Deutsche Telekom eyes ‘internet of things’ with new M2M portal | leapmind |
Deutsche Telekom has positioned itself as a potential leader in the continuing development of the ‘internet of things’, opening a new developer community platform for M2M communications.


Enmeshing everyday systems and appliances into the internet of things is seen as a natural progression of today’s increasingly connected lifestyle. With around five billion M2M devices currently operations worldwide and ten times as many are expected by 2020, the operator wants a slice of this pie.


Alarm systems, for instance, might be monitored online using the appropriate M2M API, which a developer could mesh with the operator’s API for SMS, using it to notify users by text message when the alarm is triggered. The same principle can be applied to toasters, pets, cars, clothing... you name it, there’s probably an M2M use case for it.

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