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Clipà.Vu, Clipboard Manager app for Windows 8


Clipà.Vu lets you copy, paste, transfer text from one application to another – and allows you to manage your clipboard history easily. One important features of Clipa.vu is that it lets you copy items between your Modern UI Apps and the Desktop. It also lets you add Timestamps for document marking.


Clipà.Vu keeps a history of all the items you have copied and allows you to search them. Currently you can only copy text, and not images.


The UI is pretty easy to understand. But to make the best use of this app, you need to snap it. In fact it clearly states, Works best in snap view.

The app is available in a Free version and a Lite version. The Free version supports 9 history clips & 3 favorites, the Clipboard Lite version, priced at $1.50, supports 99 history clips & 9 favorites.


Open the Windows Store and search for Clipa.vu to download and install the app on your Windows 8 device. Works on Windows 8 x86, x64, ARM devices.



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