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Leadership, Innovation, and Creativity
Complexity, chaos, and ambiguity are aspects of leadership and learning. Without those we cannot innovate and create.
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5 Signs Your Employees Dislike You

5 Signs Your Employees Dislike You | Leadership, Innovation, and Creativity | Scoop.it

In addition to all of your achievements, you're sure that you're a great boss. After all, your leadership skills have helped you climb the ladder of success. But some of the world's top companies succeed in spite of poor leadership, a result of great products or concepts rather than motivated team members.


According to entrepreneurial counselor Michelle McQuaid, bad bosses cost businesses $360 billion in lost productivity every year. The stress caused by difficult supervisors can negatively affect an employee's overall health and workplace morale, eventually driving him or her out the door. Since losing one employee costs a business tens of thousands of dollars or more, your business will eventually suffer financially if you can't keep employee loss at a minimum.

Via Vicki Kossoff @ The Learning Factor
Ivon Prefontaine's insight:

I wonder if in School we consider that 1/2 of new teachers leave the profession within 7 years? That does not account for those who obtain a degree and never enter the classroom. What does that mean in relationship to high staff turnover?


One way to look at leaders who are not liked is are they leading or managing. We need both, but I found many School managers focused on managing people and avoiding leading.



Vicki Kossoff @ The Learning Factor's curator insight, August 18, 6:50 PM

If you look closely, you may find indications that you're not as popular with your staff as you think you are.

Jean-Guy Frenette's curator insight, August 19, 10:15 PM


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Can We Create a Culture That Values Good Teaching?

Can We Create a Culture That Values Good Teaching? | Leadership, Innovation, and Creativity | Scoop.it
We like to talk about the value of pedagogy, but we never seem to get around to rewarding it.

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Ivon Prefontaine's insight:

Good teaching is probably happening without us realizing it. I read an article that suggested good teaching is about raising the standards for learning. It is a mindful experience.

Alexa SHdez's curator insight, May 27, 11:39 AM

El docente puede inculcar cultura puesto que influye como enseña y demuestra su forma de enseñanza y la forma en como evalúa.

Bob Irving's curator insight, May 28, 8:07 AM

Addresses mostly higher ed. A welcome approach from uninformed teacher bashing. Truly great teachers are the most influential people on the planet.

Michel J. Boustani's curator insight, May 28, 8:15 AM

The title says all!