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Rescooped by Allan Shaw from E-Learning and Online Teaching

Richard Paul: Socratic Questioning Series [Part 1] - YouTube

Discourse on critical thinking for teachers and educators in all grade levels and in all societies. This channel contains video footage, interviews and clips...

Via Dennis T OConnor
Allan Shaw's insight:

'Asking questions that takes thinking apart'! This is very useful as a reflection tool. I appreciate highly the connection made by Richard Paul between thinking and content.

Dennis T OConnor's curator insight, February 6, 2:05 PM

One of my Critical Thinking Gurus is Richard Paul.  I met him in a bar in Arizona a few years before I left the classroom to teach online. We had one of the great discussions of my life. His thinking and teaching transformed my questioning style when I was a classroom teacher and seeped into my DNA when I went into online work.  Here is a series of videos available on YouTube that I would turn to if I were teaching a class devoted solely to Critical Thinking.  

Rescooped by Allan Shaw from 21st Century Learning and Teaching

What Is Critical Thinking?

What Is Critical Thinking? | Leadership in education | Scoop.it
Professor Paul Gary Wyckoff articulates the critical thinking skills he wants his students to learn.


Read more, interesting and possibly useful...


Via Susan Oxnevad, Gust MEES
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