A Polarized Education System - What Does This Mean? | Taking Note | Leadership Think Tank | Scoop.it

"Polarization has come to public education, big time. If it persists, at the end of the day we all are going to lose."

John Merrow looks at how polarized education has become in this post. He provides statistics such as (all quoted):

* Half of our kids get no early education;

* 22% of our children live in poverty, and;

* 25% have chronic health conditions like asthma or obesity.

He follows this discussion with seven ways that "we have become polarized about education." A few of the ways include:

* We are polarized about accountability.

* We are polarized about the role of technology.

He then asks that we think about four words (which you will find in his article) and asks that we look at the need to move beyond polarization. This article has made me look more deeply at many issues confronting education. 

Via Beth Dichter