters I reviewed included a summary, specific learning objectives, an introduction, theory, pedagogy, resources and more. Some of the topics covered (a very short list) include:

* Using VoiceThread to Teach Literature

* Wiki Pedagogy

* Project Based Learning

* Digital Writers Workshop

* Giving Students a Creative Voice

* Technology Timesavers for Teacher

If you are looking for ideas for this school year this is a great resource to check out.

Via Beth Dichter