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Type Superfast With Real Time Voice Dictation in iOS 8 ~ makeuseof

Type Superfast With Real Time Voice Dictation in iOS 8 ~ makeuseof | Leadership Think Tank | Scoop.it

by Bakari Chavanu


"It’s time to do less typing and more talking with the new real time voice-to-text feature in iOS 8.


"Relatively little has been said about the new real-time dictation function in iOS, and in previous versions it may not have been worthy of the highlight. But with the recent iOS 8 update, Apple has restored bragging rights when it comes voice dictation and mobile devices.

"Past iOS dictation implementation wouldn’t show the text you dictated until you tapped the Done button, which meant activating the feature several times for long form dictation. Well, not anymore. For me, the new voice-to-text feature works more efficiently than Dragon Dictate on the Mac."


Jim Lerman's insight:

I have been a user of Dragon Naturally Speaking for about 8 years and have found it very, very useful -- both for myself and in teaching. Having an effective, "free" voice-to-text capability opens up fabulous opportunities for students to express themselves. The advent of easy voice to text moves writing in a whole new direction. I know because I dictated most of the last book I wrote and several recent  funding proposals. It takes awhile to learn how to dictate efficiently and effectively, which has little to do with the software learning your voice patterns and much to do with developing a different though process.

Via Jim Lerman, Miloš Bajčetić, Suvi Salo
Sandra Carswell's curator insight, September 28, 2014 10:49 PM

I can see it now, students all over the library talking into to their phones, assuring me they are writing their papers. ;-)

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SlideSpeech, presentations with voice

SlideSpeech, presentations with voice | Leadership Think Tank | Scoop.it

By reading the speaker notes in your presentation using the latest text-to-speech technology, SlideSpeech ensures your message comes across loud and clear.

Via Baiba Svenca
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