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Robin Good: For content curators who own or manage a WordPress-based website here is a great tutorial on how RSS feeds can be integrated and published directly (parsed) on any given web page. 


Authored by Vladislav Davidzon this excellent tutorial requires some basic technical knowledge on how to operate WordPress variables and functions and it provides precise guidance on how to:


- Utilize the Built-in Parsing Function to Pull RSS Feeds in and Turn their XML code into Content


- Divide Content into the Right Number of Columns for your Website’s Design


- Create a Friendly Display of RSS Content Using WordPress Loop Variables


From the tutorial: "Included only since version 2.7 of the WordPress software, the ability to parse RSS feeds as content and include that information into a template file is relatively new and its parameters are largely unknown even among the more advanced members of the WordPress development community at large.


Luckily, these parameters are easy to learn and customize, and they can turn a simple RSS feed into a great source of extra content and discussion on already-busy WordPress blogs.


Not only can RSS feeds be parsed by WordPress, but they can also be split up into columns and tabs.


This allows for feeds to actually be used as the primary source of content on some WordPress blogs, especially those that consider themselves a mere aggregator of outside content rather than a producer of unique news, reviews, or commentary on any topic."



Very useful. 9/10


Full tutorial:



Via Robin Good, Gerrit Bes