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Free GIMP Plugins for Photographers

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GIMP is one of the most popular and open-source Photoshop alternatives and probably the first stop for a lot of people who cannot afford expensive proprietary software.

In order to get the most out of GIMP there are heaps of plugins that can be installed to provide more functionality. These are some of the most popular plugins that GIMP has to offer.


+ G’MIC http://goo.gl/1hT6Id

There really is no way to completely describe all the effects this plugin has. There are so many ways this plugin processes images that many GIMP users have commented this package should be included with the standard installation of GIMP. It’s available for all of Windows, Linux, and Mac and should be one of the first plugins that you download.


+ Wavelet Denoise http://goo.gl/Mep1U4

If you need to get rid of any noise or grainy textures in your photos, then this is the plugin for you.


+ Save for Web http://goo.gl/OdcLnE

When posting pictures to the Internet, you need them to be small enough that others can download them quickly. However, you still need the picture to keep enough detail to be enjoyed by others seeing them. Instead of messing around with the settings manually, this plugin makes the judgment call for you. Many times, it gets it right on the first try.


+ Gimp-reflection http://goo.gl/evbpjQ

This plugin is useful for giving images that “web 2.0″ look where the bottom half of an image is subtly reflected underneath it.


+ National Geographic Script http://goo.gl/VOxYyV

If you’d like to give your photos a professional touch like that found in the magazine, then you should check out this plugin.


+ Auto Rotate http://goo.gl/WJuLVa

This is another plugin that corrects errors. If your horizons are slightly off, this plugin will rotate the objects in focus to be completely flat and level without using the grid layover.


+ mLiquid Rescale http://goo.gl/dkTSl7

This plugin is nothing short of amazing. It re-sizes pictures without distorting important features like faces and bodies. This can be very useful for pictures of people set against and panoramic background. It is well worth downloading to see what effects you can get with it.


+ Borders http://goo.gl/bIy5uq

What else is there to say? If you need to add borders to your photos, and get this plugin with many features.



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You can download GIMP for free at www.GIMP.org


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