How to Improve Your [Marketing] by Creating Your Own Great Metaphors, Get Famous, Retire Early and Die Filthy Rich* | Leadership, Trust and e-Learning |

Many thanks to Karen, Just Story It Scoop-It, for the link to this interesting article:


"Crafting great metaphors is one of the most creative ways to add chili powder to your writing [stories] and transform it from a boring bean soup into a four-alarm meal."


"Love the title! And the article is great too.


While written for writers, take these gems and run with them.


The author shares with us a simple process for finding metaphors for your stories.  Metaphors are a very powerful element to bring into your storytelling.


But metaphors go beyond storytelling -- they are critically important in website and other promotional copy.


Have fun finding metaphors for your stories and other materials.  Take your time.  Listen for metaphors people are using.  Hunt for metaphors being shared in the world.  Bring the ones you like into your marketing and see how much easier it is for people to connect with you."

Via Karen Dietz