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“Traditional management style may help organizations run efficiently, but it won’t help to unleash the best gifts of every single person in your organization,” asserts Joris Luijke on the Management Innovation eXchange (the MIX).


Luijke is VP of Talent for Atlassian, a $102-million software company based in Sydney, Australia. In his post on the MIX, he cites four methods Atlassian uses to encourage employee expression and autonomy. Sure, there are the typical perks (creativity, risk-taking, healthy conflict) that come with empowered employees. But an atmosphere where employees express themselves helps in other ways, too: On a daily basis, Atlassian execs have the means to assess — and even quantify — how the rank and file feel about senior management and the company’s overall direction. Here’s how:

Via Vicki Kossoff @ The Learning Factor