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From the desk of Barney Simmons. I believe in the power of leaders to change the world. Leaders go to work. "Work" --- What an innovative idea. If you had been raised in the "POP" Simmons household you would have learned the value of work and the value of integrity. Being affiliated with BTG180 and the team supported concept, we live in an interconnected system where our every act has ramifications. Changing in the midst of complexity (as BTG180 has over the last 5 or so months) requires that we transform ourselves and our teams. We need to think and act with more flexibility and with awareness of the impact we have on all the lives and realms we touch. We need to be careful about believing everything we think. Wrong thinking will lead you to wrong believing and wrong living. Having worked in these systems for over 40 years, I have learned that we must be continually learning and transforming ourselves and help others transform themselves. Self-transformation is no picnic, it is hard work, but crucial to our future existence. Old thinking gets old results. Nothing changes. When we see ourselves as partners on the path of transformation. We partner with leaders in the transformation of their team by coaching individuals and teams, acting as trusted advisers, doing trainings that stick, facilitating critical meetings and healing wounded, broken systems. Barney Simmons 910-987-3120 haloceo@nc.rr.com
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