Bezos: Amazon Web Services is lean manufacturing for IT | lean manufacturing |
As the father of Amazon, Jeff Bezos deserves enormous respect, and his statement linking Amazon Web Services to Lean is a homage to Lean worth listening to. With all due respect, however, the connection, as described in his own words, is a stretch. Many businesses pay attention to customers and to the quality of their goods and services, but that is not enough to make them Lean.

Let us listen to his words: "AWS is [...] akin to Toyota's lean manufacturing methods, Bezos said. Why? Both AWS and lean manufacturing aim to remove defects closer to the source.
This lean manufacturing approach to IT -- with AWS as a building block, of course -- means application developers and data center costs are increasingly aligned. 'The data center has been an application-free zone for developers. You write code and you have no idea how much it consumes,' Bezos said. 'One of the most unappreciated benefits of AWS is that developers get a real sense of what's really driving the cost.'"