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Leadership and Spirituality
What role does spirituality play in leadership? It makes the leader whole and fill the hole in the whole of the organization
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Word of the Week "Moral Compass": Meditate on this Phrase

Word of the Week "Moral Compass": Meditate on this Phrase | Leadership and Spirituality | Scoop.it

These two words used together are important – very important.  In the legal profession, we must use a moral compass because we meet people who have lost their way.  We have to make sure, at all time, that we do not head in the wrong direction also.


Take time to meditate about the meaning of the word “moral compass” to you.


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Ivon Prefontaine's insight:

I am unsure that moral compass is a device. A compass is, but thinking of morals in an instrumental way, even metaphorically, misses the point. Having said this, the article makes good points. We communicate morals through our words, actions, thoughts, etc. It is communicating that is important.


Teachers communicate all the time. We should consider what that means to the learning of others.



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Does Nature Make Us Happy?

Does Nature Make Us Happy? | Leadership and Spirituality | Scoop.it
Connections with nature are linked to happiness and ecological sustainability.


Research: the results of their research suggest that “nature relatedness has a distinct happiness benefit” beyond the more generalized benefit of feeling connected to family, friends, and home.


Our connection to nature also correlated with most measures of human well-being, indicating it may play an extremely important role in maintaining positive mental health. 


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Ivon Prefontaine's insight:

Nature is a place where we can see the patterns we need to see. It is also a reminder of our place in something much bigger than human invention and creation. Nature is a the ultimate creative space where creation is ongoing.