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PassBox : Free Password Manager & Generator for Windows 8 | 7

PassBox : Free Password Manager & Generator for Windows 8 | 7 | Le Top des Applications Web et Logiciels Gratuits | Scoop.it


In this world now, everything is password protected, your phone, computer, e-mails and what not. And remembering so many passwords can be difficult  sometimes. What’s more, you cannot have a simple password. It has to be something strong and out-of-place, something that no one can think of. Sometimes, even you cannot remember that out of the box password. Writing them all down and saving it on Notepad or Word is also not advisable. This is where our new freeware PassBoxcan help you.



PassBox - Free Password Manager


PassBox is a handy little tool that will remember all your passwords. You just have to set and remember one password for PassBox, and you can save all the other passwords in it. And if you forget your PassBox password, you can use the “forgot password” option and you will receive an e-mail on your recovery e-mail address, giving you the new password.



PassBox - Free Password Generator


That’s not all. PassBox can even suggest passwords for your account. Just hit the “Generate” button and the password generator appears in a new window. You just have to select the length of the password and whether or not you need special characters in the password. Boom! Hit the “Generate” button and you get your new password, which can be quite interesting.


PassBox sports a Modern UI with a user-friendly interface. There are no pop ups, no useless buttons or confusing instructions. Just fire it up, save and view you passwords and you’re done. That is the best part.


PassBox saves all your data in a secure, encrypted format which cannot be accessed without PassBox and your password.PassBox uses a combination of MDF and DES algorithms and the encrypted password can only be decrypted with the PassBox software after entering the master password for PassBox. After using PassBox once, you will never need to remember any password.


PassBox does not connect to internet. You can check the activity in the Task Manager. It will however need Internet access to send you the mail, if you exercise the Forgot Password option to recover the forgotten master password.


PassBox v1 has been tested on Windows 8 Pro and Windows 7 Ultimate, both 64-Bit & 32-Bit.

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Download File : http://goo.gl/QHArF

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