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Capture & Share Screenshots In Seconds With Greenshot

Capture & Share Screenshots In Seconds With Greenshot | Le Top des Applications Web et Logiciels Gratuits | Scoop.it


To be fair, Greenshot isn’t the first of its kind that I’ve used. My default screenshot program for the past year has been Puush (http://goo.gl/QwxvBh), although I’ve dabbled a bit with ShareX (http://goo.gl/wqNj87) which is a bit more advanced. So, honestly, I had high standards as I gave Greenshot a test run and I can say that I wasn’t disappointed.


Greenshot is only available on Windows, but it’s completely FREE and open source under GPL. I consider Greenshot to be feature complete in that it does what you’d expect, but not much more beyond. It’s light on resources (it only uses 20MB RAM when idling), so it’s a good choice for older computers and laptops, too.


When Greenshot is installed, you can take a screenshot by clicking on the system tray icon and selecting the type of screenshot you want. Otherwise, the faster way is to just press the hotkey combination for the screenshot mode you want.


Other than taking actual screenshots, there are a few other cool things you can do with Greenshot:


+ Format and Quality.

Choose the output format that you want for the capture: GIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and Greenshot format. If you select JPG, you can set the quality and reduce the color palette to 256 colors if you so wish.


+ Save and Export.

Screenshots can be saved directly to your computer, copied to your clipboard for pasting elsewhere, sent directly to your printer, inserted into Microsoft Office, opened in MS Paint, or uploaded to an image service.



When you install Greenshot, you’re given the option to include a few different plugins, each of which interfaces with a popular image hosting site: Imgur, Box, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, and Photobucket. If you want to instantly uploaded images to one of those services, be sure to enable the plugin at install.


+ Interactive Mode.

If you enable this option and you use the Capture Window mode, Greenshot will dynamically show you which region of the screen is going to be captured. This is immensely useful for knowing exactly what you’re going to get and you’ll see just how powerful Greenshot can be.


+ Image Editor.

Greenshot has a built-in image editor that you can use to edit captured screenshots. Features include: annotations, highlights, obfuscation (to hide sensitive data), cropping, rotations, add lines and shapes, and even visual effects like drop shadows and color inversions.



Screenshots  : http://goo.gl/MPMeGc




173 Sud's insight:


Disponible gratuitement et en français, Greenshot est un logiciel de capture d'écran.

Pratique, Greenshot offre la possibilité d'annoter la capture d’écran, de mettre en surbrillance des zones, d'y ajouter des rectangles, des ellipses, des flèches, de flouter une région, d'ajouter une bordure, etc.

Greenshot est également doté de multiples fonctions d'exportation de la capture d’écran : enregistrer dans un fichier, envoyer à l'imprimante, copie dans le presse papier, joindre à un e-mail, envoyer des programmes Office ou télécharger sur des sites comme Flickr photo ou Picasa, et autres.

Louis Levy's curator insight, January 17, 2014 4:39 AM

Riche ressource.

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